Tastes just like chicken

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Today is my birthday once again. Had a lovely dinner at the Briars in Bowral. So what does a Yankee expat eat at a five-star Australian restaurant?  I went for the kangaroo. In fact it doesn't taste like chicken at all. It tastes like beef. Maybe just a hint of gaminess like buffalo - but without the fat that buffalo has (you can fill a schooner with the fat in a slice of buffalo steak).

OK, a schooner is the 'large' beer glass in most of Australia - 12 oz. When you order a beer, you order either a regular or a schooner. I find this amusing. The bartender or waitress always looks at you with wide eyes like this schooner is something to be afraid of. Now 12 oz. is the normal size beer bottle throughout the world - or around a third of a liter. However in the west (Perth) and some parts of the outback a schooner is the smallest glass in the bar and the normal sized drink is at least a liter. That's more what I'm used to. A liter is a decent glass of beer. I had to laugh the first time. What's this pathetic schooner thing you gave me? I ordered a large beer.

But I digress.

So anyway kangaroo tastes just like any other big yummy steak.

Have some crocodile with that?