Location: Euskirchen
Keywords: Transition, Fzkke, food, electronic
Location: Euskirchen, NRW
About: I bring memes. Hope you like them.
Description: Ein feuilletonistisches pluralistisches non Profit Periodikum für Gelsenkirchen und Umgebung
Location: Gelsenkirchen
Description: Republicador automàtic del flux RSS del Diari Jornada, un mitjà de comunicació generalista i independent dels grans poders. Cooperatiu. D'esquerres. Feminista.
Description: Politiska tankar och inlägg.
Location: Sweden
Hometown: Hörby
Keywords: freedom, greenpolitics, ecopolitics, environmentalism, socialjustice, grassrootsdemocracy
About: Local green politician. Active in the local social welfare (Socialnämnden).
Description: Jeff Nourse is a Toronto-based medical aesthetics entrepreneur who has spent the last 20 years developing and launching a variety of successful medical aesthetic spas in and around Toronto. Jeff’s passion for innovation has allowed him to bring a number
Location: Carpina, Pernambuco, Brasil
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
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Keywords: ActivityPub, protocol
About: ActivityPub is a decentralized social networking protocol based on the ActivityStreams 2.0 data format and is being developed as part of the W3C Social Web Working Group. It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering notifications and subscribing to content.
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Keywords: pleroma
About: Pleroma is a federated social networking platform, compatible with GNU social and other OStatus implementations. It is free software licensed under the AGPLv3.
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Keywords: GNU, Social
About: GNU social is a continuation of the StatusNet project. It is social communication software for both public and private communications. It is widely supported and has a large userbase.
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Keywords: Hubzilla
About: Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.
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Keywords: mastodon, activitypub
About: Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server based on open web protocols like ActivityPub and OStatus. The social focus of the project is a viable decentralized alternative to commercial social media silos that returns the control of the content distribution channels to the people.