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    Cards represent a persistent area for collaboration that is separate from the social stream; where planning and discussion tend to get lost without fresh activity after a day or two.  They are somewhat more lightweight than webpages and wikis for quick organisation of information and have the advantage of allowing collaboration and commentary. They are well suited for helping to organise complex tasks where there are frequent updates and feedback.


  • publish cards
  • categorise cards
  • (phase 1:) honour read|write pages permissions
  • edit cards
  • add page titles
  • load cards by page title
  • load card by category
  • sync cards to clones
  • export/import cards from channel dumps
  • prevent card federation, these are static website resources
  • allow comment on cards
  • oembed cards
  • fix permalinks so they go somewhere (parent done, children not done)
  • (phase 2:) add specific card permissions
  • create/edit acl
  • make cards searchable
  • export current card to post, import from post
  • provide a mechanism to archive or hide "inactive" cards, but provide an option to display them
  • documentation
  • tests
I like!
Is this a bit like cards on a Kanban board? :-)
Is this a bit like cards on a Kanban board?

Sort of.