Mr. X
3 years ago
Aug 02, 2006
A sucker born every minute
by mike (Mike Macgirvin)
in Diary and Other Rantings
A New York dealer is selling a guitar that looks just like one that Robert Johnson played - for $4 million. Oh yeah, Robert Johnson played it - presumably. There's not a shred of evidence to support the claim. Mr. Gruhn; the world's most prominent guitar appraiser - won't touch it.
OK, folks, I've got a guitar that looks just like one played by Mike Macgirvin - and I've got proof that he played it. You can have it for $1.5 million, and I'll get it autographed, with a notarized photo of the serial number with Mike signing it - for an additional $250,000. Not only will you save $2.25 million, but this one is documented.
Which one is the smarter buy? The second one of course. Unlike the first, you know exactly what you are getting - and it's a much better deal. Hurry, this offer won't last. Act today and I'll even throw in a hard case and a new set of strings.
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Olivier M.
3 years ago
@Fabio Which one is Robert Johnson?