About: Threads (Pre-order my book, The Press Gallery!), jokes.

Researcher, instructor, volunteer.

About: Weary traveler. Small amygdala. No Agenda Knight. Moe Factz Fam.

Tiny home livin' in Vermont.

About: Materials from France. Assembled in the USA.
On this account you'll find artworks reflecting my different tastes so do not be surprised to see an ultra realistic NSFW nude next to a kawaii rainbow unicorn because they both have room in my imagination.
For more political toots, you can follow my other account @samfromtheus

About: Unstable Internet Weirdo.

Name pronounced as Hee Jay.

Jabber is same: hj@shigusegubu.club
Matrix: @hj:ebin.club

Pronouns are whatever.

Mastodon scopes are broken. As someone with so many followers even my followers-only replies might as well be public since they are visible to ppl following me who might not follow you, therefore I'd rather be honest and just keep everything public. Also, as a fedi dev I don't want to lie to people and give them hope that their "private" messages are private. Everything on fedi is essentially public.

Wish i was Finnish futa.

if you want to send your shekels personally hj-wards i have a Liberabay https://liberapay.com/hj/ :DDDDDDD


Keywords: eleventy
About: Brooklyn-born, New Jersey-raised, living in California. Retired, watching the world, writing occasionally, dabbling with #eleventy to build websites, and playing tennis. Currently working on 11tybundle.dev, a resource for Eleventy users.


About: glitch girl

About: Joey Hess

About: Roleplaying since 1998. Raised on AD&D. Current Favorite System: Savage Worlds.
Also interested in strange nerd stuff (see metadata) such as 80186 based numeric computing.

¯_ (ツ) _/¯

About: Massachusetts trash. I mostly post about gardening, permaculture, music, and free software development (not a techbro I swear please you gotta believe me)


About: ╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲
just call me vala
i come from a land of ice and snow :cirno_comfy:
old enough to think the tribal gba sp still looks kind of rad

all my posts are actually in italic comic sans, you just cant see it
i generally float around here while being a ⑨


:corndog: the official server-maid in this pleroma neighbourhood of the fediverse :pleroma_seal:
pleroma gold member since 2018
i cant program in anything, but feel free to ask me about programming stuff anyway

i sing in a choir in my spare time

station wagon and 80s hatchback enthusiast

used to post at ilovela.in, networked.space, valaci.ml and welovela.in :welovelain:

had a :gnusocial: account at one point, but didnt stick around

i regularly use :arch: :debian: & :nixos:

will judge you for your taste in cars

pronouns? no, i support my local amateur nouns
:lain: :raveSmug: :sataniaNoBulli: :asukaPout:
i am very fond of my black 2007 volvo v70

About: Hi, I'm condret.
I'm a lazy cybergoth/programmer/software reverse engineer :radare2: <|<|

c programmer and unapologetic goto user

Pronouns: he/him/they/them
Contranouns: she/her/it/its


About: Sone lad from south eastern Europe
My posts are mostly SFW
If you see people from my instance doing something inappropriate let me know please
Cringe but mostly hinged

About: "Retired" programmer with Stage 4 Rectal Cancer. Host of Open Metalcast. Author of The Mediocre Programmer Book. Contributor to Pepper&Carrot. Tootstream maintainer. #Linux Lover. #Programmer of #Python and more. Game designer. #Music lover. Tabletop #RPG fan. #RetroComputing fan. #Metal fan. Your #1 fan.

I've been on federated platforms back when they ran on vacuum tubes and baling wire.

(#nobot #main)

(Header / Avatar by David Revoy http://peppercarrot.com(CC-BY 4.0))

About: * @ 320 ppm co2
gamer - watch_dogs
atari 8bit

About: Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music, #Cycling, #Relaxing, #ScienceFiction, #Linux, #Nextcloud, #Friendica, #Misskey and you! :-)

About: About the Fediverse, connecting people.

About: Computer Science Engineering IT+Business Consultancy WordPress WooCommerce https://github.com/itthinx/ No support requests here, use https://itthinx.com/support

About: Art Of Fleeks | Ayvaire | 🏳️‍⚧️
Dragon-Brained Vector Queen

About: Texter. Redakteur. Webdesigner. Antikapitalist. Atheist. Rationalist. Trotzdem Träumer.

Pronomen: [ er | sein | ihm | ihn ] — Hier gibt’s Gendersternchen.

· Header-Photo: Marek Piwnicki via Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/@marekpiwnicki)
· Schrift: »Montserrat« von Julieta Ulanovsky (https://github.com/JulietaUla/Montserrat)
· Profilbild: Wernerprise°-Logo, eigenes Design

About: "One of the great film nerd Twitter accounts" - Vanity Fair
Now on Mastodon!

100% space fiction (licenses): art, making of, news.

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Spaceshipsporn
My Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/thespaceshipper

About: I'm a #husband, #father, #nerd, #IT person, and lover of being #happy. 🤗

Sometimes socially awkward.
Overuser of emojis.
Always thinks I'm bothering somebody.
Chronic apologizer.
Random #anxiety.
Overthinking #ADHD brain.
Struggles to not end every call with "I love you".
Collector of video games.
Addicted to #cloudgaming.
Likes the idea of reading/writing.
Entertained by #AI.


About: Agroecology Map is an Open Platform that aims to assist in the mapping and exchange of experiences with the aim of bringing people together to strengthen and create new collaborative networks that enhance the sharing of real (and imaginary) experiences in Agroecology (Agroforestry Systems, Permaculture, Food Sovereignty and Others)🌱💚



#Agroecology #Agroecologia #Agroécologie #Agrarökologie #Permaculture #Permaculture

About: This account is a replica from Twitter. Its author can't see your replies. If you find this service useful, please consider supporting us via our Patreon.

About: Hi! I'm Talon.
I post little, lurk often.
I make music sometimes. Mostly electronic.
I code stuff.
I also work on audio games in my free time. I'm fascinated by 3D sound and accessibility.
Visually impaired / blind.
I also read occasionally. Mostly fantasy-related genres.
My cozy alt: @talon

About: Latin American literature & cinema | human rights & memory | Ecocriticism | Humanitarianism | Migration | Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latinx and Latin American Studies - University of Dayton.

About: Atsemtex, le livre : https://librairie.lapin.org/librairie/774-atsemtex.html

Soutenir l’auteur : https://donate.stripe.com/aEU5lX8TE0TL8ms288

CW : Mort d'enfants, gerbes de sang, gauchisme. Je mets les posts en contenu sensible quand j’y pense et/ou qu’on me le demande, mais je ne raconte pas la blague dedans parce que ça gâche tout à tout le monde, merci.

(Non, je ne veux pas aller sur Bluesky mais c’est gentil de proposer.)

About: “Unhinged, feral and kind too” - me

About: Project Gutenberg, founded in 1971, is the oldest producer and distributor of free ebooks.

According to Michael Hart (March 8, 1947 – September 6, 2011), founder of Project Gutenberg, the mission of Project Gutenberg is simple: to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks.
This mission is, as much as possible, to encourage all those who are interested in making eBooks and helping to give them away.

About: He/him. Board member at CoSocial.ca. Team lead for trust and safety.

Director of Open Technology at Open Earth Foundation (OEF).

Founder of Wikitravel, StatusNet, identi.ca, Fuzzy.ai. CTO of Breather, TRU LUV and MTTR.

Creator of pump.io. Co-creator of GNU social.

Co-chair of the Social Web Working Group at W3C. Co-author of ActivityStreams 2.0. Co-author of ActivityPub. Co-author of OStatus.

Grad student in CS at Georgia Tech.

This network has been my life's work. Thanks for making it.

About: Curator of Early Books & Manuscripts, Houghton Library, Harvard University. Opinions are my own. He/him/his


About: Admin of toot.io
Computer science
Mastodon zookeeper

About: Reporter with The New Stack covering frontend development. Writer. Mom. Owner of Boxers. She/her

About: 🇮🇩 & 🇬🇧 | Politics, tech, and personal posts | Sometimes I joke | I’m here to entertain and be entertained | Former tech journo, used to write for Macworld, DailySocial, e27. Ex , ran a national startup initiative program in Indonesia. Very much into the news. Science fiction is in my blood. Proud leftist.

About: :cacoPog:

The Botfather

About: Old. Knows everything and has come to solve the world's problems by talking about them. Tries (sadly) to be funny.


About: Baujahr '72, also eher in der Alter-Sack-Fraktion zu finden. Dafür hatte ich wohl eine der ersten privaten Homepages Deutschlands, ist doch auch was. :-)
Hauptberuf: Computerfuzzi
Hier bin ich eher als Autor unterwegs. Fantasy, aber nicht die Tolkien-Schiene.
Wer Fantasy in Form von Krimi oder Abenteuer mag, sehe bitte hier vorbei:

  1. Pet catgirl.
  2. Record purr.
  3. Build synthesizer.

日本語のアカウントは @mattskala

About: Read your fedi timeline in mutt: https://git.sr.ht/~icedquinn/pleromabox

local Nim stan. post-human. ploopy trackball enjoyer (thanks @mia@movsw.0x0.st)

The ginger elf with the cold, dead heart.

About: The @fsfe 's President :fsfe:. Working for #FreeSoftware (also known as #OpenSource), so every individual in our society can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software ➡ #SoftwareFreedom

Author of the book "Ada & #Zangemann - A tale of software, skateboards, and raspberry ice cream".

Public Money? #PublicCode ! #DeviceNeutrality #UpcyclingAndroid #RouterFreedom #ilovefs #YH4F #REUSE #DigitalRights #TechnicalDistributionOfPower #Democracy

About: 10grans enthusiast :10grans: | Argentina 🇦🇷 | GNU/Linux

About: I'm Sarah. I'm a Brit who fled to Portugal on account of Brexit, increasing intolerance and the British weather. I like climbing (although I can't do much any more for health reasons) and sailing. This is a Friendica account. Friendica is kinda like Facebook as Mastodon is kinda like Twitter, except they can talk to each other.

About: Minimalism is my thing:

• I try to avoid Android/iOS (also for privacy!)
• Watch fan: digital, analog, odd
• Unusual mobility solutions: #Unicyclist #OrdinaryCycling
• Simplistic Linux distros
• Old school or basic data transmission protocols

I work for Vivaldi as a QA. It's not a minimal application but I am fond of it anyway, thanks to its adaptability and a focus on individuality.


About: Writer of @initialcharge, curator of @hashtagopenweb, and Product Liaison at Automattic.

About: Aqua Blue, Sailor, Gardener, Chef, Spiritual. Single Male, Biking, Animal Rights, Freedom of Choice,
Love who you want, Antifa, fuck Republicans. No Religion , Meta gets Blocked with Twitter.

About: #Church of #Scotland minister at Cambuslang. Graduate of #Glasgow University and #Princeton Theological Seminary- #Fulbright alumnus. Registered same-sex marriage celebrant. Occasional reposts or links in #German.
#theology #Christianity #liturgy #politics #preaching #religion #ChurchOfScotland #Presbyterian #Reformed #faith #SSM

About: Professor in Biological Sciences at Tarleton State University in Texas. My focus is population genetics at the interface between populations and species--including hybridization. Because I work at a university that (historically) has been teaching focused, my research questions and methodology are relatively simple.

I'm active on iNaturalist, posting observations of as many different species as I find and providing identifications of others' observations.

About: Aktuelles für Webentwickler und Status-Updates aus dem SELFHTML-Projekt.

About: Rock 'n' XML – no brackets no fun!

About: Powerful. Personal. Private. It’s a web browser. But fun. It comes with a bunch of clever features built in. It’s super flexible and does not track you. Get the Vivaldi browser for desktop, mobile, and your car!

About: I have been working with Web technologies since 1992. I have co-founded two browser companies, Opera Software and Vivaldi Technologies. I was CEO at Opera and I am CEO at Vivaldi.

I am a strong proponent of open standards. I believe in building feature rich products that can be adapted to the needs of users without collecting information about usage. I believe no company has the right to profile their users.

About: Das Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte in Halle (Saale) ist Standort der weltberühmten Himmelsscheibe von Nebra und zählt zu den renommiertesten archäologischen Museen Mitteleuropas.

About: Hacker, infosec, APT3319

Working on Veilid.

Former EFF Tech Trivia Champion

Mayor of Hackers.town

A meat serf in a digital cropsharing arrangement.

A netizen of New Cyberia.

he/him they/them

Boosts do not equal endorsement.

About: I'm not a particularly hard person to find online. I'm on Diaspora, pump.io, facebook, soundcloud. One of the owners of blocsonic.com