2 years ago
The blog theme is becoming usable. Take a look on my profile page.*
It's derived from Twenty Eleven wordpress theme (We are not the only with number-named themes :-) )

  • Posts in profile page without comments: click on comment link display post with all comments
  • support threaded comments
  • popup post editor and comment thread reply editor with fancybox
  • header image configurable (by now between two images and none)
  • option for show header image only on /profile/ pages
  • one column layout if no aside text set
  • single post display page always one column

What is missing:

  • all "social actions" : like/dislike/star/etc links are missing from templates
  • nice styles on some pages (big one: photos pages)
  • many others

code at https://github.com/fabrixxm/friendicablog

* Not really ready for everyday use. Switched back to quattro on my profile.
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2 years ago
But RSS can only legally have one multimedia enclosure per feed item.

Yes, I know.
Take my "RSS" for "feed from friendica". I should have written "Atom".

I meant: a post with two attachment, one mp3 and one oga, in category, say, "podcast".
yoursite/dfrn_poll/user : atom feed without (or with all?) enclosures
yoursite/dfrn_poll/user?t=mp3 : atom feed with mp3 enclosure
yoursite/dfrn_poll/user/podcast?t=oga : atom feed for "podcast" category, with oga enclosure

My usecase is a podcast with multiple formats available. A user may want to subscribe to mp3-only feed because he listens on crappy personal music players, like ipod. Another one has 50€ mp3 player which plays also ogg (i have one) and he prefers to listen the more quality-less space version :-)
Mr. X
2 years ago
:like :like

Yeah I often use the term RSS as well, just because it is more recognisable than "Atom" or "ActivityStream".