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Spent more time on the crop enclosure today. Bloody hard work, this has been a few weekends. It's about 2/3 finished now. I've got about 70% of the walls done now - wire mesh netting 2.4 meters high in a bird/rabbit/snake/wombat(*) proof enclosed crop space  21 meters long by 7.5 meters wide. Now I just need to finish the last "wall" and then start on the "roof". Time's running out - we need to get things planted.



(*) Wombat proof is probably a bit of a stretch. They'll tunnel under any obstacle. There's nothing you can do to stop a determined wombat except pee in his burrow. They don't like that.
Thankfully ours haven't yet been equipped with machine guns. A dozen grenades and I can clear them (and most of the rabbits) from the property.
The long range forecast from the Rural Fire Service is continued #drought. We've had a bit of moisture recently but they're expecting this could be the last fresh water we see until after the new year. By the end of summer the garden may be the only green thing left on the property - assuming the aquifer holds out and we can still pump some water out of the ground in a pinch.

Otherwise this will be a dust bowl.
We had a reasonable amount of rain at the end of September, so our tanks are full. I hope I've done the last water run till next May.
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Crossed hundreds of kilometers over the weekend - and the situation is so bad I can't even describe it. Get more than a few minutes away from the coast and everything is dead or dying. The Aussie "breadbasket" looks more like a moonscape. This is currently working its way up the food chain.

Bush speaks out on drought's secret toll


Tales abound of farm women selling wedding rings and family jewellery to buy feed for their cattle and food for their families.

I wonder what the "experts" say ...

(we had no winter 2013/2014 so far here in western germany, but that's not unusual in this region.)
We didn't either in France, but I guess (non-expert theory here) winter spent too much time in north America this year.
the first storks are back in north germany ... that's too early ... usually they come back end of march