Mr. X
3 years ago
Friendica: Friendica 3.0 released

[We expect our poor little project website will get hammered when this notice goes out. If it is unavailable, please try back later. This in no way represents the reliability of the Friendica social web, which is spread all over the internet and can't be brought down.]
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Abinoam Jr
3 years ago
Thank you ALL !!! You ALL are doing this great thing called Friendica! @Mike has the power to congregate good people altogether. I was impressed with the speed of development of Friendica since it was basically @Mike with the help of @Tobias Diekershoff and @Fabio Comuni and some others (at the code base). I'm seeing the development speeding up every day with the coming of good people into the project and seeing @Mike giving everybody the opportunity to collaborate with any possible way. Congratulations to all!
Simon L'nu
3 years ago