About: I primarily commission art involving conspiracy theories, religious imagery like Satanism and other signs that we're in the last of days.

Everyone has permission to use my characters at all times, however depending on the contents, I may not host nor share the content that you used my characters in.

By looking at my commissions, I am casting a spell on you.

Icon and banner both by Amordidas!

About: #PNCHNZS 24/7!
#Antifaschismus = Verfassungstreue!
Gegen #Angstkultur & #Entrechtung - für bunte #Vielfalt!
Impressum: http://karhan.guru
Pronouns: he/him
You may know me from shitsite: https://twitter.com/k3vk4

Keywords: html2print
About: Typothérapeuthe, éditeur @cfeditions, intermédiaire homme machine, contrebandier de plaisirs visuels. #html2print

About: Hi, I'm Alex, 31, from nothern Switzerland. I'm fairly new to the hobby of amateur radio (licensed since April 2023) but I am already in love with it 😄

There are many parts of the hobby to discover, but HF is my main focus at the moment, with the occasional VHF/UHF on my HT.

My profile picture is AI-generated by DALL-E 3.

In a previous life they used to call me HB3XEW 😉

About: #GenX #HamRadio Operator, Professional #Geologist, #Weather Enthusiast, #RailFan. Personal interests include electromagnetic communication, DXing, contesting, #ARES and #SKYWARN. Professional interests include water resources, climate and drought. I am the volunteer ARRL Assistant Section Manager for Kansas. #CWops 3217. Licensed and on the air since 1985. Inactive as @RadioGeek on most other social media platforms (Twitter/FB/IG/etc). This is my personal account.

Keywords: gamedev, gameai, dkgame
About: Systemic Tinkerer, Logic Juggler.

#GameDev, #GameAI, #dkgame
@framebunker, ex @GameAINorth, ex @unity. Occasional @nixos_org contributor.

Phrases opinions badly, blocks dumb shit.


About: Formerly @teamtuck - My instance broke. 
#SysAdmin in the US by day, Husband, Father, and follower of Christ. #Christian #father #dad#woodworking, #tech and #guitar are my hobbies. I do #selfhost but the list gets smaller each year.

About: Just being a Dad and Husband. Following Jesus, but I'm far from perfect. I am a kind soul, and I never mean to harm.
#nobot #fedi22 #Christian #Jesus #MidwestUSA #Midwest

I'm fixin' it up, breakin' it up, or makin' it up.

About: Cvok, otec, ajťák, cvok, exPražák z Mělníka, cvok, kytarista, chovatel koz a gurmánek.
Jo a říkal jsem cvok?
Nohy si nečísluju.
Transat sailing dreamer.

About: I'm a Linux sysadmin, a Python developer, a comedian, and a FOSS proponent. A clown with a technical background. But above all else, I'm an Ekko one-trick. He means the whole world to me.

I'm not ignoring you; Your instance admins probably won't let you talk to me, even if you want to. This is because I don't believe anybody is above criticism. If I don't reply within a day, hit me up on email or from another instance.

I shitpost, and I protect Ekko. This is my purpose.

About: Just a clown, clowning on the fedi. 🤡

For poa.st users who stumbled on my account:
The reason why you cannot see my posts is because of your bitch ass admin.

About: Illustrator, art director, RT 3D, designer and game developer.
Ancient History, Sci-Fi and Kubrick's 2001.
I have a yellow mechanical pencil.
All rights reserved.

Currently available for commission or freelance work.

About: German transperson who does coding and open source related stuff.

I'm the person behind adding new features, squishing bugs and making Sharkey just better in general ​:neocat_happy:​

​:opensuse:​ is my OS
Banner created by https://twitter.com/telzhandris as a commission

Keywords: birds, bicycles, WoodWorking
About: Been a novice at this hobby since 2001, never a Novice.

Aspiring homebrew radio builder and someday CW op. Parent to a kindergartner, lefty.

other interests: #birds #bicycles #woodworking

also @eheisman, with occasional cross-posting


About: My dog’s name is Evie.
#running #dogsofmastodon #peloton

About: Frank Hamm | Kultur- und Weinbotschafter #Rheinhessen | Autor, Blogger, Jogger, #SunriseRun'ner | #Wandern, Genuss, Kultur | #Fotografie | Science Fiction, Trekkie | Laufteam Bundeswehr & Reservisten

Ich wohne in Selzen ca. 15 Kilometer südlich von Mainz in Rheinhessen, dem magischen Land der tausend Hügel. Ich genieße es, nach 300 Metern aus dem Haus in den Weinbergen oder im Selztal zu joggen - am liebsten zum Sonnenaufgang.

Entspannen geht auch schnell. Langsam macht aber mehr Spaß.

About: 🏳️‍⚧️

.- - - {] xXx t3h_d4rk_m15str3ss xXx [} - - -.

Quietly overwriting your state with evil
I boop computers
Possibly Trinity

No guarantees what I post is SFW (in more than one way). But I'll make sure anything NSFW is CW'd accordingly.

About: Winner Best International Reply Guy 2020-2023
My AI girlfriend dumped me
Denazify like it’s 1946
Sortition like it’s 600BCE
[Profile pic alt text: Map of Australia with caption that reads ‘Decolonise THIS’.]

About: Writer, comedian, illustrator, and international woman of mystery. Sworn enemy of the Swedish Yule Goat.

About: Influenceur bénévole anar antifa & cripple punk. Je ne veux ni commander ni obeir, je veux etre libre. Et je ne le serais que lorsque tout le monde le sera.
Franc-maçon R∴F∴, poète lyrique, végétarien, queer biro ace, antivalidiste, handibiker, membre de @LDH_Fr & @unionsolidaires.
Doutez de tout, et surtout de ce que je vais vous dire.
:antifa: :anarchism: :rainbow_flag: :heart_bi: :heart_ace: ♿ :cannabis: 🐧 :blackcat: :guillotine: :molotov: 🖖
🎁 25/04/82
:twitter: 29/07/09
:mastodon: 03/04/17

About: Extraits de mes écrits, fragments:

Cabinet de curiosités poétiques, labyrinthes esthétiques, art du détachement, précis de réalisme magique.

Intermittent de la société du spectacle, dresseur d'aphorismes, militant de l'inutilité et de la poésie quotidienne, anachorète urbain, apatride temporel, intranquille permanent, poète par accident.

Tantôt Quichotte, tantôt Pacha. Parfois Cyrano, mais plus souvent Bartleby.
Accessoirement, Magus.

About: Formerly from Twitter and Mastodon.lol. Trans, bi, she / her. Writing, dreams, politics, science, metaphysics.

About: GrandPaw, Geek, Software Development Coach, Writer, Ass Pain. Continuously startled by people and people-stuff. Pronouns: Don't care, will respect yours. https://geepawhill.org

About: What if you had a pastor living next door? A pastor who embraced you in your doubts and encouraged your questions? Yeah, I'm trying to be that guy. #Faith #Theology #LoveWell #Writing #Podcast #NUFC #LGRW #DetroitRoots #OnePride

Matrix: @drose:matrix.org

About: Perpetual social media amateur. Keeping a sharp lookout for the bright and beautiful, great and small, wise and wonderful.

I post what I think is my better stuff on Pixelfed. I tend to socialize (such as it might be) here. Follow me wherever you like.

I like to participate in #NaturePhotogrpahy, #SilentSunday and various other similar topics.

About: Space traveler. Stuck on Earth, but not for long.

About: Pictures of Mountains & Molehills, Fungi & Feathered things and whatever nature puts in front of my camera. Outside is my favourite place. Except when it's raining.

All pictures are my own, all identifications are subject to being wrong. I know a little bit about everything but make no claims to be an expert in anything.

My Life in Positive Hashtags: #Walking #Mountains #Photography #Nature #Fungi #Birds #Yorkshire #Tea #Coffee #Beer #RealAle #fedi22

No Politics, Sport, Hate, Negativity etc.

About: Linkse basisdemocratische organisatie tegen kapitalisme, patriarchaat en racisme

About: hEDS. flaky. ND. a GF gf | undisciplined generalist | 30 +/-2 | gq, they(pl, s)/she | Ace-ish, Trans | object in mirror is smaller than appears | 'far left'

Northeast US

Keywords: fediverse, indieweb, fedi22
About: Technologist, writer, admin of indieweb.social. Fascinated by how new politics impacts technology and vice versa. #fedi22 #indieweb #fediverse

About: Technologist, entrepreneur, organizer.

Posting about where the fediverse is and should be going, how we can put people back in the center of their technology. Also wondering where we are taking this planet.

Check out my home page for more info and links.

He/him. tfr

About: ~ there is no spoon ~

  • Skriver av og til på norsk.
  • Sometimes I post in english.

Lager musikk, skrur lyd og designer ting. Stadig mer handy.

I make music, do sound and design stuff.
I am also part of the small indielabel https://ROTFG.COM - we do altrap, noise, doom metal PE ++. You can sign up to our newsletter in the about section of our site for occasional exclusives and news (we dont spam).

Description: Ghost Writer
Homepage: https://tejanausland.com/

About: I am an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, and researcher. I am also working on an open source project called Neuhub.

I am posting from Hubzilla with Neuhub via ActivityPub.

About: Senior LDAP/IDM Tech Debt Collector
@SUSE. Supermarket Thought Leader. Author of Kanidm, concread and webauthn-rs. he/him

About: Impulse für ein bewusstes Leben als normaler Christ

Description: Just for fun.

About: Intergalactic Artist, Wild Writer. Chronicly ill autistic queer antifascist in Amsterdam NL.

Creating soundscapes, animation, and ufo's. Writing on Radio Klotestad, my dystopian autofictography archival art project.

Current & upcoming events:
Free coloring artwork:

Dansdansdansen, playlist to dance dance dance in your bathroom, your wheelchair, your tiny garden, your desk, your head.

Keywords: searchable
About: a.k.a. chris onrust ~ researcher + author ~ podcast @vulnerablebydesign ~ libre tech ~ info systems ~ party hard ~ etc ~ #searchable EN/NL

Header image: cityscape still from Akira (1988)

Avatar: person with sunglasses against a purple-blue spacey backdrop

About: Drum and Bass DJ
EDM Artist
Ubuntu Poweruser

Single dad, straight. Extremely handsome (only on Tuesdays).

🍑 freeze peach 🍑

About: People aren't supposed to do stuff a robot can do. The people should do stuff that robots can't. It's been that way since the industrial revolution.

About: Software Developer, SysOps/DevOps, FOSS Supporter, Rabbit Slave/Owner. WW1 Romantic

Voluntaryist in theory, Minarchist in practice, Neo-Reactionary idealist.

Socialism is wrong, no matter if you take the Nationalist or Internationalist side.

I honestly don't hate anyone unless you are a child predator or frog eater citizen :feelsbadman:, please don't take my jokes so serious.

Marktsackpfeife/Bockpfeife/Hümmelchen lover :bagpiper:
:flag_ger: :flag_bay: :flag_aus:

About: Autor de radare2. També conegut com a @trufae a Twitter

Keywords: gaming, opensource
About: I'm just a guy that loves #gaming and #opensource, despite not understanding how it all works 😁 Super fascinated by the fediverse and what it's capable of.

I'm hoping that I can find the time and energy to learn more about coding, so I can contribute to FOSS projects in the future 😄

My posts will delete themselves after 2 months, unless they contain media or get pinned by me.

About: Absolutely ridiculous. The clump of brain cells behind Brands Town, Spectra Video, We Distribute, and VidCommons. Former CM @ Diaspora. I love Ween, adventure games, and the Fediverse.

Keywords: t1d
About: Event Producer at @wpsessions. Organizer behind @wordsesh, @woosesh, and @loopconf. Father to 3 boys (one with #T1D). Husband to @kjrichards. I love OSS, Lego, woodworking, and good movies. (Also it's pronounced "risen" as in, "He is risen.")

I see and post 12:34 a lot. No, I don't know why, either.

About: Exploring one universe at a time.
Interested in #Nature, #Photography, #NaturePhotography, #Science, #ScienceFiction, #Physics, #Engineering.

I have locked this account. If you would like to follow me, please fill in your Mastodon bio and post at least one toot (a simple introductory toot will do), so I have an idea who you are and that you are a real person, not a robot or a spam account.

About: Human-shaped, monkey-loving, robot-fighting, pirate-hearted, storytelling junkie, Mark is an award-winning author of satire and science fiction.

(alt texts: avatar is mark looking worried in a space helmet. The banner is a herd of dairy cattle running away from an invading swarm of UFOs.)