About: Just a Latin American guy living in Sweden.
 Toots in Portuguese, English and Swedish.
 Jag prata bara lite svenska så förlåt för mina misstag
#freesoftware #softwarelivre #opensource #floss
#music #drumms

Keywords: linux, music, foss, vr, maker, gamer, diy, fpga, ar, vhdl
About: Electrical/Digital Engineer(#fpga, #vhdl)
San Diego 3D Printing Meetup host
Executive Function not-have-er

"Rediscovering things I used to love that got lost in the world of the algorithm"

#AR #VR #FOSS #DIY #Maker #Linux #Gamer #Music

Keywords: opensource, devrel, OSPO
About: Posting about open source software and developer communities. Previously worked @ Google, Apple, Twitter. Fan of old maps, live music, and float tanks. He/him.

#OpenSource #OSPO #DevRel

About: On m'a traitée de surcouche de Google (dixit Mitternacht), grande lubrificatrice sociale (le_hasard), reine de la pulsion scopique (LPG), Adèle Blanc-Sec polymathe (Saint_loup), Wikipedia avec des jambes (BlueCookie), Cruella du XXIe siècle (LPG), pro des savoirs obscurs (smwhr).
Once in flight school I was laconic.
Pinaillages, fulgurances et monomanies multiples.
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About: A Spherical Cow in a Vacuum

:progress_pride: Maricona, quarentona, gay e cis, com um pezinho no ACE

  • Goiano, mas já morei em muito estado por aí
  • #Sysadmin da época que aqui era tudo mato
  • Defensor do #SoftwareLivre
  • #Hacktivista nas horas vagas
  • Entusiasta de #Python, #R e #Rust
  • Altavista era melhor que Google
  • #Nano é melhor que #Vim
  • Pirataria não é roubo se pagar não é possuir
  • Internet é só um grande "Reclame Aqui"

Founder do :mastodon: NuvemLGBT


About: I'm a 3D / spatial computing enthusiast and full time Registered Nurse, working on projects as a hobby.

Oh, and I love 3D art. And science fiction. 🤩

Interests: #3DArt #AR #VR #Blender #Blender3d #b3d #GameArt #Photogrammetry #Scifi #Unreal #UnrealEngine #ambisonics #audio

By the way, I'm a huge #MiamiDolphins fan #FinsUp and run finsup.social


Keywords: t1d, devrel
About: VP of Developer Community @ MSFT - Code, OSS, STEM, Beyoncé, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇿🇼#T1D, #DevRel YouTube+TikTok listen to the @Hanselminutes inclusive tech podcast! My opinions. https://hanselman.com

Description: Largely monothematic channel about virtual worlds/OpenSim. Follow me from Mastodon, Akkoma, Misskey, Firefish, Diaspora*, Friendica and other places in the Fediverse.
Age: 3
Location: The Hypergrid
Homepage: https://hub.netzgemeinde.eu/profile/jupiter_rowland
About: An avatar roaming the decentralised and federated 3-D virtual worlds based on OpenSimulator, a free and open-source server-side re-implementation of Second Life. Mostly talking about OpenSim, sometimes about other virtual worlds, occasionally about the Fediverse beyond Mastodon. No, the Fediverse is not only Mastodon.

Even if you see me on Mastodon, I'm not on Mastodon myself. I'm on Hubzilla which is neither a Mastodon instance nor a Mastodon fork. In fact, it's older and much more powerful than Mastodon. And it has always been connected to Mastodon.

I regularly write posts with way more than 500 characters. If that disturbs you, block me now, but don't complain. I'm not on Mastodon, I don't have a character limit here.

I rather give too many content warnings than too few. But I have absolutely no means of blanking out pictures for Mastodon users.

I always describe my images, no matter how long it takes. My posts with image descriptions tend to be my longest. Don't go looking for my image descriptions in the alt-text; they're always in the post text which is always hidden behind a content warning due to being over 500 characters long.

If you follow me, and I "follow" you back, I don't actually follow you and receive your posts. Unless you've got something to say that's interesting to me within the scope of this channel, or I know you from OpenSim, I block your posts. I only "follow" you back because Hubzilla requires me to do that to allow you to follow me. But I can read your comments and direct messages. If you boost a lot of uninteresting stuff, I'll block you boosts.

My "birthday" isn't my actual birthday but my rezday. My first avatar has been around since that day.

If you happen to know German, maybe my "homepage" is something for you, a blog which, much like this channel, is about OpenSim and generally virtual worlds.

#OpenSim #OpenSimulator #VirtualWorlds #Metaverse #SocialVR  #fedi22

Description: Physics Teacher and human intelligence Enthusiast. Prof. Fí­sica e Entusiasta da Inteligência human
Age: 54
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro
Homepage: https://sfl.pro.br
About: Um entusiasta da inteligência humana... mais sobre mim? Siga esse apontador!

A  human intelligence enthusiast... more about me? Follow this Link!

Description: Cavaleiro que diz Ni!
Age: 42
Location: Île-de-France, France
Hometown: São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Homepage: https://hubzilla.com.br/channel/aleabdo
About: Ni!

If you don't see the fnords... they won't eat you.

Science, not unlike many other human endeavors, depends on an inherently collective effort, which must carefully balance collaboration and competition. As such, it is indissociable from its communication, and will share its fate: a science that cannot be shared, cannot be.