Description: The Freedom Hub
Location: Netherlands
Hometown: Haarlem
Description: Pastor Dent
Location: Standish, 48658, USA
Description: In the beginning was the choice. Self-taught human being. 250 vs. 7 000 000 000 rule FTW! Knurd.
About: A storyteller, witness of history, Bookchinite and liberatory technologist. Educator, writer, constructor.

Unemployable urban poor who works for humanity unpaid and lives on donations.

Not affiliated with any official political group. Lives in Greece, in a metaphorical barrel, emitting strange sounds (mostly over the Internet).

Sometimes happens to turn stories into reality.

Tech-wise: infrastructure freak. In Platonic love with material engineering.

Self-proclaimed anarchist


I do not work for money. Doctor's orders.
Unless stated otherwise, I speak and act for myself only.
Description: K.R.O.M.O.N.O.S.: Kinetic Robotic Organism Manufactured for Online Nullification and Omnipresent Sabotage
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Hometown: Springfield
Location: germany
Hometown: cologne
Description: Afrogeek
Location: CA, United States
Hometown: Hayward
Location: Hessen, Deutschland
Hometown: Bad Endbach
Location: B4630 Soumagne, Belgique
Hometown: Verviers
Description: For those people that are interested in old computer technologies
Description: Liberatory Technologist
About: tried almost everything until he became a (self-proclaimed) anarchist at the age of 49. Before that, he did his share of capitalist cultism, intelligentsia-style progressivism and a hearty dose of despair. He learned about capitalism from the most predatory capitalists. He learned about oppression and violence from professional thugs and spec-operatives. He learned about exclusion and vulnerability from the homeless and the refugees. He decided that the only moral way to use his knowledge and abilities (some would call it privilege) is to put them at work for others. This was the beginning of his involvement in CNI and spin-off activities. He is a self-taught human being, choosing his way and owning his shit if needed.
Description: Public forum to discuss all things CNI
About: Self-organised technology cooperative to support "alternative" communities.
About: This is a fan page of Project MoodleNet.

Project MoodleNet is described by Martin Dougiamas, CEO of Moodle as, "a new open social media platform for educators, focussed on professional development and open content". MoodleNet will be an integral part of the Moodle ecosystem.
Location: Hilden, NRW, Deutschland
Hometown: Hilden
Keywords: kochen, kochsendungen
Location: Tuscany, Italy
Hometown: Florence
Age: 39
About: Hi! I'm happy to share that I like all things natural, they serve as great boosters for daily life, swinging my mood up and seeing how life changes when it grows, sometimes a single leaf at a time!
Description: A tech enthusiast with an interest in programming, free software, cybersecurity, and fighting the power ;)
Location: Western Finland, Finland
Hometown: Turku
Description: Old account
Location: Western Cape, South Africa
Hometown: Cape Town