3 years ago
@Lazy Admin

If facebook_restrict is enabled, users won't be able to pull from FB.  If facebook_restricted is then disabled, would FB contact integration be enabled next time FB contacts are polled?  Or, would individual users have to reconfigure their Facebook connector?
Thomas Willingham
3 years ago
In fact it does not disable the Facebook connector. It restricts the ability to syncronise
your friends and conversations and make all your Facebook friends indistinguishable
from your other "free web" friends.

You can still "post to Facebook".

When I said it won't poll, I was using shorthand, I thought everybody in that thread would have seen this comment, but it's one of the ones that got destroyed with restoring the backup.

New users won't be able to use the linking option in the settings. Remove the plugin, and they'll be able to use it again. Temporarily remove it, let your friends use it, and close it again and it'll work fine too.
Mr. X
3 years ago
If you currently have "sync my friends and conversations" enabled, it will stay in effect after the plugin is added.

You will also be warned that if you turn it off, you won't be able to turn it on again.

Anybody trying to change the setting tosync their friends after the plugin is installed will find it disabled, with a brief message.

If the plugin is later uninstalled, they will be able to make this change. It won't happen automatically.