About: Has been known to occasionally draw maps

About: BOFH of freespeechextremist.com, and former admin. The usual alt if FSE is down: @p@shitposter.club, and others. I am no longer the admin. FSE has no admins now. Welcome to the FSE Autonomous Zone.

I'm not angry with you, I'm just disappointed.

I am physically in Los Angeles but I exist in a permanent state of 3 a.m.

I have dropped a bytebeat album, feel free to DM me for a download code or a link to a tarball: https://finitecell.bandcamp.com/album/villain . There is a chiptunes album there, too.

Revolver is coming: https://blog.freespeechextremist.com/blog/revolver-kickoff.html

About: Proud owner of a Jew Pass, A Beaner Pass, A Kike pass. LF N pass

Professional Rapper
Cock Slapper
MILF Trapper
1337 Hacker

Unapologetic :C: and Rust idiot

Arch Linux and Gnome3 enjoyer

My opinions are my own, and left, and probably bad

Will suck your dick if you call me a faggot

OMEME: e55ce8fd 618b7a24 42a04cd0 81f97fdf 5e40dcf8 a8620119 07dcefd4 c5a9ed01

About: NOTE: I've only set this account to "locked" to keep out privacy leeches like Threads / Bluesky. I accept follow requests from pretty much anyone else.

Now, on with the profile!...

Born of star dust, #FOSS wrapped philosophy. #Environmentalist, #selfhosting #design/#ux #geek #Vegan absurdist.

Opinions posted are definitely not my own...Sqwark! 🦥 #NotNewHere

Please add an avatar, description and a post or two or I ain't followin'!

About: Probably not a banana.

I sometimes do computery things at https://github.com/faho. Also I can't art (anywhere).



About: Administrator of novylen.net. Weekly sourdough bread baker. Servant to a barfy void cat. Linux wrangler. Space nerd. Sustainability advocate. Cishet white dude trying to be aware of (he/his) robot suit. Neoluddite. Trans rights are human rights. Black lives matter. Birds aren't real.

"Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased. Thus do we refute entropy." -- Spider Robinson

GNU Terry Pratchett.

"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love." --Carl Sagan

About: Director of Services, MissionAssist - "serving world mission from home".

Also covering the vacant roles of Social Media Manager and Head of IT.
Enquiries welcome!

#Christian #Volunteer #MissionAssist #EasyEnglish #EasyEnglishBible #fedi22

About: Idaho based commercial photographer and podcaster. You can find me on the Tux Digital Network.

About: I am a Linux enthusiast, Network Engineer and a gardener, among other things. I'll add more when I play around with it more.

Keywords: maker, speedmetal, punk
About: New to mastodon 🐘 Product designer, #maker, #SpeedMetal #punk 🤘

About: ⚠️ WARNING: (SOME) LEWD POSTS AHEAD! all nsfw posts/replies/boosts are cw’d, though

they/them (temporarily)

heya! i'm nano, but you can also call me rae if you like. i'm a british furry who is a huge computer/tech nerd, video game gamer and a unix and linux dork. i'm a transgirl, i'm a middle, and i'm plural. i'm also very sex positive! sometimes i'm a pony, sometimes i'm a cat. feel free to chat with me! i encourage it ^~^

🩷 @Commenter25 💚

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About: I am a game developer from the Netherlands, working at Properly Decent! 🏳️‍🌈
Also I make electronic music.

I retoot games & art, jokes, nerd stuff, and generally interesting things.

I am strongly anti-capitalist and anti-neoliberalist.

You can find my retro rally game here: https://properlydecent.itch.io/buggy-game
Now working on a soccer game!

About: Software engineer, former particle physicist, occasional blogger. I support the principle of cake.

About: Information Security Officer @ SURF | privacy | typoqueen | Grunn | Veluwe | wine | food | Venezia | Ducati | cats 😊 | ♡ CC0, art, books, movies, literature | motorbike trails & camping | own views and silliness
~ the Netherlands ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

🇳🇱 🇬🇧 🇧🇪 🇨🇵 🇮🇹
Own photographs (unless credits)
Unfriendly people = block
Not boosting links to birdsite
Toots vaporise after a month

About: Libertine polyglot aspiring homesteader and heathen in central North America.

I don't do purity politics. I follow and interact with people I disagree with. Follow/Boost/Interact ≠ Endorse all opinions

About: | iets met ict en open source| 🎼 | 📷 | ⛺ | 🏍️ | 🧭 | iets met kierkegaard |

About: Full stack web-developer (#Linux, #Ruby, #RubyOnRails, #HTML, #CSS, #JS). #PrawnPDF maintainer. #Rust amateur. He/they/whatever floats your boat.

About: Maker of Things. Writer of Software. Creator of World of Zero. Trans :verified_trans: in the Bay Area. Let's make something awesome together!

About: DM when following (unless it's a follow-back or we already know each other) to let me know why. I'm here to build relationships, so I'll probably follow back if I accept.

:flag_pansexual:​ :transgender_flag:​​ :anarchist_flag:​

I'm a loud, slutty, transgender, shitposting, computer-touching, autistic, communist ratgirl/goddess who loves trees and writes poetry, fiction, and code sometimes.

Join me in fighting to destroy oppression in all its forms.

I post nudes followers-only (they're pinned!), and I boost a lot of lewd stuff, so minors are not allowed to follow me. I'm sure you're cool, but I don't want the liability. (For legal purposes, clicking "follow" is certifying that you're at least 18 years of age and legally permitted to view sexually explicit content in the jurisdiction where you reside.)

This account has been verified by Official Typeslut™ Mathwhores :verified_typeslut_1: :verified_typeslut_2:

"the lesbianest little faggot known to man" - @dragon
"inspirational" - @x4nw

💜 @gr3ysea
💜 @haskal
💜 @TakeV

About: https://lopster.neocities.org // i am not an anime catgirl. i am a LOLCATgirl. can i haz chezburger

About: Through all windows I only see ♾.
Grumpy greybeard. Anachronistic and impulsive. I'm here for whatever.
Collecting: Images, random thoughts, tech for humans, sometimes work.
You're most likely welcome here.
Est'd 1977.

About: Tooting in Deutsch, English, español

Originally from Berlin, now in Zurich (in Switzerland >12 years), strong ties to Argentina and the UK.

I like and care about:

Science, Math, IT, FOSS, parenting, fun, politics, books, 🏳️‍⚧️ things, music, film, cooking & food, some naughty stuff & much more.

What I most enjoy, is interaction with friendly people.

No direct messages please, unless we already know each other, or you have something important to tell!


About: Native Texan,
expatriated Californian,
AntiFa AF
🍎 alum,
IT by day, IT by night,
🐠 🐠 🐠

Following scientists, historians, journalists, 🍎folks, phans, & real people.

Press your space face close to mine, love.

About: You may know me from Twitterrific or Frenzic: Overtime or as the ex-galactic president. I'm just this guy, you know?

About: spiraling

About: not scottish. he / him. somewhere in panama on a bike… 🇮🇪

About: A stuffed simian. Posts auto-delete after 2 weeks.

Avatar alt-text: The head and upper torso of a stuffed gorilla. The gorilla is seated and its body is directed slightly towards the left. The head faces the same way but the gorilla is looking directly at the viewer.

Header alt-text: A 'Show Your Stripes' graph showing temperature anomalies for London between 1850 and 2022 relative to a 1971 to 2000 baseline. The lines become progressively redder to the right of the graph.

About: Cool dude. Well liked.

About: I do projects on/with/about computers, networks, infrastructures. he/him

About: I make tiny art machines.
Buy them here: https://transmutable.gumroad.com
Commission inquiries: trevor@transmutable.com
#machinist #miniatures #seattle

About: #notjustsad wants #DoctorWho, likes #Sci-Fi and #Fantasy, needs a #cat or, better, more than one!

gelernte Europasekretärin / IHK-Fremdsprachensekretärin für Englisch und Französisch

Affinität zu #Handwerk, #Technik, #Astronomie

About: Artist, Reluctant Engineer

About: Sono pagato da tutte le lobby per parlare male di tutte le altre.

About: And come forth propaganda, Breath in anarchy from the archaic webspaces of yesteryear.

About: [...] "Revolutions do not allow anyone to play the schoolmaster with them." -- Rosa Luxemburg, The Mass Strike, Chapter 4.

I'm a libertarian socialist, a social ecologist, and a humanist, I know my way around Linux, and I'm partial to speculative fiction and TTRPGs.

About: No longer actually abroad, but the name stuck.



About: Iowa. Digital journalism. Design, news and book edits, linguistics, data, tech. Medical + academic research. Disability in news consults.📚🌈 ☕️ 🐈

Moderator at disabled.social. Ambulatory mobility aid user.

#CripTheVote #DisabilityJustice #DisabilityRights #A11y
#EDS #POTS #MCAS #MECFS #Mito #ADHD #ActuallyAustistic #CPP #MillionsMissing #pwME and more

About: Coder, manager, dog dad. Tech tinkering is my joy. Be kind.

About: I'm the real Cocoa! (Or am I?)

I hope you like cute catgirls and wolfgirls on your timeline.

Sole administrator of Mocha Hoto Rocks! and the rest of Hoto Rocks Services. Any issues? Shoot me a DM here!


About: I'm a just a small town AAA graphics programmer in Chicago. I worked on Gears 5 and Gears Tactics. My work is secret, but my personal projects are not.

I like to post about my personal research, various side projects, and I like to think out loud a lot. Expect weird humor, esoteric ramblings, and occasionally also art I made out of math. I like implicit surface modeling the normal amount. Amateur spoonie. 🏳️‍⚧️

Curses are just blessings with caveats.

About: Do you use your powers for good or for awesome?

Senior #DevOps Engineer at a major research institution (views/opinions my own) and a severe #Linux and #opensource enthusiast. Also into #retrocomputing, #fountainpens, #Volkswagen, #music, and #cooking. #fedi22

Hoosier currently living in California.

Pixelfed: @vwbusguy
Firefish: @vwbusguy

Keywords: opensource
About: Your all-in-one communications command center that puts YOU in control, not a corporation. Manage multiple email accounts, calendars, tasks, RSS feeds and newsgroups.

#OpenSource and respectful of your privacy.

What's New In v115: https://mzla.link/whatsnew115

Get involved with Thunderbird here: https://mzla.link/3Ur3BXu

Get help with Thunderbird here: https://mzla.link/thunderbirdhelp

Keywords: searchable
About: About the Fediverse, connecting people.
To bots: #searchable.

About: Software engineer, aspiring social capitalist and ally, maker of trouble (and bread sometimes).

About: Music, wine, outdoors, genealogy.

About: microplastics fiend // #shrimpposting // epic gamer girl (real) // systemd fan

About: Socialist, trans woman, programmer. Early 30s. She/her

Backup account at @tallgirlvanessa@tech.lgbt

About: I dabble in programming, administration, linux, gaming, historical european martial arts, reenactment, live action role play, e-mobility, carhacking, simPits and… parenting? | This account also syndicates posts from my site and backfeeds Likes, Shares and Replies.


About: Developer, tinkerer, loving everything creative. Trying to deal with only being able to pursue a few passions at a time. He/him.

About: ✩ Citoyen sarthois a-partisan, permaculteur engagé pour la réalisation d'une écotopie communaliste fondée sur l'écologie sociale & le municipalisme libertaire. Pour des sociétés écologiques autonomes & interdépendantes - interculturalité & multiplicité des mondes ! ✩

About: hewwo. i am just trying misskey.

About: Experimenting, testing and reporting bugs for open source as well as other projects

Keywords: fedicraft
I can do basic programming and basic system adminstration. I do programming as a hobby for now. The languages I know past the novice stage are:The languages i'm currently learning:My OS of choice for desktop is Slackware 15.0. (Though, my current distro is Void Linux due to hardware issues.)

My OS of choice for my laptop is Salix 15 (Slackware 15).

My OS of choice for servers is OpenBSD.

I'm the 1st Prince of the Principality of Efreia and Admin on #fedicraft
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About: Born analog, living digital

About: “Cyclopédiste du dimanche” — @emmanuelc

“Sinistre cornucopien auto-centré qui profite de ma béatitude cycliste” — @nitot

“Tu devrais être rémunéré comme influenceur Gravel” — @lucas3d

Transforme sa procrastination en pouets.

Je fave pour organiser le statut de lecture des pouets, pas forcément pour marquer mon adhésion.

C’est bien si on échange un peu avant de demander à me suivre 🙏

#climat #balade #vélo #gravel #photo #elmlang #dev