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Mike Macgirvin

 High Range, Australia 
The connections filter feature should now take a construct like lang=de and do the right thing, assuming the post was lengthy enough to evaluate the language (128 chars by default, but a site can change this). You can still accept or block any specific channel from sending you stuff based on tags, regular expressions, or straight text matches.

I'll add this to the doco after it undergoes a bit more testing.
Thanks - I missed adding the xchan to search for originally. It wasn't meant to load "all your friends and pick out the first one", which explains why it always worked for my test channel on my test sites; as the test channel is often the first and sometimes the only friend.

With the patch it has the undocumented side effect that you can filter yourself on your clone sites if you're really clever. The original intent was to prohibit this, but I think I'll leave it alone. Somebody might have a use for this, and it's hard to do accidentally.
Mike, you merged in the RedMatrix repository (and added the missing dbesc, thanks) and then merged that over to Hubzilla, so my pull request there wasn't merged (I'll close it now).

Should I provide fixes that are similar in both repositories in the RedMatrix repository only?
I didn't even see that. But yeah I'm merging everything forward and resolving conflicts, so if it applies to both,you only need to fix red and I'll pick it up on the next merge forward.