About: a #Buddhist, #Geek, an #AntiMeta guy who is still "forced" to use WhatsApp, and a reader of #KanojoOkarishimasu (a.k.a #RentAGirlfriend or #Kanokari), #OnePiece, #DetectiveConan (#CaseClosed) and #SpyXFamily.

As Buddha once said, "Learn what is right; then teach others, as the wise do."

Description: Christopher
Location: Midwest, USA
About: Just being a Dad and Husband. Following Jesus, but I'm far from perfect. I am a kind soul, and I never mean to harm.

I'm fixin' it up, breakin' it up, or makin' it up.

Description: california
Location: California, US
Hometown: Copper
Homepage: https://sierracircle.org
Keywords: family, farm, jazz, linux, webdev, native, plants, ms
About: I enjoy learning and cultivating native plants from California. I am a web developer for a few small local businesses and organizations. I have kids and am happily married.