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Mike Macgirvin

History is to be learned from.
Haha! This is amusing on multiple levels.

I bet the thought of mirroring a post made originally on Google+ has literally never crossed anyone's mind who is using Hubzilla.
there was someone mirroring all the posts on twitter a few years ago, mine included, it was kind of annoying. i have not noticed it going on lately. i do not personally see any use in posting the same message across multiple networks.
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Good to hear that is back online again. We already know that if I try to say anything constructive on Diaspora I'll just be told I'm an ignorant dickhead. So instead I'll just post this link on Hubzilla where we can all have a good laugh. dead? Could you imagine faecesbook disappearin... dead?
Could you imagine faecesbook disappearing without any trace, notification, announcement?
New diaspora readers: a great platform, but ask what you do when your social media account dies

#newhere #diaspora #podmin #feature #bug #question
I usually don't try to convince anyone. That's why I don't have any active users on my hub

On the contrary, I am a historical optimist and, whenever the occasion arises, I try to convince my interlocutor. I have already brought 6 or 7 new members to Hubzilla, without having your technical knowledge, but the experience of an advanced user, with only my passion for the project. It is not a crowd, but if we all try to convince and persuade - without comparing, yes, because people are wary of comparisons- we fill the place :-)
@Manuel Jiménez Friaza I just don't like pushing anyone to anything. I don't appreciate others trying to convince me to [use WhatsApp | wear anything but black | whatever]. Live an let live.
My point was nobody comes to anything without convincing. :-)