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Just noticed that the editor button layout changed recently on the rpost module (probably due to the addition of bbcode autocomplete). That's OK, but there's a little issue that if you are viewing in a small viewport (cell-phone or firefox's share dialogue) the drop down menu that opens is positioned mostly offscreen and you can't read the entries.

Oups... Sorry... Thats my fault... Since we use jot in many situations i added a switch to not show the bbcode buttons where not appropriate and probably missed a situation or two...
IMPORTANT: potentially destablising update

 High Range, Australia 
A major code update will be landing this afternoon (about 3 hours from now). With this update, we are deprecating the global App variable known as $a - which is used most everywhere in the code, and replacing it with a static class (App::).

I've got this code running in test currently and it appears to be working smoothly. It is likely to have issues with third party themes and plugins (anything not in the central hubzilla repositories).  These will be fine once they are updated.

If your site whitescreens when this update is applied, it is best to temporarily disable any third party addons until they are updated. You can do this with the cmd-line tool:

% util/addons list                    # list installed plugins

% util/addons uninstall foo      # remove the foo plugin
I suggest you tag the following commits with something so people can set their hub to the latest point before the App change, until the major bugs get fixed:

core: 50d9b2934742ad9fb0dc8354d405789e3c14cd00
addons: ee628c40bde82d4b29f45c5935a6a98f04d87f66
The error is line 65 in Router.php

You also need to replace
new AccessList
new Zotlabs\Access\AccessList
 High Range, Australia 
Kind of a general question/issue here and I probably need @Mario Vavti 's input ...

The "showmore" plugin seems to have been updated or changed a while back and we lost a few of the old hacks to try and keep the page from jumping around while waiting for images to load. So now there's a whole lot of page jumping as images load. I suppose I'm looking for folks to chime in with creative solutions. Especially any that have personally dealt with this issue on some other platform/project. I'm wondering if we can set a max-height on a post before we load anything into it; or some other method of creating more calm as the page loads. If I recall we used to not even invoke showmore on the post until the page load was complete. This meant that it jumped exactly once.  Currently it jumps all over the place at random times as different images in different posts complete loading.
If somebody looks at 'buglink' they will have a good example of how to go about implementing a 'go to top' plugin. #hinthint.
this issue might be #fixed now
Thanks for taking a look. It was still on my list of things to look at but other things managed to keep sneaking in ahead of it.
 High Range, Australia 
I've been steadily making headway through the V3 roadmap, rewriting huge chunks of the project to improve performance dramatically, fixing lots of bugs, and improving federation. Mario has pretty much revamped the entire UI/UX and made webpages accessible for everybody. Along the way we've been steadily introducing new functionality and features.


You might think that nothing is happening with this project or that things are happening at glacial speed; as sometimes it seems like that,

...but you'd be wrong.
- webpages  and blocks (in html): I had to manually save all of them again to make sure they are parsed.

- menu's: not cloned

- bookmarks: not tried yet (have to wait when I'm cloning this channel)

- events: not used

That leaves us with:

- Links to original source (plink): they are not changed. So when deleting the original channel, they are dead links. Replacing with in the URL works for me. But that had had to be done manually in the database and is only fine for small channels with not much content.
- Redphoto's: only imports photo's from the default channel. I had to migrate the other ones manually.

of which the second one is a "works for me" but I may need to test it a bit more to make sure I didn't miss something.
Import has come a long way in the last two weeks, so you're pushing the edge a bit.

Yes I know and that's why I shared my experience to be helpful. 'Living on the edge' are my middle names ;)


A large part of my photo's (but not all) where imported three times (no I didn't clicked three times on import). That was of course easy to fix afterwards and it also possible that it was related to the channel. I had more problems with that/this channel in the past (see this post).

Thanks again for your work Mike.
Got it - thanks. I believe that's due to getting a list of all sizes of a photo and importing them all (importing each in all sizes). I thought I fixed this a couple of weeks ago but I do know it depends on a fix on the red side so make sure your redmatrix core is up to date. Otherwise I'll have another look when I get back to redphotos again.
 High Range, Australia 
A couple of minor quirks but I just exported my monthly calendar (from redmatrix) to Outlook and it seemed to display just fine there. Before you ask, the gotcha is that it currently exports the current month only - and doesn't change when you navigate to another month.
Known issue. I would've thought one of our non-English speaking developers would've taken this on in the 3 or so years since we've had this calendar.
Though you should get the Export link in next week's strings update...
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So I'm seeing a wee bit of spam activity on the new public (now called external) page. Probably need to extend superblock a  bit so that the site admin (and/or their delegates) can block specific xchans from content import - as well as hide existing posts by those xchans.

Site admins can censor a channel (as of yesterday) which will prevent them from inclusion in exported public content, but we need a tool on the inbound side as well since the source site admin could easily be a rogue spammer him/her-self.
For better or worse, we've provided the ability to clone oneself and get around any such restrictions on the outbound site. On the bright side, superblock works by xchan and it doesn't matter where they clone themselves to. I too have no problem with folks advertising their wares. There's a fine line when it turns from advertising to spam.

I think the key difference is that the advertiser is selling something on their own. The spammer is typically selling stuff for somebody else and getting paid for clicks.

Anyway - just a heads up that we've changed the dynamic a bit so we need to keep on top of it.
I don't seem to have any content in my "external" tab.
Ah yes - seems to have a little glitch at the moment. #fixed
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I'll leave this chatroom open for anybody that wants to use it:

I probably need to get back to finishing up bookmarks pretty soon so you've got a good place to save these things.
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1) #fixed - I neglected to check Channel One's permissions before publishing the link.

2) This may require a mobile layout. That will be up to the community to provide as I don't spend a lot of time on personal surveillance devices.
Weird...I clicked on Haakon's and it authed me not as tazman, but as @Tazman's Blog

You were already authenticated as Tazman's Blog and the cookie hadn't yet expired. We're aware this can happen which is why the default theme has a padlock along with your profile photo on the navbar - if you get stuck on the wrong channel click the padlock to logout and then reload the page.
Sheet of redmatrix QR codes

Print this out, cut it up and stick them wherever.
to be honest, black looks terrible ....
Much as I like accadacca I think this is more fitting.

The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black - Live 1990
by The Rolling Stones on YouTube
We really do need a "follow me on the matrix" button. If you've got zot, it does the right thing - if not - I'm not sure whether we should send you to /pubsites or to to find out about the matrix first. /pubsites isn't exactly "welcoming". Perhaps that's what needs changing, although we do want to encourage folks with the ability to run their own hub - as that's the whole point of decentralisation.

Then again there's something to be said for "Sorry, you're not a member of the matrix. Too bad. You're not cool enough to follow me."
Agreed. I'm trying to push the technology, but that's not what will sell people. Content was and always will be king. We can just do a few things with content which are somewhat unique - and that some content producers might really find interesting. Pairing our technology with those who desire this technology is what we are all after.
What's a channel?
How do you "connect" with a channel?
What in sam blazes are "permissions"?

Once you get over this barrier you have the requisite knowledge to find out most anything else you wish to know. There are bits that are hard and esoteric. There are bits that are geeky. But you can leave those "extra feature" bits turned off and still play along just fine.
If you see this picture you don't need an account

That was one of the stated goals of the openid logo - which as it turns out could never be implemented that way. You still needed yet another account on yet another service. You just used a common login box to access it.
Make sure you're running the latest code. Then click the lock.

Encrypted content

I tried to upload a photo and then use the key, and it seemed to work, but decryption showed only the link.

Is it a private photo? I've just barely just now got zid links working, but some links will break because we can't do regex callbacks.

We support a small subset of the normal server-side bbcode constructs on the client. I'm trying to get the important stuff and running into a lot of hurdles. Some bbcode constructs will never work on the client (like observer stuff and event microformats and possible reshares). I'm not going to document which ones at the moment because it's a moving target. We have probably 150-200 bbcodes total and we've currently got support on the client for somewhere around 50.

I've moved the bbcode translator to another file so you shouldn't need to login to see decrypted text, but I question whether we want to provide this ability. We really want people to be members to make use of member features.
Ah bloody hell. Yeah this is going to be a hard problem. In order to make "uploaded into post" photo privacy match the post privacy, we set the photo permissions to visible to nobody but you. When the post is posted we see who it's being sent to and alter the photo permissions accordingly.

The problem is that the photo url is now heavily encrypted - and if we don't know there's a local photo in the post, we can't fix the permissions. So the photo is going to stay totally private and nobody but you can see it. (As a workaround you can manually fix the photo permissions once the post is posted).

Any clever thoughts out there?
We really don't have a way of relating the two from the client side except through the link to the media that we store in the post.

As a quick solution I'm now writing the uploaded media links to a string and I'll use the links in the string (instead of links in the message body) to set permissions if the post was encrypted. The string contains nothing but media pointers (no text content) and is discarded once the post is saved.

The truly paranoid will fetch all of the url's referenced in the post and attach them as data url's so that the receiver's traffic can't be analyzed. I'll leave that for future development.
This is soooo not a good day to have the house's main water line rupture. :-(

Hosing the roof (metal) isn't going to have much impact on the burn risk and any cooling off is bound to be short-lived.

The primary risk is spotfires caused by flying embers carried in the wind - landing on something combustible and not being able to catch it and douse it before it spreads. So I'm trying to keep the perimeter (from the outside brick wall and out about ten meters all around) soaked or at least minimally combustible. Nine times out of ten, houses being lost around here are fires to doorways and the overhanging eaves, which are covered in fibreboard - and once the fire gets into the roof cavity (from below) or inside the house via a doorway it's all over.

12:45 and 32C and the promised high winds failed to materialise. Let's hope they don't.

Water line is #fixed. Went through half a tank of rain water already today (about 10k liters). I'm so glad we have a bore (well) for backup.
That's what I thought 45 minutes ago, but things are changing quickly.
Yeah private posts are broken - working on it
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It could be theme related - but often it happens to me because I have two (or more) windows open on the site - and the update only comes through in one of them.
Don't know when it stopped working or why - but indeed it did stop working. File a bug.
"Please" file a bug.

In this case there isn't much more info you need to provide - "like" something and it doesn't show up on the page. That's pretty clear cut and doesn't require any more information.
@The Order of Zot
It would also be nice if the "like" notification used language set by receiver, not by the "liker".

This was a nightmare, and it isn't over yet. Now I have to go back to every place where we store json to the DB and make sure it parses.
Red: I'm changing the private mail obfuscation in an incompatible way (it's being fully encrypted like the posts). If you have private messages from the last week which you haven't read - please read them now. Reply by using a private post, until everybody is updated.
Not quite. One more leak...
That's really, really great. :like

Some chat-like interface to it would be wonderful, like Facebook had (or has, I don't know) where chat and private message are the same thing (but with the two interfaces of private message and chat window).

This would make an extra chat system superfluous. The only thing that would have to be added (besides a chat window, which would probably be the hardest thing to do) would be some kind of "show if I'm online" system.

Are these messages realtime enough for that to make sense?
Wouldn't straight browser-to-browser chat scale better? I'm thinking WebRTC here...
Multiple profiles should be working again. Yay. "Age" is now provided in directory info. The work was done a few days ago, but debugging is finally completed. Tag clouds are implemented as a channel page feature. "Comments collapsing when the page updates" should be fixed now (though it may still collapse n-s-f-w and teasers you had open). There's no longer a separate "photo edit" page. It's all part of the same view-photo page.

What did you do today?
Set the profile by editing the connection.
We need more error checking on birthdays. The PHP date function has problems when you give it something incomplete. Internally it's doing something like "month 0? We only have 1-12, so you must mean December last year, Day 0? We only have 1-31 so subtract another day." Hence 30 November of the prior year.

Currently we do check for a missing year in "most places" (so you can have automatic birthday events sent to your friends without revealing how old you are). But I still need to check for missing month-day - and also the birthdate which is sent to the directory and add some more error checking there. There are a couple of places in there that I've made mental notes could probably give you wonky results if you throw an incomplete date at them.
#fixed (partially - I still have to work on the directory validation)

[master 42d5d51] birthday error checking - if year is present but no month or day, set to 1 January. Otherwise the date will be set to 30 November the prior year due to how the PHP strtotime() function works.