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Important: anonymous comment permission patch

 High Range, Australia 
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It was brought to our attention that some channels have been configured with anonymous (WordPress style) comment permissions which should not have been. This affects a number of newly created channels.

Step 1:

If you are a hub administrator and are running master (3.2.x), dev (3.5), or 3.4RC, please execute 'git pull' from the project root directory now. If you are running a prior release, this particular issue may not affect you; but you are encouraged to update in any event.

If you are running the dev branch on your site, no further action is necessary.

Step 2:

If your site is running a release or pre-release version such as master (3.2.x) or 3.4RC please change to your project root directory and create a new file using the following code snippet. This file should be named Zotlabs/Module/Fix20180421.php and the text '<?php' should be on the very first line of the file. The capitalisation in the filename is important.

namespace Zotlabs\Module;

class Fix20180421 extends \Zotlabs\Web\Controller {

    function get() {

        if(! is_site_admin())

        $r = q("select channel_id from channel where true");
        if($r) {
            foreach($r as $rv) {
                $role = get_pconfig($rv['channel_id'],'system','permissions_role');
                if($role !== 'custom') {
                    $role_permissions = \Zotlabs\Access\PermissionRoles::role_perms($role);
                    if(array_key_exists('limits',$role_permissions) && array_key_exists('post_comments',$role_permissions['limits'])) {

        return 'Update has been applied';



Step 3.

Visit while logged into the hub administrator account. Note that you will use lowercase for the path here.

You should see the text 'Update has been applied'. When you see this text, from the command shell

% rm Zotlabs/Module/Fix20180421.php

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Thnaks @Brian Christensen
so I uploaded the  PermissionLimits.php file to Zotlabs/Access/ ... thats all? I´m done?
Step 2 +  Sep 3 ... got it
only got "Page not Found" here with those instructions.

I guess this version is too old (looks like Zotlabs\Web\Controller isnt there)

I probably need to look at doing a full update.
Had to read it four times to realize it only works if you imagine an Aussie person actually saying that.
 High Range, Australia 
Ubuntu BionicBeaver? They actually got away with that?
that is amusing. i'm not a big fan of ubuntu though. :)
 High Range, Australia 

commit e4f2b51e1c9339321c3d0d9b705ef27361eb6807
Author: zotlabs <>
Date:   Thu Apr 19 16:56:48 2018 -0700

    New plugin: fuzzloc - blur your browser location in posts if you are using that feature and feel that it is too precise

Inspiration for this came from @Michael MD

 High Range, Australia 
A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.
-- Rosalyn Carter

 Red Day

Starts: Tuesday 15 May, 2018 @ 0:00
Finishes: Wednesday 16 May, 2018 @ 0:00
On this day we celebrate the 15th anniversary of a software repository.  Here are some highlights...

2003 NoteADay
2003 NerdWare
2004 PurpleHaze
2004 Sonica
2006 Floozee
2006 SafeWeb
2007 Koobarra
2007 Crunchee
2008 Reflection
2010 MagicAuth
2010 Mistpark
2010 DFRN
2010 RINO
2011 Friendika
2012 Friendica
2012 Red
2012 Zot
2012 RedMatrix
2012 Comanche
2014 SnakeBite
2015 Hubzilla
2015 Zotlabs
2017 Zap
2017 Denim
2017 OpenWebAuth
2017 Zot6
2018 Navajo
Location: Earth
Navajo? A evolution of Comanche?
Happy anniversary!
 High Range, Australia 
!Hubzilla Development

Developers: If you use the dbg(1) statement on occasion to provide SQL debugging, the usage will be changing slightly going forward.

0: debugging off
1. basic query debugging (basic result and full text of query)
2. verbose debugging including all returned data
 High Range, Australia 
Dang. Huge #bushfire. No, nothing major. Thousands of houses, an industrial park, a military air base with fuel tanks and a nuclear research center. All at immediate risk. 45 minutes away.
yikes. hope you and your family are out of harm's way
Make sure to give us an update since it's been more than 45 minutes. Unless you didn't mean your house was included.
It's in the southwest corner of the Sydney metro. The fire is no direct threat to us unless the wind changes. It's a heavy wind, which is a big part of the problem. Blowing mostly to the east we're south and a smidgen to the west. None of the news reports are mentioning the nuclear facility and this is the only thing that really concerns me. We don't know for sure what goes on there or what risks might be present. There are still a lot of homes at risk. It's miraculous that they've protected them to this point, as the fire is marching right past a number of residential subdivisions.
 High Range, Australia 
Dredging this up for no particular reason.

Daydream - the Maxwell Silverthorn Blues Band

 High Range, Australia 
Carrying on an Australian tradition that goes back 50-60 thousand years.

The local fire brigade have been burning off dry vegetation for the last week. It looks and smells just like a #bushfire here, and it's only a kilometre or two away. Here's hoping the wind stays flat and they finish soon. One of my neighbours sent me a video of "burnoffs gone bad" as a reality check. Uhm, thanks(?).
Be careful and take care.
No, this isn't a burnoff gone bad...

Controlled Aboriginal Fires: Australia's Experience
by The National on YouTube
 High Range, Australia 
It sure didn't take long for Trump's little trade war to impact us here in Buggerall, Australia. The price of materials for livestock fences jumped by 50% from a week ago. When you spend thousands of dollars a year on this stuff, that isn't a price increase you can easily shrug off.
What? You don't believe in Supreme Leader Trump's philosophy that the path to prosperity is to make your citizens pay more for their goods and services? It sounds like your economy is being boosted along with ours!
 High Range, Australia 
Damn. It's been 50 years.

Look, you're going to die. Death is the ultimate democracy. ... You don't have anything to say about when you die, where you die, how you die. The only thing you can say is what is it you give your life for. And you have to give your life for something every day so that when you die, people will know that you were living for others and you were living out God's plan.
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.
kind of like this:
The Dash
by Linda Ellis

I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on the tombstone from the beginning…to the end.

He noted that first came the date of birth and spoke of the following date with tears, but he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time that they spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved them know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own, the cars…the house…the cash.  What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash.

So, think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change? For you never know how much time is left that can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough to consider what’s true and real and always try to understand the way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger and show appreciation more and love the people in our lives like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect and  more often wear a smile, remembering that this special dash might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy is being read, with your life’s actions to rehash…would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent your dash?
Einer is on the job.
Yes I did reply and are waiting for the answer
 High Range, Australia 


✓ kritisch, ✓ meinungsstark, ✓ informativ! Telepolis hinterfragt die digitale Gesellschaft und ihre Entwicklung in Politik, Wirtschaft & Medien.
 High Range, Australia 
In another blast from the past, I was at a restaurant recently where the waiters used ipads to take the orders. I'm sure they thought they were cutting-edge gen-Zers pushing the boundaries of technology. I shrugged it off. I helped a relative install a computer management system in a restaurant in 1983. Features of the system: orders were taken on handheld tablets with touchscreens which communicated wirelessly with the central system - an IBM PC running DOS 2.0. Orders were printed out in the kitchen on a dot-matrix printer as they were taken, and inventory and book-keeping was adjusted in real time (the cash register was another IBM-PC and connected with the "server" via Novell Netware). This was long before wi-fi and the wireless system was adhoc - We had to run a matrix of antenna wires under the floor and overhead on the outside patio in order to get full coverage.

I should write a book.
I think we should start giving food items computer name parts
steak=brown drive
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I just can't resist the temptation

Miles Davis - I Could Write A Book
by Praguedive on YouTube
 High Range, Australia 
Black wallaby darted in front of me on the freeway. Incredibly, we both lived to tell about it.
 High Range, Australia 
This discussion on Diaspora speaks for itself. I have no comment.
Strange mixture of arguments and feelings. Everybody has a reason. I could not tell whether the discussion is either useful or useless.

A stream of this kind of discussion feels bad.

Honestly porn is less annoying to me. It's more honest.

I tend to switch off federation to not see this kind of stuff: metoo, SJW, fanatics, moralists of all kind.
This discourse is absolutely cancerous.
 High Range, Australia 
At least we agree on something.


 High Range, Australia 
Have been having flashbacks about my time at Sun for some strange reason. I was actually working for a shell entity called iPlanet which didn't really exist as a company. My office was a Sun building (and my boss a Sun employee), my paycheck came from America Online, but I was really a Netscape employee.

It's no wonder this venture failed. It probably didn't help that my office was relocated to a  "state hospital for the chronic insane" - directly in the flight path of San Jose International Airport.  The following video was produced there. Talk about motivating your employees...

Green Day - Basket Case [Official Music Video]
by Green Day on YouTube
I had no idea, thanks for sharing!