About: Hier tootet das Forum Informatiker*innen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung (FIfF). Gegründet 1984 (wirklich!). #Computers, #Peace #DigitalRights, #Frieden, #Informatik, #nachhaltigkeit, #datenschutz, #cyberpeace

About: Wife, mom, Quaker, CPA, VA Tech & UGALaw alumna, dog mom. Virginia native in the PNW. Pulling up blackberries & planting things near the mouth of the Columbia River. North Bend & Gray’s River, WA #Peace #Nature #SocialJustice #Climate #Snark

Location: Austria
Homepage: https://aksel.at/
About: On business I learned automation technology, worked as service technician, as support engineer for a networkmanagementsoftware and many small jobs.
In private I am broadly interested: IT (LInux, FOSS, decentral networks), psychologics (relationships, social behavior, education, leading), spiritualism (shamanism, buddhism, nature spirits, healing), ubuntu movement, breatherianism, living on light,

Description: My personal semi-private channel. Public posts are often about Hubzilla and the Fediverse or comments on human rights and climate change.
Location: Sweden
Homepage: https://zotum.net/channel/shimriez alt. https://tiksi.net/channel/shimriez