About: I commute via :unicycle:, 🛴, "halfbike" or :penny_farthing: because they are great fun! But I love all types of cycles.

I also like minimalist tech: non-smartphones, old school digital watches, Slackware, Gemini/Gopher.

I feel very strongly that if you use a "free service" and enjoy it you should donate to its up keep.

Pronouns: He/him/his

P.S. I work for @Vivaldi

#cycling #unicycle #unicyclist #PennyFarthing #Halfbike #fedi22 #VivaldiBrowser searchable

About: I work in QA for #VivaldiBrowser and also handle much of the release process for desktop products.

I generally favour very simple technologies that allow me to better understand and fix things. On the other hand Vivaldi is so powerful and permits so much flexibility, that I love it anyway. 😉

I am also a keen #unicyclist and a fan of other unusual simple cycles. #ActiveTransport for the win! 🚴

Pronouns: He/him/his