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Very happy to announce the release of Fork Awesome 1.0. A fork of t...


Very happy to announce the release of Fork Awesome 1.0. A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit known as Font Awesome.
With the release of this fork, you'll now find icons for open source projects such as #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Diaspora, #Scuttlebutt, #Liberapay, #Hubzilla, etc.
We've hopefully also made the process of contributing a lot more easier.

fa-hubzilla: Fork Awesome Icons

<i class="fa fa-hubzilla" aria-hidden="true"></i>
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Good to hear that is back online again. We already know that if I try to say anything constructive on Diaspora I'll just be told I'm an ignorant dickhead. So instead I'll just post this link on Hubzilla where we can all have a good laugh. dead? Could you imagine faecesbook disappearin... dead?
Could you imagine faecesbook disappearing without any trace, notification, announcement?
New diaspora readers: a great platform, but ask what you do when your social media account dies

#newhere #diaspora #podmin #feature #bug #question
I usually don't try to convince anyone. That's why I don't have any active users on my hub

On the contrary, I am a historical optimist and, whenever the occasion arises, I try to convince my interlocutor. I have already brought 6 or 7 new members to Hubzilla, without having your technical knowledge, but the experience of an advanced user, with only my passion for the project. It is not a crowd, but if we all try to convince and persuade - without comparing, yes, because people are wary of comparisons- we fill the place :-)
@Manuel Jiménez Friaza I just don't like pushing anyone to anything. I don't appreciate others trying to convince me to [use WhatsApp | wear anything but black | whatever]. Live an let live.
My point was nobody comes to anything without convincing. :-)
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Delivery reports and message tracking are coming. So you'll be able to visit a webpage and see who got your post and who didn't, and for zot hosts, why they didn't get it. For Diaspora hosts all we can say is we did our job and they accepted it and returned a success indication and then just lost the darn thing.

#redmatrix #hubzilla #diaspora
"Tracking" sounds pretty weird in our context ...
"Tracking" sounds pretty weird in our context ...

Fair enough - "delivery reports" it is.
Vote Now

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This is a #redmatrix "consensus item". If you have up-to-date software and you have permission to comment on this post you may register your vote and participate in the decision using the buttons in your toolbar below.

And before you ask: the ability to vote on consensus items does not currently federate to #diaspora. Votes will however be visible on Diaspora as they are generic ActivityStream objects. They will just appear on other networks as comments instead of being tallied.

Should #redmatrix allow voting on posts?
Woaw, this is absolutely awesome.
weird... on my wall my votes are correct

We've seen this with likes also. I'm pretty sure that the problem is the result of a delete request coming in for an item we haven't yet received. It takes a few minutes to deliver everything and the deliveries are randomised. We'll ignore the delete since we don't have a matching item to delete. But then a second or two later the original activity comes in - and since we tossed the delete without acting on it, we don't know it's been deleted and deliver the original. I think the solution is probably that we have to store all deleted activities even if we don't (yet) have a matching activity.
I did this to provide some platform support for loomio-like functionality. I'm aware that a lot of folks are doing similar things. The community is getting large enough that we increasingly need community decisions on a range of issues and it makes no sense to make somebody create an account on a foreign system and use completely different tools just to add a tally to a conversation; and trying to figure out a final vote in a long-winded rambling thread that touches on twenty different subjects isn't very accurate. We also need to finish off the issue tracker for similar reasons. I've got a DB table for this and thomas had some barely-working (mostly broken) code long ago when we was still learning to spell php - but it never found its way back to the project. There's really no reason why we can't use our own software to manage the building of our own software.
Working on a utility to migrate #friendica photo albums to #redmatrix. Oh and I've started to port the #diaspora federation module from #friendica to #redmatrix, even though I'm guessing 90% of our content will have to be stripped since it just doesn't translate to legacy social networks.
No - there are some easter eggs in the code that acute folks will stumble on someday. That's all I have to say on the matter.
Sounds like a RedMatrix convergence to me ... :D Keep up the good work Mike!...:)
@tuscanhobbit It doesn't necessarily need a completely different architecture, just improvements to the one that's already there. With that being said, we are working to decouple the federation calls and protocol from Diaspora itself, so once it's in a gem, there will be a wider arc of opportunity for trying new protocols on.