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Adepte du #lockpicking.
Ici je cause #musique et je poste des photos de couchers de soleil, et j'aime créer des #glitch

Glitches du cul : @Grandasse

About: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."
#ADHD #PastafarianMinister

Header Image titled Dissolve. Prints of the full piece and other #GlitchArt available at the #INPRNT link below.

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Description: Composer, music player/coder/worker, radio maker, diy instruments - performance arts / dance / free improvisation
About: Composer, performer, instrument builder, radio maker, audiotic coder. Writing buggy music for a living, often for contemporary dance/performance arts. Tongues EN/DE, poco ES/FR.
Maintaining @Air Cushion Finish (movies for the blind) & @Biesentales radio crew / see directory

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