Description: Prof
Age: 67
Description: fight for freedom and live for convivialism
Location: s/<eLeT0r's GreyCastle, H4x0r-Bay, cyberspace
Hometown: ~ sweet ~
About: would like to connect with people caring for free software, free societies and free minds.
Location: California, USA
Keywords: ethical, hosting, provider, privacy, decentralized, saas
About: Allied Social is an ethical hosting business selling privacy-aware decentralized social networking, communications, and data services.
Description: random guy in california
Age: 44
Location: Calavaras, California, US
Keywords: hiking, camping, webdesign, database
Description: News about LineageOS and TWRP for the GT-P5200, GT-P5210 and GT-P5220 devices
Keywords: samsung, galaxy, tab, android, lineageos, twrp, dev, development, santos10, gt-p5200, gt-p5210, gt-p5220
Keywords: Dampfen, Dampfer, E-Zigarette, E-Dampfgerät, Liquidverdampfer
Description: Die Online-Zeitschrift für E-Dampfer
Keywords: Dampfen, Dampfer, E-Zigarette, E-Dampfgerät, Liquidverdampfer
Location: Gara
Keywords: Linux, Hubzilla, Diaspora, Politik, Dampfen


Description: Professor
Location: España Spain
Keywords: español, hispano, p2p, latino, torrent
Keywords: Ñ, hubzilla, español, spanish, castellano, foro, red, soporte, ayuda
Location: USA
Keywords: debian, runner, cyclist, cycling, running, artist, atheist, thelema, 93
About: I speak 4 languages, English, clearly, being one;
Falo quatro idiomas, e o português também sendo um deles.
Hablo cuatro idiomas, el español también siendo dentro da lista.
Je parle quatre langues, et maintenant, vous savez tous les quatre.
Description: Discuss, share, and review video games!
Location: United Kingdom
Description: Discuss and share video games. From AAA, Indie, to your own! Or post a review.
About: I live in Northern California, but i might show up anywhere. I am a sound system technician/party engineer.

Check out my weekly radio show. Every wednesday starting  7:23pm PST at:
Description: My fitness activities
Keywords: running, cycling, fitness, diabetic, cancer
About: I'm diabetic and have cancer, but I'm fighting for my life with all I've got...this channel will log my fitness activities.