About: I made bostonmusic.online so that makes me very cool.
#nobot #transrightsarehumanrights

About: 🌿never stop asking questions

(she/her) cis/yt

Ferkelchen | Katzentatzen | Piepmätze🐦

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51 yr old, #disabled IT geek, living in #Victoria BC, #Canada.

Was cautionwip@mstdn.ca

Internet era : GOPHER

Moved here to get more queer/geek culture, and stop focusing as much on Canadian politics

#Fedipact is the way

#Queer #LGBTQIA., Pro #BIPOC/#BLM/#Trans/#Ally

#NDP+, Lapsed #Jew, not Zionist. 



Blocks bots.
I’m friendly, but don’t always follow back. It’s nothing personal, just need to keep the input down.:thumbsup:

Addendum : I don’t accept followa from blank profiles.

Profile pic : Man with his face engulfed in a small fireball, recoiling from more fireballs. A picture taken of me at the exact moment I concluded that fire-breathing was, in fact, a dumb-ass hobby. I consider it fair warning as to what one can expect from me.

Banner : My cat, draped over her cat tree, looking at me with affectionate disdain. Just assume she’s gorgeous, if you can’t see her, you won’t be wrong.

About: [mar.kɪs kɚrt] He/him. Indie game and iOS/macOS app un-developer. Opinions written are my own and are not representative of the entities I work with.

Tech “anti-enthusiast”.

Currently working on @fedigardens and @Indexingyourheart.

No free passes from Big Tech here. #TransRightsAreHumanRights