traffic and more traffic

  from Diary and Other Rantings
Sorry folks for the problems connecting this morning. Had our very first million hit day, and the servers in La Brea weren't ready for it - and neither was I....

It was a combination of several things converging at once. Shamita Shetty  apparently was exposed on the Style Ikon channel, and even with an overlaid star to protect the family jewels it seems that a bunch of folks from the UK couldn't get enough of it. Wonder what this incident did to the transatlantic backbones...

But what really killed the servers was that as this was going on - Google, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves and a couple of other search engines all converged on 10-12 of my sites at the same time to do their normally periodic crawls. Normally I'll get one or two crawlers doing one or two sites a day.
Things seem to have now returned to a normal state of chaos.
Ah ha! I was wondering what happened to ya! So you have been elevated to the lofty million-air club? Congrats! :)