Mr. X
3 years ago
Worldcrunch: Why Facebook Must Die For Internet Freedom To Flourish - Worldcr

Op-Ed: Facebook is squaring with Google in a race for control not only of the social network market, but of the Internet as a whole. Regardless of who “wins,” there’s a danger for users, who bit by bit are losing control of both their digitial ...
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Thomas Willingham
3 years ago
The only way we're ever going to have a large number of normal people hosting their own is with a hardware solution. That solution has to be as simple as a router.

Freedombox is just the highest profile example. It doesn't have to be that - anything you can plug in and forget will do.
Bruce Bane
3 years ago
I've always thought of 'FreedomBox' as being the software stack that runs on top of whatever hardware configuration adequately meets the 'personal server anyone can use' discription.