About: Linux since 1995. Radical Progressive-Leftist. Photographer. Social content consumer, not a social content creator.

Loc: Swift Water lands, Salish Sea, Cascadia, North America

whoami: MadokVaur @ Twitch Discord and Github

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About: 🏳️‍🌈🍁 #Queer Canadian dork in his 40s from #Ottawa #Canada. Coffee disposal expert ☕. Spicy neurodivergent of the autistic/anxiety/ADD variety.
One of the admins of XIM.ca. He/him.

I also run Mastodon bots:

Backup ​:mastodon:​ : @alex@ottawa.place

NOTE: As I am a human being (not a robot), I may occasionally make mistakes from time to time, not understand social cues & possibly struggle with personal interactions (for those who aren't aware: it's called autism). Communication can be a struggle even on the best of days. If you somehow cannot handle others making mistakes and expect absolute perfection then I am not for you. Move on.

That said, if you have an issue with anything I do or say, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd let me know (because I probably have no idea) so I can grow and learn as a person, as I am generally well-meaning & don't mean to offend.
I really shouldn't have to slap a disclaimer on myself but apparently, these are the times we live in.

More in the intro. See also: DNI list

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About: Hello! I'm Ember (or Hazel, if you prefer) - a demigirl software developer. My interests are LGBTQ+ / queer life, programming, retrocomputing, anime, PC gaming, and TTRPGs. I'm also very interested in the future of federated social media and follow that topic closely. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat about any of these - this girl is a nerd and proud of it! I also welcome DMs from anyone questioning their gender or identity. I've been there, I know how hard it can be.

Follows are locked (meaning that they require manual approval), but feel free to send a request! I only ask that you have a bio and/or a few public posts for a basic vibe check.

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About: ▫️50-ish displaced world-citizen▫️Ecletic▫️Worked around the 🌍 on corporate IT stuff in ERP and SCM processes▫️#Fediverse :fediverse: explorer ▫️Loves the interesting considerate folk here, cool vibe, no ads or algorithms▫️Authentic, serious, sometimes quirky, coincidentally trans :butterfly_trans:​▫️

▫️#Tech #Recipes #Food #Gaming #Retrogaming #Cats #Rugby #UKPolitics UK #TransRights law & policy

▫️ Occasional weekend #Puns normally of a groan-worthy #BadPun variety

▫️Serious posts are always hashtagged for filtering ▫️

▫️ Lived extensively over the years in:▫️
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About: Formerly expatpaul on identica and quitter. Then I was Paul on boardgames.social until that instance went away.

British father of three. Living in Belgium and earning an income from building interfaces.

Watcher of films, reader of books, player of boardgames.

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About: :flag_bisexual: Bisexual
:flag_transgender: Transfem
:blobcatmeowcouple: Sex positive
🧓: fedimommy
💵 supporter

I'm a software developer developer, a scared transgirl, a poet and a futurist in a world with no future.
I want to make the world a better place

I'm flirty and cute, but just to share love in the world, I'm taken <3


Pic by @SummerKnight

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