Mr. X
3 years ago
Don't suppose anybody wants to tackle a translation plugin for Friendica... (?)

Unfortunately I believe the only realistic provider choices are Google and Bing. Google is now solidly on the dark side (and is closing access to the translation API) and Microsoft defined evil software.

I suppose if there are any free machine translators they're likely to be poor as you need a huge corpus of translated material to get good at it (such as a search engine has). Still if there was something that sort of worked, I'd prefer a free and open translation service over the two evils.
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Abinoam Jr
3 years ago
What about the "sender" side guessing the language between the few options previously set by the writer and sending this as a meta-information?

I just speak portuguese and english, so, when I post, my friendica (knowing that I speak only these too) just have to test between this too.

To let this work to be done by the receiver side is a heavier load. (reserved only for when no meta-data about source language is available).
Mr. X
3 years ago
I've got the first one. Might need @Fabio Comuni to have a look at the second.

We probably should have a textarea fallback, but that means some of the editing "tools" will have to be disabled.

I'm sure that either Firefox or tinymce will fix this before the final FF11 release, but that doesn't help you today.

Until we can work out something is it possible for you to use one of @Tony Baldwin 's command line post scripts?