About: Hi all, I am Tormod (he / him)

I've been online since 1987, starting with a 2400 baud modem. My days are spent as a consultant in enterprise IT organizations, mainly focusing on the teamwork and people side of delivery. Especially, coaching and enabling teams to work well together across departments and vendors.

I am also interested in #photography, #graphicdesign, #typography and #music.

Happy to talk to anyone, and I will assume you're awesome until proven otherwise.

About: Attempting to be creative at various things at various times, for example: #Filmmaking, #CreativeWriting, #GraphicDesign, etc.
Let's make a better world together! (In a neato fun awesome way that is. Not in a Weyland-Yutani way.)
He/His, Strawberries > Bananas, A third thing.

About: red-deleon.com • he/him • NYC • Vaxxed & masked • I'm into #Technology, #Architecture, #Art, #History, #Movies, #GraphicDesign, etc.