Mr. X
3 years ago
This is more interesting for who's not on the list.

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3 years ago
The screen cast is a good idea. And actually sometimes it's easier to look at some visual explanations meanwhile having a cup of tea then reading, at least to become interested, and that what it should be for. Maybe first step should be to create an account called "friendica" on YT. The work could be splitted up into creating the screenplay, creating the text and then grabbing in different languages the explanations. Actually it would be funny to make an english, US-english and aussie-english version.

One screen cast for creating an account and basic use and another one about how to set up your own friendica-node on a shared host.
Of course it would be interesting to have a kind of BBC '80s cast sounding like "The hitchickers guide". (Background music made by some guitarplayer perhaps ..)
Simon L'nu
3 years ago
haha i like that :)