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About: philosopher, writer, software engineer, and minimalist. vegan, anarchist, and libertarian (taxation is theft).

poly, pan, and cassgender (any pronouns). interested in making friends and relationships. have one romantic partner, longing for another who can connect with more aspects of me.

my pastimes are playing and making games. favorite games are crosscode, halo, jedi: fallen order, undertale, portal, and hollow knight.


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About: Emil | 22 | trans man 🏳️‍⚧️ | Polish 🇵🇱 | white | autistic :autism: | aromantic & bisexual | social democrat 🌹| cringe culture is dead

⭐ SFW furry art, opinions and personal melodrama,

⭐ Posts irregularly,

⭐ Underachiever bullshitting his way thru life since 2001,

⭐ Living with Leon 🐕 and Niko 🐦,

⭐ Free software kid, not a free speech absolutist,

⭐ Please be clear about what you mean, I'm sort-of-literal and don't actually enjoy picking fights, even if I attract them.

#nobot #noAI

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About: Android senior developer. Rust lover.
Former developer of AdGuard for Android.
Developer of #ALFIS and #DisWall.
Maintainer of Yggdrasil for Android.

Pronoun: Your Majesty.

Monero: 86JqAicb12pFM3wQMSfMvce6n8CzbR83hM4TeAwN5iNJhDf2jwDs9Ux7B111yiMNWEPJHJ5Js8aC6WmPKwW5QnHS6LZG8yD
Bitcoin: bc1qmfkwyk8hre7e5xq272sjakph5fwpumk5xc59q3


About: Owner and Admin of

✨ Happily married to @Nahima
✨ Grayace
✨ Metamour @9th_Sage
✨ Neurodivergent AF
✨ Kamen Rider / Nintendo / Star Trek fangirl
✨ 21+ please
✨ Follows welcome

DMs are turned off if I don't follow you.

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About: Cis gay web admin at a rural university. FOSS enthusiast. Tabletop RPG fan. Occasional video game player. Pacifist. Taoist. Vegetarian. Anti-capitalist. Believer in social justice. #nobot

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About: #nobot

About: Just being a Dad and Husband. Following Jesus, but I'm far from perfect. I am a kind soul, and I never mean to harm.
#nobot #fedi22 #Christian #Jesus #MidwestUSA #Midwest

I'm fixin' it up, breakin' it up, or makin' it up.

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About: audiovisual media artist, spacetime explorer, human being

i sometimes post video art that may contain slight flashing/strobing imagery

i don't accept follow requests from empty profiles

posts auto-delete after a while

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About: Formerly expatpaul on identica and quitter. Then I was Paul on until that instance went away.

British father of three. Living in Belgium and earning an income from building interfaces.

Watcher of films, reader of books, player of boardgames.

#nobot #nosearch #noindex

About: Messageboarddinosaurier

Gàidhlig / Deutsch / English / Português

Follow recommendations @PleaseCaption and @alt_text 😉

#fedi22 #gàidhlig #ÖRRbewegen #nobot

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About: Militante anarcha féministe.
Peut être future paysanne :)

Je follow back uniquement les comptes avec photos, description et intro, et majoritairement les meufs (déso mais pas déso les mecs, vous êtes déjà trop nombreux dans mon fil).

Pas de CW sur les contenus politiques, sauf violences particulières.


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About: Interested in retro computing, music, and philosophy. Happily living as the real me.


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About: Castaway (micro)blogger | Toilet philosopher | Developer of sorts (Android, Backend) | Life, Liberty, Property | Tatas, Booties, Cunnies | Ahegao and THICC women lover | I like cats, anime, manga, doujin, hentai and vidya | Caustic and lacerating ​:gigachad:​

Owner, admin and operator of this instance and anything under the same domain. I believe in the natural order of things. I want to flip cachapas with obnoxious frequency ​:cirno_heh:​

I really don't recommend myself. Follow me at your own risk ​:gura_kekw:​

Still in 🇻🇪


About: Web development, photography, videography, visual effects, python and general nerdiness.

#python #arch #OBS #nobot #vfx #maya #houdini #lookdev #lighting

About: Abrach. Working in youth justice - #CashBackForCommunities at Inspiring Scotland. Used to sit at a Bloomberg terminal. Highland Councillor for a while. Quite keen on all things outdoors, #cycling , active travel, og det norske språket.
Avatar shows a sketch of a man "lank and thin, looking at though he'd outgrown his strength in boyhood, and never summoned up pluck enough to recover it again."

About: "Wo kämen wir hin, wenn jeder sagte:
»Wo kämen wir hin?«
und niemand ginge, um mal zu schauen, wohin man käme, wenn man ginge."

"Wer sich nicht selbst helfen will, dem kann niemand helfen."

“Wohltätigkeit ist das Ersaufen des Rechts im Mistloch der Gnade.”
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi ?

RTs ≠ endorsements


#linux #freeSoftware #freeSource

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About: I make chunks of the internet, and I like some stuff. Rest assured I'm not famous in any meaningful way.


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About: manic pixie dream walrus


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About: #Frontend #dev presso Feedback Italia
Pessimo scarabocchiatore.
#Geek, #ateo, goloso.
Ancora vivo, salvo smentite.

#nobot please.


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About: Wholesome Main
20, enby (any/all), pansexual, ADHD
do not follow if on mastosoc. get on a better instance.

About: Nerdy jewish vanatrú anarchist trans catgirl

Passionate about computers, Yiddish culture and language and anarchy.

Posts in English and German

If I forget to put a content warning where applicable or write alt-text for an image, pls let me know! I don't bite!

I will not be boosting any posts which link to paywalled articles and encourage using archive dot ph on them

Don't let the join date fool you, I've been using Mastodon on different servers since 2018

I tend to approve follow requests from nearly everyone, although it's a good idea to have some posts and/or a profile picture and bio.

#nobot #nosearch #noarchive #noindex

#linux #tech #technology #foss

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About: lazy systems mage

part-time gremlin on main

local computer toucher

they/them gender anarchist

suspected ADHD haver and confirmed ASD enjoyer

:techlgbt: server mechanic

keeps fedi unmarketable

posts may be incomprehensible or inspirational

(uhh idk what else to put here but I hope my vibes will do :blobcatpeek:

🔞 May contain lewd jokes

will use :techlgbt: in messages when speaking from mod/technician hat/role

please reply with image description improvements if you spot any :blobcat:)

#nobot #noindex
(screenshots ok if the post is public/has a globe icon)

Nazis, Fascists, and Tankies, fuck off, and go choke on something.


About: Angeleno from New Orleans. I enjoy cocktails, French fries, and science fiction. Former KCRW & KCSN DJ now doing streaming radio. Trekkie since 1970. Cocktailian, good cook, music nut, meganerd. Married to Husband Unit. 🏳️‍🌈

"Ask the next question." "Live long and prosper." - Theodore Sturgeon 🖖🏻

#StarTrek #TheExpanse #Firefly #Serenity #BattlestarGalactica #ScienceFiction #TheodoreSturgeon #Cocktails #Food #Music #NewOrleans #StreamingRadio #Ireland #Queer #Gay #LGBTQ #nobot

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About: Doesn't do ironic liking. Loves open source, loathes "meritocracy". Tech is social. 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈.
That's wench, not wrench.


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About: Hi, I'm Epsi, also known as Eqato.

I love security, art, music, anime and learning about anything.




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About: Agender. Intersectional anarchism, linguistics, bass, birds, computers, ADHD, other stuff.

Disclosure: white, almost thirty


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About: Posting about cofe and programming. :blobcatCoffee:

Feel free to follow and interact! I speak English primarily, but I can speak some simple conversational Japanese as well.

#nobots #yesbun

About: #Queer, white, #neurodivergent and multiply #disabled. Learning about #abolition and #DisabilityJustice. Interdependence is beautiful. 404 gender not found.


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About: Hello! I do things and stuff and sometimes I post about them.

Recently I discovered I really like learning new languages. I'm currently learning Ukrainian.

#nobot #FuckOffFascists

About: I miss Miiverse, my favorite platform. I play too much video games. Roo in Xenoblade Chronicles X, Lila in ANCH & MHR. NullNomore on ffn & AO3. She/her please don't make me regret adding this I'm old, I've seen stuff. #nobot

Header is a close up of a stuffed toy lobster from the game Xenoblade Chronicles X, profile pic is a doodle of a smiling child with a red Monado hairclip (Lin, also Xenoblade X).

Hashtags! #XenobladeChroniclesX #Quilting #NintendoSwitch #Knitting #fanfiction

About: 1st & foremost, I'm a truth seeker, and skeptic at heart. Also, a retired pensioner, widower, from Toronto. #FOSS #Cannabis #Debian #Geopolitics #NoBots NoToGenderPolitics BS.

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About: trash panda 🦝 eternally tired 😴 they/them :heart_nb: let's be friends!

Breaking websites @ GameDiscoverCo.
The raccoon behind @czskgamesweek.

Old account: @avi

#TransRights :heart_trans:

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About: Web Developer. Digital Nomad. I talk about WordPress, off-grid, & RV life.

I use this account to interact with people, but everything I write is syndicated from my website.


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About: Lover, dreamer, codewarriorpoet.

Joined 2017.

White, cishet, able-bodied male (aka Easy Mode).

Tech nerd (NOT tech bro) about as old as Unix. I like reading about and making cool (non-capitalistic) things with computers.

Canadian, leftish politics, opposed to all forms of bigotry (e.g. BLM, trans rights, your gender is valid).

Christian (spiritually, not politically) but rarely discussed here; I CW religion.

This account is a public place; I usually don't get very personal here.


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About: I make music when I can. I own too many synthesizers. I program C++ for money, but it's usually reasonably fun.

he/him or they/them, as you prefer.


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About: Hello. Snappy here. How are you doing?

Don't worry, everyone. I'm still human.

No spam accounts, please. Thank you.



About: #Neurodivergent, #ActuallyAutistic, #Autistic, #MastoDaoine

Irish, Tech, Linux, SRE, DevOps, K8s, HPC, Learning

I hate myself enough to be a Systems Engineer but not enough to return to academia

#nobot #noindex #nosearch #noarchive

Posts delete after a month, as I believe in the transient nature of life

About: Host of Open Metalcast. Author of The Mediocre Programmer Book. Contributor to Pepper&Carrot. Tootstream maintainer. #Linux Lover. #Programmer of #Python and more. Game designer. #Music lover. Tabletop #RPG fan. #RetroComputing fan. #Metal fan. Your #1 fan.

I've been on federated platforms back when they ran on vacuum tubes and baling wire.

(#nobot #main)

(Header / Avatar by David Revoy 4.0))

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About: I'm a dog of many talents! I like birds, bread, and nerd stuff in general. Currently tending to my garden. 38, She/Her. ADHD, neutral good. #nobot

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About: Art, writing, cats. #demifemme She/they/fae, 40s. Neither cis nor het. Welsh but living in South Africa. Racists, TERFs, and other bigots: fuck off.

#MastoAdmin Running an illegitimate art network from @Curator

Goblin child of @leebee

Header image: Gargron saying "I do not recommend" and a bunch of quotes from others: 'admin with an sketchy agenda', 'shame on you', and two calling me a nasty admin.

Avatar: woman with blue-green hair and glasses


About: langweilige Person, interessiert an: #Garten, #Handarbeiten, #Linux, #Free Software, #privacy, #Informationssicherheit, #Datenschutz, #Fotografie, #Grafik, #Video, #Katzen, #Hunde, #Pferde, #Radfahren. Die Reihenfolge wechselt.
Posts werden nach zwei Wochen gelöscht.
Fotos müssen eine Bildbeschreibung haben, damit ich sie booste.
#nobot #googlefrei #bioBikeOnly

About: I am a #wheelchairUser and I wear an n95. I used to be in medicine but am too disabled for that exposure to be worth the risk now. I don't typically boost images without #altText

Things I think a lot about: #accessibility (#a11y), #disabilityJustice, #healthEquity, #longCovid, #medicine, #publicHealth, #neurodiversity, #neuroInclusion, #AuDHD, #AAC, #pwME, #solarpunk, #pkm, #mindfulness #countLongCovid


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About: :neocat_think_anime: trans plural polyam mspec lesbian girlthing
:neofox_laptop: programmer & miscellaneous creative type
:neocat_science: 23, zhe/er (

:neofox_nervous: occasionally posts nsfw stuff (with CWs)
:neocat_gun: dont flirt at me unless i've said you can
:neofox_nom_cat: partnered with @kix3n ♥️

:neofox_peek_knife: follow requests are subject to the Vibe Check, please have a bio and a few posts before sending one. follow requests from the following will be sent to the hell dimension:
  • righties & centrists
  • channers
  • medicalists
  • AI/crypto/techbros
  • users


":pleadingcat:​​" -@weird_autumn
":pleadingcat:" -@starshine
"elke makes my heart spin (like the pfp)" -@yassie_j
"you give a whole new meaning to the word triquetra" -@starling

#nobot #noindex

About: Working on an interactive #vr #scifi story, that involves lots of #programming and #animation and #art: / @starship@dalliance.socal

I sometimes talk about #left #politics and #anarchy. Live in the #london #uk

I am #Admin of a micro instance. I follow lots, to get posts federated to my server.

My robots auto-followback for me, but I still check y'all out and block trolls.

It also moves mutuals into the list that I mostly actually read.

#fedi22 #searchable #nobots

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About: Open Source Thing-doer, wandering around the Fediverse ca. 2010.

#foss #florespondence #tzag
#nobot she/her

Prior instance (archived):

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About: The Harbinger Of Cute, The Conqueror of Moe, The Supreme Overlord of Absturztaube, Puniko vi Punitsune!

trans rights are human rights ​:blobhajtransprideheart:​

Avatar made by
Banner is from princess connect re:dive


(Please ping me on fedi first, before adding me on Matrix or XMPP, thank you)


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About: Amo la ciencia y me apasiona la política. Desde mi trinchera, aportando mi granito de arena. #nobot

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About: |--[ Please send me a DM if you send me a follow request. ]--|

Migrated from!

Internet Dork, admin

17, Meaning Minor. Do not follow if you post 18+ content regularly/without CWs


Do not flirt with me.
PFP by

I am impersonated a nonzero amount. If an account is not listed on my keyoxide, it is not mine.

#nobot #noindex

About: Hazel (she/they) - Demigirl software developer with an interest in gaming and retrocomputing.

Before following, please have a public bio / introduction and at least a few posts. I accept almost any follow request, but these precautions are needed for safety and to prevent spam.

#NoBot #NoArchive #NoIndex #NoSearch

About: Episcopal Priest, Husband, lock picker, gamer, advocate for love, LGBTQIA+ affirming, former IT guy at places, He/Him. Posts auto delete, for reasons.

I guess I need to add this for the wandering glue eaters: #nobot #noscrape #notforyourprofit #cc-by-nc

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About: Learning, failing
Loves Animals, especially dogs


About: • Married to the best man ever on the world (@paulfoerster). ❤️
• Owning a small 🏡, a beautiful oldtimer Yamaha Virago 750 🏍️ and a small 🚗 in a small, but beautiful country.
• Freelance artist.
• Hobbies: #Pottery #GlassBeads #Gardening #Nature #History #Fossiles #Music #Animals, #DVDs #Reading #Travel
• Pets: 4 🐈, 5 🐡, 3 🐓, 2 🦆


Profile banner image: sea of fog covering area Solothurn to Aarau, Alps in the background, sunrise red/orange, picture taken by me

About: a #Sloth yet dictatorial aspect of a many-faced entity AKA:


​:keyoxide:​ and a bunch of others

Perennial city dweller. Grower of medical symptoms. Amateur rock flipper.

Also this server's admin.


About: ☆ alles für alle
☆ alle pronomen🏳️‍🌈

☆ everything for everyone
☆ any pronouns🏳️‍🌈

Rhabarberbär means Rhubarb Bear.
My profile pic shows the head of a (fake) polarbear peeking behind a black something.
The banner picture is a photo of a graffiti: "Tut mir leid" (i.e. "I am sorry").
I am weiß / white and ü50 / 50+. I live in germany. I am a #Spoonie , #NotJustSad and I am #Antifascist.


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About: ☆ intersectional eco-anarchist ☆ bij1 ☆ activist ☆ anti-capitalist ☆ anti-fascist ☆ anti-militarist ☆ radical climate alarmist ☆ pro-science ☆ anti-bullshit ☆ (in random order)

☆ veggie with vegan tendencies and sympathies ☆ atheist ☆ gen x ☆ parent ☆ :autism: autistic ☆ :nonbinaryflag: non-binary / :genderqueerflag: genderqueer ☆ white (not proud) ☆

☆ also journalism, human rights, science, geo, maps, meteo, astronomy, history, music (:prn:), scifi, tech (linux, sysadmin, webdev), free culture, etc. ☆

☆licence: :cc: BY-NC-SA 4.0. (only own (original) content) ☆


About: hello i work with computers

posts about:
  • my cute life on the farm
  • weird technical trivia
  • my lived experience as a trans woman (#feminizationfriday)
  • shitposts
  • quotes from books I read

most of my posts are about being trans

white settler on unceded land; sinixt territory
the sinixt are not extinct and smum iem is the true law of this land

avatar: me, a trans woman wearing a cold shoulder dress with a geometric pattern
header: photo of nature; a rocky and sandy beach with a mountain in the background

#nobot #noindex

About: :akibafied_og:​ Admin
:akibafied_pink:​ Social Media Representative
:akibafied_blue:​ Silly Toots Advisory Board Member

#Anime #Japan #JapaneseCulture #Manga #Tokusatsu #Toku #Akiba #Akihabara #CityPop #Otaku #Kawaii #EGL #LolitaFashion #JFashion #Gaming #Tech #Cats #Formula1 #F1 #fedi22 #nobot

About: Architect, Cloud, #Java, #Rust, #Python, #SpringIO, Microservices, OpenSource, Gardening, Travel. #FckAfd, #NazisRaus, #Leipzig
#Threema via W7AAXD5V