About: Making noises makes me feel alive.

Queering gender and music genres. Feminist, vegan, anti-capitalist, commoner. White, able-bodied, slavic/slovenian of jewish & romani descent. Any pronoun.

aka: Crucial Pink, Luce O. Prin, Leopoldina Istanbul, The Feminalz, DVNT PHNK, Wanda & Nova deViator, Z. Spavatsky, Rudi Rudi, Loosebot.

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#Kamizdat #Emanat #FairTradeMusic #FediWave #BeYourOwnPlatform #ElectronicMusic #ExperimentalMusic #MusicProduction #Music #fedi22

Description: Composer, musician, (mixing & mastering) engineer ,often in performance arts, dance, conceptual & free music • Instrument & radio maker
Homepage: https://jayrope.com
About: Composer, musician, instrument builder, coder (web/audio). Writing buggy music for a living, often for contemporary dance/performance arts. Radio maker, mixing & mastering engineer.
Tongues EN/DE, poco ES/FR. • https://jayrope.com • Faircamp: https://fc.kliklak.net