Mr. X
3 years ago
Friendica Day
May 15th marks two years since I left Facebook and found there was nowhere (viable) to go.

It's the perfect day to celebrate what we now know as Friendica. It's been two bloody hard years.

I've made more enemies than friends in that time, because I've been relentless in my message that nobody else is doing anything like this - and it is something that could and should fundamentally change the entire power structure of the internet.

Most of you have done heaps to promote the project - and have managed to acquire a few enemies of your own. It's par for the course. Thank you for your support. We're in a climate where everybody wants to be the successor to Facebook, because in this they see a path to riches. 

We want to reduce Facebook to insignificance. Not for wealth, but because it is what we must do - for the future of the free world. As for Diaspora, we must let them find their own future. We can no longer align our project with theirs as it will link us to their continued failure.

Please help us - and do something extra special for Friendica Day (May 15th). Let's tell the world that we've arrived in a big way. We aren't doing this for fame, fortune or glory. We're doing this to save ourselves and our friends from corporate slavery.
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Mr. X
3 years ago
Friendica is MIT license.

Some libraries are LGPL, so if you mess with those (edit source code), then your copy of Friendica is essentially turned into GPL.

Licenses for addons are under the control of the author. Addons may contain GPL and/or AGPL and/or other licenses. If you install addons with copyleft licenses, your copy of Friendica may be subject to these licenses.
3 years ago
@Myrddin Lailoken ... weird, the toktan wiki was basically made just for myself, to remember how to do all this SSH stuff :-)
But it's obviously turned into an "semi"-important information site for german speaking friendica users.
That's pretty cool and a great pleasure.