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Mike Macgirvin
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
It's not the tweet. It's the humility.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
I grew up hearing about these. It's happening...

Alien-looking shrimp surface in Central Australia


Heavy rains in Central Australia see tiny shield shrimps hatching from years of obscurity in the middle of the desert.
This  is the day of stunningly beautiful and amazing proves that nature "outevolutionises" any human imagination.
New species of seadragon discovered in wild for first time off Western Australia's south coast - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


By Jacqueline Lynch Fri Jan 13 20:30:07 EST 2017 Photo The first live observations of the ruby seadragon in the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia. Supplied: Marine Biodiversity Records A newly discovered species of seadragon, which has never before been seen in the wild, has been spotted off the south coast of Western Australia.The ruby sead...
... btw, these shrimps are looking very similar to the horseshoe crabs:
Horseshoe crab - Wikipedia
Horseshoe crabs are marine arthropods of the family Limulidae and order Xiphosura or Xiphosurida, that live primarily in and around shallow ocean waters on soft sandy or muddy bottoms. ...
Carolus Rex
That's what I thought, when I first saw Mike's picture.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Supposed to hit 47c over the next couple of days.
Carolus Rex
hot pepper
Have fun melting over there while I enjoy the snowy landscape here. smirking face
Mike Macgirvin
33c (91.5f) at 22:30. I don't mind, but the wife certainly isn't happy. I'm just thankful it cooled off.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
@Channel One+ @Hubzilla Support Forum+

Just a heads up. There are some changes going into the dev branch "soon" (e.g. some time between now and the next release) which alter the way message-ids are stored from RSS/Atom feeds. As a result, feed channels/sources may see duplicate content soon after this change is introduced - as we use message-ids to check for duplicate content. This should only happen once and then return to normal.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 

So let's see. I can choose to share something with just my sister plus all Facebook employees plus all Facebook advertisers plus the NSA, or just my family plus all Facebook employees plus all Facebook advertisers plus the NSA. Or all my special friends plus Facebook employees plus all Facebook advertisers plus the NSA. Is there any way to share with just my sister or my family or my special friends? Didn't think so.
Jake Moomaw
The USA is now asking foreign entrants to disclose their social media usernames if they are submitting for certain Visa waivers.  The government claims that not disclosing the account names will not bar you from entry, but is probably just the beginning of more intrusive measures.
Marshall Sutherland
Well, THAT will deter terrorists!!
Marshall Sutherland
I wonder if I'll see new questions the next time I go on a JoCo Cruise. Given that it will be at least 2018 before that happens, they will have plenty of time to expand the program to US citizens. Then, it will become a question for domestic air travel, then train travel. Maybe I should delete my Twitter account someday so I will only exist here in the "dark web".
Mike Macgirvin

SECURITY: phpmailer

 High Range, Australia 
Please update your hubzilla-addons right now if you use or plan to use the phpmailer addon. Updated in both master (2.0) and dev (2.1). If you are using a slightly earlier version of Hubzilla we recommend you upgrade to 2.0. Phpmailer has only been available in hubzilla-addons since V 1.13 in early October 2016.
Jake Moomaw
Thanks for getting this updated so quickly!
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 

Crankin' Up the 3-String Shovel Guitar!
by Justin Johnson on YouTube
Einer von Vielen
The picture could be taken at the baltic sea (my home). Sand, waves, grass - all look very the same even the steps down to the beach. And guess where I am going to today. Yes, by car from Munich to the island of Rügen where I will take a walk at a beach like this on the picture.
Beni Grind No snow but only fog no sun where I am all is so sad and depressing
Beni Grind
@kris Luckily we have cable cars that take us above the fog. I spent the last three days mostly in the sun above the clouds.
Mike Macgirvin
I'm not the same person I was in 2011. Let's just offend everybody. It worked for Donald.
My mind was just playing out some silly ideas about using our famous active core developer's names.
Pro: They get attacked anyway, so nothing would change.
Con: We'd run out of names pretty fast.
Marshall Sutherland
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I'm sure there must be a loner out there who would be offended by version "2".
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Currently making some slow but steady progress towards merging vcards with your connection list. This should open up some exciting new possibilities; especially for friends/family on mobile platforms.
Mike Macgirvin
In dev as of right now if you're on a mobile device and have a phone number entered for one of your connections, you can call them from the connections list. Or you can call them or email them from the connection edit page. That's just a hint of things to come.
Wow, if I got the right whiff of that, that will be supercool.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Australian woman finds snake curled up in Christmas tree - BBC News


A woman finds a 1m-long venomous snake wrapped around her Christmas tree in Australia.
Carolus Rex
weary cat face
Michael Meer
Man, you live in a crazy country. For me it looks like that nearly every animal is poison or in another way dangerous in Australia.
Enjoy the season.
So somebody was on Santa's naughty list?
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Could I get an approximate head count of who's running Pro? Trying to decide if we need a dedicated support forum.
Jake Moomaw
I just changed mine from Standard to Pro.  I'm not federating with anybody and don't plan to, so it seemed like an OK decision to make.
Mike Macgirvin
Be sure to visit your account settings page and set your techlevel appropriately or you might be disappointed by the default feature set.
Jake Moomaw
Thanks for the heads-up, @Mike Macgirvin !  And thank you for everything else that you do, too.  I'm grateful to have a community to call home.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia last edited: Sat, 17 Dec 2016 17:58:03 +1100  
Good to hear that is back online again. We already know that if I try to say anything constructive on Diaspora I'll just be told I'm an ignorant dickhead. So instead I'll just post this link on Hubzilla where we can all have a good laugh. dead? Could you imagine faecesbook disappearin... dead?
Could you imagine faecesbook disappearing without any trace, notification, announcement?
New diaspora readers: a great platform, but ask what you do when your social media account dies

#newhere #diaspora #podmin #feature #bug #question
Beni Grind
@Manuel Jiménez Friaza I just don't like pushing anyone to anything. I don't appreciate others trying to convince me to [use WhatsApp | wear anything but black | whatever]. Live an let live.
Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
My point was nobody comes to anything without convincing. :-)
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guessing some of his users might have wanted it.

the problem with it here was when more than two or three users connected facebook accounts the database didn't cope so well.

huge resource-hog

fb users typically have hundreds or more contacts on fb

The resulting data deluge is pretty full on.

might be a similar problem if users decide to add a thousand rss feeds. pretty heavy on the poller.

back then I found that putting usleeps between writes helped somewhat by giving the database more chance to still service querues from web users while polling but it was still very heavy.

another hack to have much shorter expiry times for fb items compared to other stuff helped too at the time (to help keep database bloat under control)

but thats all history now ..

from what I remember facebook broke their api and what they replaced it with isn't much of one.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Rest in Peace Chris Connors

Chris Connors's Obituary on


Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. |   Irishman Dies from Stubbornness, Whiskey     Chris Connors died, at age 67, after trying to box his bikini-clad hospice nurse just moments earlier. Ladies man, game slayer, and outlaw Connors told
That would be cool to know what is new in this version.
Mike Macgirvin
From 1.14 or from 1.0? Either way:

Hubzilla 2.0 (????-??-??)
    - Router error reporting
    - Setup changes to check for shell_exec and exec functions
    - Extensible permissions upgrade handling for channels with custom permission roles
    - Allow plugins to cancel item_store() and item_store_update()
    - ZOT version 1.2 provides negotiation of cryptographic algorithms
    - Provide a fresh new look and cleaner layout and more relevant information to siteinfo
    - Introduce highlight bbcode [hl]
    - Implement wiki mimetypes markdown or bbcode
    - Doc pages refactoring
    - Update webpages and wiki context help
    - Make a git commit when a new wiki page is created
    - Prev-next navigation for mod_connedit to ease bulk connection edits
    - Move the remote user homebutton to the user menu
    - Do not render maps/locations for Diaspora destinations
    - Provide 'per-page' caching for is_matrix_url() results to reduce duplicate queries
    - Don't send notification for posts/comments on old conversations that were refetched after having expired
    - Numerous wiki UI improvements
    - Move twitter api to addon
    - Cleanup and re-organise the voting and attendance buttons
    - Reorganise emoticons
    - Collapse navbar-collapse-1 if avatar menu is clicked.
    - New display setting: static page update as opposed to live update
    - Command line administrative channel connect utility
    - Modernise chanview
    - Implement edit activities to share post/comment edits with protocols which do not support them (e.g. Diaspora)
    - Wiki export
    - Numerous postgres compatibility fixes
    - Remove requirement that imported profile photos be in the profile photos album
    - Change event behaviour - share by default.
    - Use PDO database driver exclusively (deprecate drivers that are separately maintained)
    - Zot API re-write and extended

    - Fix clone sync missing for some item delete operations
    - Fix embed-image for fullscreen mode
    - Fix attach_list_files()
    - Fix full screen for embedded videos
    - Fix the forum widget for forums with custom perms
    - Fix issue #607 parens not recognised inside urls
    - Fix pubsites: don't list dead sites
    - Fix issue #596 silence headers already sent warning
    - Fix missing plugins in zot-info
    - Fix notification issue
    - Fix issue #594 like of thing appears as profile owner like
    - Fix export issue
    - Fix checklist bbcode - only turn [] and [x] into checkboxes if it is found inside a checklist
    - Fix wiki permissions issues
    - Fix public calendar leaks connection information (birthdays) when view_contacts is not allowed
    - Fix attach_rename: flaw in duplicate filename detection resulted in filename(1)(1)(1).ext
    - Fix a fatal error with incorrect DB object access
    - Provide /locs link on settings page if there is more than one hubloc for this channnel *that isn't deleted*.
    - Fix issue #577 if connecting to a channel that is already pending, undo the pending and set connect permissions accordingly
    - Fix issue #575, when 'nofinish' is set on an event, invalid date was generated/stored
    - Fix bbcode event formatting issue
    - Fix zot_finger from navbar people search looping
    - Fix fromStandalonePermission()

    - Superblock: refactoring
    - New addon: tripleaes for pro
    - Cdav:  "if not exists" only supported starting with postgresql v. 9.5 debian stable has 9.4
    - Rendezvous: added markers and members export tool at /rendezvous/[group_id]/export/{markers,members}
    - Twitter: move twitter api to addon
    - New addon: b2tbtn (back to top button)
    - GNU Social: only enable plugin if system.experimental is set
    - Diaspora: import public diaspora messages to sys if applicable
    - Diaspora: try and handle singletons better and simplify the associated notifier decisions
    - Rendezvous: add proximity alert feature to members to issue notification when member is within a specified distance.
    - New addon: diaspora_reconnect to refriend diaspora/friendica connections from a clone or channel move
    - Diaspora: change the logic for deciding between upstream and downstream message flow for notifier plugins
    - Rendezvous: prompt member to share their location by activating the GPS control using a tooltip and pulsing visibility
    - statistics_json: fix nodeinfo
    - Rendezvous: restored the lost gps-icon.png and corrected the OpenStreetMap tile server URL to avoid insecure content warnings
    - Rendezvous: use observer name if available
    - std_embeds: missing backslash
    - Diaspora: postgres fixes issue #31
    - Rendezvous: added marker list with centering buttons and popup open.
    - Rendezvous: added control to see list of members sharing their location, with buttons to pan the map to center them
    - Diaspora: system level diaspora toggle
    - Rendezvous: added control that displays members.
    - Diaspora: rename diaspora2bb() to markdown_to_bb() in core
    - Hubwall: remove illegal unescaped angle chars
    - Rendezvous: Add control to delete member if not updated in over 14 minutes

Hubzilla 1.14 (2016-10-13)
    - New hook bbcode_filter
    - Unify the various mail sending instance to enotify::send() and z_mail()
    - Provide ability for admin to change account password
    - Replace deprecated Sabre functions
    - Add plugin hook for 'get_profile_photo'
    - Convert NULL_DATE to a legal date for compatibility with MySQL strict mode
    - Allow a site to over-ride the help table-of-contents files
    - Autoscroll to target post/comment when in single-thread mode
    - Indicator for own response verb activity
    - Add server role documentation
    - Pro: remove 'Additional Features' link for techlevel 0
    - Upgrade fullcalendar library to version 3
    - Whitelist button tag in htmlpurifier
    - Upgrade justifiedGallery library to version 3.6.3
    - Pubsites improvements
    - Upgrade foundation library to version 6.2.3
    - Ability to move photos to another album
    - Submodules for settings page
    - Submodules for admin page
    - Remove chatroom suggestions
    - Revamped and improved theme select backend
    - Theme preview
    - Implement techlevels for pro server role
    - BBcode checklist
    - Improve save to folder modal dialog
    - Case insensitive sort apps
    - Add authors to post distribution
    - Redirect to plugin page after enabling to show configuration settings if applicable
    - Move allowed email domains to admin->security page
    - Display text around the searched query in documentation search
    - Comanche observer conditionals
    - Remove ratings
    - Context help for /connedit
    - Provide configurable sidebar table-of-contents indexes for different levels of the help hierarchy
    - Comanche conditionals
    - Cover photo enhancements (does not disappear after initial scrolldown)
    - Website import/export
    - Server roles (basic, standard and pro)

    - Fix connected time not shown on ajax loaded connections
    - API issues
    - Fix readmore.js collapsing on scrolldirection change in some mobile browsers
    - Personalize Server Emails
    - Audio player doesn't automatically show for m4a files
    - Fix ajax page update with /channel?f=&mid=hash
    - Angle bracket characters in DB password not recognised
    - Regression: files/photos were not synchronising to channel clones properly
    - Missing categories in preview mode
    - attach_store() sql issue
    - Rename id share_container to distr_container - share_container seem to be blacklisted in various security browser plugins
    - Add 'map' extension to files served natively by nginx without using the project controller
    - Zot discovery wasn't returning in all cases (after discovering zot)
    - Do not show hidden channels in /randprof
    - Numerous postgres fixes
    - Illegal offset errors in include/conversation:status_editor() when no permissions array is passed
    - Patch foundation-6.2.3 to work with jquery-3.1
    - Custom/expert permissions bug
    - Mail: return array instead of object
    - Don't send purge_all notification to self
    - Saved search: tags and connection searches weren't being saved
    - Do not allow PERMS_PUBLIC as a choice for writable permission limits
    - Force cover photos as well as profile photos to be public. As a side effect 'thing' photos will also be considered public
    - Make lock switching actually work with multiple acl forms
    - Create smarty dir before any templates can be initialised
    - Fix aconfig
    - Broken doc search
    - Public forum check with custom/expert permissions

    - Standard Embed: update to convert old corporate bbcodes
    - Cdav security: fix rw permission check
    - Cdav: add partial support for recurring events in the browser client (editing/creating is not implemented)
    - New plugin phpmailer: use phpmailer class instead of php's built-in mail() function
    - Diaspora: third party on other network comment issue
    - Diaspora: comment fix (hubzilla originated comment with plugin activated by comment author not making it to Diaspora)
    - Cdav: provide calendar list view
    - Diaspora: allow comments on public diaspora posts which were imported by subscribing to public tags.
    - Wppost: add blog_id parameter for WordPress MU sites such as
    - Wppost: don't log the password in normal mode
    - Hubwall: provide choice of sender addresses, the real admin email, postmaster, or noreply.
    - Chord: General cleanup of chord app
    - Chord: Update chord binary for modern linux systems
    - Start grouping addons by server_role

Hubzilla 1.12
    - extensible permissions so you can create a new permission rule such as "can write to my wiki" or "can see me naked".
    - guest access tokens can do anything you let them, including create posts and administer your channel
    - ACLs can be set on files and directories prior to creation.
    - ACL tool can now be used in multiple forms within a page
    - a myriad of new drag/drop features (drop files or photos into /cloud or a post, or drop link into a post or comment, etc.)
    - multiple file uploads
    - improvements to website import
    - UNO replaced with extensible server roles
    - select bbcode elements (such as baseurl) supported in wiki pages
    - addons:
        Diaspora Protocol - additional updates to maintain compatibility with and stop showing likes as wall-to-wall comments (except when the liker does not have any Diaspora protocol ability)
        Cdav - continued improvements to the web UI
        Pong - the classic pong game
        Dfedfix - removed, no longer needed
        Openid - moved from core to addon
    - bugfixes
        unable to delete privacy groups
        weird display interaction with code blocks and escaped base64 content containing 8 - O
        workaround WordPress oembeds which are almost completely javascript and therefore filtered
        restrict oembed cache url to 254 chars to avoid spurious failures caching google map urls
        "Page not found" appeared twice
        birthdays weren't being automatically added to event calendar
        some iCal entries had malformed descriptions

Hubzilla 1.10
        Lots of enhanced functionality, usability improvements, and bugfixes from v1.8
        Turned into an optional feature (default on) but disabled in UNO
        Items are now relocated (links patched) when syncing to clones
    Access Tokens:
        New feature - allows members to create access controlled guest logins and create/share 'dropbox' style links to protected resources.
        Use icons instead of iconic text constructs
        Only request geolocation permission when creating a post, not on page load
        provide 'redeliver' option on Delivery Report page for when things really stuff up
        CalDAV/CardDAV management pages with heaps of functionality
        z_fetch_url() updated to accept different request methods and request bodies
        item_store(), item_store_update() now return the stored items
        vcard microformat changes to remain spec compliant
        microformat meta tags added to post/comments
        AbConfig API changed to use channel_id rather than channel_hash, which was overly complicated to use
        SuperCurl class added to provide a framework for re-use of obscure CURL options
        Allow absolute links to CSS/JS files on CDN
        Add Let'sEncrypt intermediate cert to lib in case you forget to install it on the server
        Update fullcalendar and jquery (3.1) libs
        Update sabre/dav to 3.2.0
        Change content export from a month/year system to begin/end
        Use streaming I/O for delivering large photos
        Allow multiple App description files in a single plugin directory
        optimise a couple of troublesome/inefficient SQL queries
        avoid sending clone sync packets to dead sites
    Resolved Issues:
        channel home page not providing content to clients with javascript disabled
        Replace '@' obfuscation with html entity rather than the unicode look-alike
        xchan_query() failing to detect duplicates, resulting in inefficient queries
        issues with 'use existing photo' for profile photo
        layout editor "list all layouts" returned empty
        oembed - better detect video file URLs so they aren't loaded into memory.
        handcrafted bbcode tables could end up with way too much whitespace due to CRLF translation
        refresh permissions whitescreen in 1.8
        force immediate profile photo update on local site
        regression: 'save bookmarks' post action missing

Hubzilla 1.8
        Cleanup and resolve some edge cases with addon repository manager
        Provide sort field and direction on all fields of account and channel administration tables
        Rename 'user' administration to account administration to reflect its true purpose
        'safemode' tool to quickly disable and re-enable addons during a hypothetical upgrade crisis
        Edited comments to private posts could lose their privacy settings under some circumstances
        Provide zot-finger signatures to prevent a possible but rare exploit involving DNS spoofing and phishing
    ACL selections:
        Various improvements to the ACL editor to further simplify the concepts and make it more intuitive
        Notifications of chatroom activity using standard browser notification interfaces.
        Allow a theme:schema string to represent a valid theme name. This fixes issues with setting schemas on site themes.
        Show server role (identify UNO or basic sites as opposed to hubzilla pro) and link to statistics
        Clarify privacy rights of commenters w/r/t conversation owners, as this policy is network dependent.
    Wiki (Git backed):
        Brand new feature. We'll call it experimental until it has undergone a bit more testing.
    Account Cloning:
        Regression on clone channel creation created a new channel name each time.
        New issue (fixed) with directory creation on cloned file content
    Content Rendering:
        Add inline code (in addition to the existing code blocks) to BBcode
        Add emoji reactions
        Add emojis as extended smilies with auto-complete support
        Emoji added as feature so it can be enabled/disabled and locked
        Ability to configure the standard reactions available on a site basis
        Disable 'convenience' ajax autoload on pgdn key, as it could lead to premature memory exhaustion
        Change album sort ordering, allow widgets and plugins to define other orderings
        Synchronise app list with changes to system apps
        Preserve existing app categories on app updates/edits
        Regression: fixed translated system app names
        Provide autoloaded class files and libraries for plugins.
        Further refactoring of session driver to sort out some cookie anomolies
        Experimental PDO database driver
        Creation of Daemon Master class and port all daemon (background task) interfaces to use it
        Create separate class for each of 'Cron', 'Cron daily', and 'Cron weekly'.
        Always run a Cron maintenance task if not run in the last four hours
        Refactor the template classes
        Refactor the ConversationItem mess into ThreadItem and ThreadStream
        Refactor Apps, Enotify, and Chat library code
        Refactor the various Config libraries (Config, PConfig, XConfig, AConfig, AbConfig, and IConfig)
        Created WebServer class for top level
        Remove mcrypt dependencies (deprecated in PHP 7.1)
        Remove all reserved (including merely 'not recommended') words as DB table column names
        Provide mutex lock on DB logging to prevent recursion under rare failure modes.
        Remove db_close function on page end - not needed and will not work with persistent DB connections.
        Undefined ref_session_write
        Some session functions needed to be static to work with CalDAV/CardDAV
        CLI interface: argc and argv were reversed
        HTML entities double encoded in edited titles
        Prevent delivering to empty recipients
        Sabre library setting some security headers for SAML after we've emitted HTML content
        Always initialise miniApp (caused obscure warning message if not set)
        Block 'sys' channels from being 'random profile' candidates
        DB update failed email could be sent in the wrong language under rare circumstances
        Openid remote authentication used incorrect namespace
        URL attached to profile "things" was not linked, always showing the "thing" manage page
        New connection wasn't added to default privacy group when "auto-accept" was enabled
        Regression: iconfig sharing wasn't working properly
        CalDAV/CardDAV plugin provided
        Issue sending Diaspora 'like' activities from sources that did not propagate the DCV
        Allow 'superblock' to work across API calls from third party clients
        statistics.json: use 'zot' as protocol
        Issues fixed during testing of ability to follow Diaspora tags
        Parse issue with Diaspora reshare content
        Chess: moved to main repo, ported to 1.8

Hubzilla 1.6
    Cleanup and standardise the interfaces to the "jot" editor
    Router re-written to support calling class object methods as controllers
    All existing modules (160+) re-written as object classes
    Plugin hook interface adapted to call static class methods
    Context help improved dramatically with content for the most accessed pages.
    Reverted a compatibility change to support GNU-social events. We copied their feed format and their feed format is wrong (XML namespace collisions).
    Provide a querystring attribute to CSS/JS resources to avoid caching issues when our code changes (which is often).
    Fix javascript detection and allow either positive or negative detection.
    Refactor the plugin hook registration procedure, provide 'unregister all' ability.
    Fix RSD (Real Simple Discovery) which has been broken for some time.
    Update smarty library to 3.1.29
    Update jquery.textcomplete to 1.3.4
    Update font-awesome to 4.6.1
    Update SabreDAV to 3.0 (PHP version requirements prevent us from pushing it further at this time)
    Help text added to cmdline utilities config and pconfig
    Reworking of the database logging facility to avoid the rare but troublesome recursion when the log facility needed to query the DB internally to obtain config parameters.
    Implement singleton delivery (emulate nomadic identity to singleton networks and services)
    Fix empty album name in photo activities when photo is stored in top level folder.
    Allow engineering units to be used in service class data size restrictions (400M, 1G, etc.)
    Lots of work on bbcode auto-completion
    Admin interface provided to manage external resource repositories
    Oembed security reworked. Now all sources are filtered by default unless blocked.
    Remove the date-string version and use only STD_VERSION
    Add categories and categorisation filtering and the ability to edit all apps (including system apps) for a given channel
    Ensure the ability to translate names of all system apps (except those provided in addons)
    Provide ability to add categories to content from channel sources
    Lots of work on the presentation of the ACL widget to enhance usability and intuitiveness
    Allow somebody to follow a channel from a pasted redress containing a Unicode lookalike of the @ sign.
    Add conditional syntax to Comanche (if/then/else)
    Convert Comanche to an object class
    Removed IE6 compatibility code
    Explicitly close DB on shutdown/exit instead of allowing it to close naturally
    Allowed delayed publish of webpages
    Show current repository versions of master and dev on admin page and warn if your installation has fallen behind master
    Provide some extra security checks to import data and files to prevent mischief
    Block CalDAV/CardDAV namespace reserved words from being used as a channel nickname/redress since Sabre is somewhat inflexible in this regard
            markdown translator work needed to eradicate the Diaspora Comment Virus.    
            upgrade all inbound paths with the most recent protocol changes (several of these)
            convert 'diaspora_meta' (Diaspora Comment Virus) to iconfig and eradicate from sites with Diaspora disabled
            implement social relay and allow following tags
            upgrade statistics.json to NodeInfo. Currently hubzilla sites are tagged as 'redmatrix' because the NodeInfo schema lacks extensibility and project names are used to designate protocol compatibility rather than protocol names.
            New addon to allow a handful of corporate providers to run unfiltered embed code (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud)
            upgrade font-awesome icons and adapt a few addons to Objects and the new hook interface and new controller interface
Hubzilla 1.4
    [This list may appear brief, but encompasses a huge amount of re-writing and re-factoring
    of the internal code structure to gain long-term performance and stability and provide a standard
    interface to alternate protocol federation plugins which were made possible by the UNO configuration.
    UNO is a configuration of hubzilla introduced in 1.3 with reduced complexity and which provides
    improved protocol federation potential to other networks by virtue of removing nomadic identity
    (which is not possible to model or work around using other network protocols).]  

    Implement channel move operation for UNO configuration
    Remove bookmark references in UNO (which has no bookmarks by default)
    UI cleanup profiles/chat/manage
    Refactor webfinger probes and salmon backend for GNU-social federation
    SECURITY: DAV authentication exploit
    Context help added
    More help pages
    Provide 'posts only' feed
    Refactor App to remove globals
    Refactor Session to remove globals
    provide a fullscreen mode for selected modules and functions
    Regression: some addon routes broken
    fix "remember me"
    Autocomplete tool extended to bbcode/comanche
    Clone sync of file/photo updates
    system rename (e.g. http to https or DNS name change) missing some connection photos
    calendar module not blocked to public whhen block_public enabled
    Use timeago.js in reshare content so that timestamps will be correct on federated reshares
    Rework detection of JavaScript to avoid reload penalty under normal operation
    Changed primary directory server to a hubzilla server
        Diaspora - switch to alternate XML parser to avoid storing compound objects    
        GNU-Social - Huge amounts of work, federation somewhat working now, several issues remain
        Friendica - Initial federation work (not yet published)
Hubzilla 1.3
    Admin Security configuration page created which consolidates several previously hidden settings:
        Communication white/black lists
        Channel white/black lists
        OEmbed white/black lists
    Admin Profile Fields page created which manages the availability and order of standard profile fields and allows new fields to be created/managed
    "Poke" module reworked - page UI updated and "poke basic" setting introduced which limits the available poke "verbs".
    "Mood" module UI reworked
    "profile_photo" module UI reworked
    "cover_photo" module UI reworked
    "new_channel" module UI reworked
    "register" module UI reworked
    "pubsites" module UI reworked
    item-meta ("iconfig") created which implements arbitrary storage for item metadata for plugins
    abook-meta ("abconfig") created which implements arbitrary storage for connection metadata for plugins
    "Strict transport security header" made optional as it conflicts with some existing Apache/nginx configurations
    "Hubzilla UNO" (Hubzilla with radically simplified and locked site settings) implemented as an install configuration.
    .well-known directory conflict worked out to support LetsEncrypt cert ownership checks without disrupting webfinger and other internal uses of .well-known
    Lots of work on 'zcards' which are self-contained HTML representations of a channel including cover photos, profile photos, and some text information
    Long standing bug uncovered which failed to properly restrict the lower time limit for public feed requests
    A number of fixes to "readmore" to fix page jumping
    Bugfix: persons other than the channel owner who have permission to upload photos to a channel could not do so if the js_upload plugin/addon was enabled
    Siteinfo incorrectly identifying secondary directory servers
    Allow admin to set and lock features when UNO is configured
    Atom feeds: alter how events are formatted to be compatible with GNU-social
    Allow guest/visitor access to view personal calendar
    Moved several more classes to "composer format" and provided an autoloader.
    Bugfix: require existing password to change password
    Bugfix: allow relative_date() to be translated to Polish which has more than two plural forms.
    Plugin API: add "requires" keyword to module header to indicate dependent addons
    ActivityStreams improvements and cleanup: photo and file activities
    UI cleanup for editing profile when multiple profiles enabled
    Removed the "markdown" feature as there are numerous issues and no maintainer.
    Provide "footer" bbcode to ease theming of post footer content
    Bugfix: install issues caused by composer code refactor and typo in postgres load file
        keepout - "block public on steroids"
        pubsubhubbub - provides PuSH support to Atom feeds, required for GNU-social federation
        GNUsocial protocol - under development
        Diaspora protocol - some work to ease migration to the new signing format
        Diaspost - disabled; numerous issues and no maintainer
        smileybutton - theme work and fixed compatibility with other jot-tools plugins

Hubzilla 1.2
    Provide extra HTTP security headers (several of them).
    Allow a site to disable delivery reports if disk space is limited
    Regression: Wrong theme when viewing single post as non-member
    Some Diaspora profile photos use relative URLs - force absolute
    Add locked features to siteinfo report to aid remote debugging
    Provide version compatibility checking to plugins (minversion, maxversion, and minphpversion)
    Account config storage
    Provide optional integrated registration and channel create form
    cli utility for managing addons
    issue with sharing photo "items"
    cover photo manager: upload, crop, and store
    cover photo widget created
    rework the connections list page and provide a few management features there
    fixed issue with Comanche layout definitions loaded by plugins
    provide ability to separate delivery functions from item_store() and item_store_update() - some forum messages were being redelivered when cloned.
    call build_sync_packet() on pdledit changes
    Abstract the project name and version so these can be customised or removed
    Allow hiding the ratings links on a per-site basis
    db_type not present in international setup templates - was unable to choose postgres.
    item_photo_menu logically divided into a) actions on the post, b) actions related to the author
    bug: default channel not reset to 0 when last channel removed
    create widget containing only the contact block
    regression: public forums granted send stream permissions to connections
    workaround Firefox's refusal to honour disabling autocomplete of passwords
    regression: photo's uploaded to a channel by a guest (with file write permissions) not saved correctly.
    provide mechanisms for custom .well-known handlers (needed for LetsEncrypt ownership verification)
    proc_run modified to use exec() instead of proc_open() - causing issues on some PHP installations
    remote delegation failure under a specific set of circumstances which we were finally able to duplicate
    Delegation section of Channel Manager was missing names and contained useless notification icons.
    Change "expire" channel setting to show system limit if there is one.
    Regression: provide a one-click ignore of pending connection
    Config to control directory keyword generation on client and server.
    "Collections" renamed to "Privacy Groups", documentation improved
    widget_item - allow use of page title instead of message id
    Add site black/white list checking to all .well-known services
    reduce incidents of screen jumping when "showmore" is activated
    add oembed provider for photos


    CSS theming of pageheader plugin
    xmpp addon ported from Friendica
    Diaspora private mail issues after the third reply
    Occasional issue with Diaspora connection requests
    Add notification email to Diaspora PMs
    Allow anonymising platform and version for statistics
    msgfooter addon created
    removed embedly plugin
    sync clones after superblock addition
    "keepout" plugin created

Hubzilla 1.1

    Rewrote and simplified the Queue manager and delivery system
    Rewrote and simplified the outer layers of the Zot protocol
    Use a standard version numbering scheme in addition to the snapshot tags
    Provide a channel blacklist for blocking channels with abusive or illegal content at the hub level
    Make the black/white lists pluggable
    Update template library
    Support for letsencrypt certs in various places
    Cleanup of login and register pages
    Better error responses for permission denied on channel file repositories
    Disabled the public stream by default for new installs (can be enabled if desired)
    Cleanup of API authentication and rework the old OAuth1 stuff
    Add API "status with media" support compatible with Twitter and conflicting method for GNU-social
    Rework photo ActivityStreams objects to align better with ActivityStreams producers/consumers
    Several minor API fixes to work better with AndStatus client
    Invitation only site - experimental support added, needs more work
    Fix delivery loop condition due to corrupted data which resulted in recursive upstream delivery
    Provide more support for external (git) widget collections.
    Extend the Queue API to 3rd-party network addons which have experienced downtime recently.
    Regression: Inherited permissions were not explicitly set
    Regression: "Xyz posted on your wall" notification sent when creating webpages at another channel
    Regression: Custom permissions not pre-populated on channel creation with named role.
    Provide "Public" string when a post can be made public, instead of "visible to default audience"
    Allow hub admin to specify a default role type for the first channel created, reducing complexity
    Ability for a hub admin to set feature defaults and lock them, reducing complexity
    Change default expiration of delivery reports to 10 days to accomodate sites with reduced resources
        Pageheader addon ported from Friendica
        Hubwall (allow admin to send email to all accounts on this hub) created
        GNU-social - queueing added
        Diaspora - fixes for various failures to update profile photos, updates to queue API
        Cross Domain Authenticated Chess (Andrew Manning's repository)
    And... the normal "lots of bugs fixed, translations updated, and documentation improved"

Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
38C (100F). Summer is here.
Seth Martin
Our forecast low for Saturday night is -4F (-20C)
Somedays here the sun broils your brain, but so far this season, the days have been mild or cool. We had mosquito screen put in all the windows, expecting the predictions of a scorcher to be true. So far, the predictions have erred, but I'm happy for that, even with the extra money we put out for the screens, which come in handy any time of year.
Mike Macgirvin
After the heat wave several days back we then had a nice round of cooling rain and temps in the high teens low twenties. Today it looks like we're back to sun and bugs.
Jake Moomaw
  last edited: Tue, 13 Dec 2016 00:02:53 +1100  
Dude, if I've got two(!) Oompa Loompas and two(!) Easter Bunnies accompanying me to the ambulance while I'm in drag, at that moment, I've got all the Zot.  In that instant, I'll generate enough Zot to triple the amount that existed just one second before.  Even one Oompa Loompa, and I would know I had won life.  Reached the pinnacle of human existence.  Nay, surpassed that which humanity is capable of.  I would become like unto the the Star Child, rising up from my gurney to lay waste to that which had come before me, and create the world anew with an Oompa Loompa and a furry on each arm.  #GotZot?  #GotZot!
Somehow Walmart is part of this scenario...
Mike Macgirvin
In fact I had a tough time classifying this one because as you correctly point out, there's more zot in this one photo than you'll find in many countries. I started considering 'got zot. not got zot. you decide.' and ended up with 'not' only because for this poor bloke, it appears that the party's over (at least for tonight).
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
It is getting somewhat rare to hear about something positive happening in the the environment.

Platypus numbers increasing as river health improves


The latest platypus census suggests numbers are increasing as the health of waterways in the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment improves.
Christophe S. (On Hubz)
Aww, I didn't know they were in danger, I am very fond of these animals, good to hear the river gets cared of and that it has effect on its inhabitants :)
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia last edited: Fri, 09 Dec 2016 11:13:15 +1100  
Remembering when they crammed everybody in the entire school into the auditorium to watch the Friendship 7 blast off, on a little black and white 12 inch TV.

John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95


His legend is otherworldly and now, at age 95, so is John Glenn. An authentic hero and genuine American icon, Glenn died this afternoon surrounded by family at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus after a remarkably healthy life spent almost from the cradle with Annie, his beloved wife of 73 years, who survives.

John Glenn launch, Walter Cronkite " Go, baby ! " LIVE on TV, CBS, February 20, 1962
by Dan Beaumont Space Museum on YouTube
Mike Macgirvin
And another one...

Mike Macgirvin
King Crimson – Epitaph Lyrics

The wall on which the prophets wrote
Is cracking at the seams
Upon the instruments of death
The sunlight brightly gleams
When every man is torn apart
With nightmares and with dreams,
Will no one lay the laurel wreath
When silence drowns the screams

Confusion will be my epitaph
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back and laugh,
But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying,
Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying
Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying

Between the iron gates of fate,
The seeds of time were sown,
And watered by the deeds of those
Who know and who are known;
Knowledge is a deadly friend
If no one sets the rules
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools

The wall on which the prophets wrote
Is cracking at the seams
Upon the instruments of death
The sunlight brightly gleams
When every man is torn apart
With nightmares and with dreams,
Will no one lay the laurel wreath
When silence drowns the screams

Confusion will be my epitaph
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back and laugh,
But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying,
Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying