About: Living in Greece. Anticapitalist/anarchist/liberal communist. #Polyamorous. #Queer. Active in the internets since the late 90s through IRC and forums. Currenty loving the #Fediverse and involved in the #firefish / ex-#Calckey project, helping with community management and project coordination. Member of the admin team of the greek-speaking firefish server electricrequiem.com and moderator at firefish.social.
This is my main english-speaking account. Greek speakers can reach me at @panos@electricrequiem.com.

About: Hi im jake! he/they and very gay, a peppery boy to the core ​:blobpepper:​! Poly if that matters to ya :3

Im not new to fedi whatsoever, nor to this instance. I hope i can make a few more friends here ​:gay_dog_dancing:​ (This account is NOT meant for minors, but any theoretical nsfw will be content warned.)

Co-father of #yeening, creator of hundreds of unfinished projects 🎶, and also music sometimes! Talk to me about peppers 🌶️ and i will love you and your descendants forever

#furry #furryfandom #indiana #calckey #firefish #peppers #chalktips

@keith@anarchism.space my beloved <33333

"jake the not-a-solid-definitely-a-liquid-chocolate-milk-dog" - @LMAOYEEN@pounced-on.me

"You're the entire produce section" - @keith@friendica.keithhacks.cyou

Description: easily distracted compter hopeful, usually on Calckey and Lemmy
Location: United States