Hi Jon

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Hi Jon, Remember me?

Jon is the problem solver. This is who you call when you get down to the end. Sold everything that could be sold, moved everything that's going to move; and you still have stuff left over.

Sure, I could fill up my car a few times and cart it off to Goodwill. Fill it up a few more times and cart it off to the dump. Borrow a truck from somebody to get the few remaining large items. But then I've still got a problem, because amongst that stuff are a few cans/bottles containing substances that cause grief. Paint, cleaning stuff. Some antifreeze that didn't fit in the radiator. In short, chemicals. They only accept these at the Sunnyvale recycle station a handful of weekends a year - and this weekend isn't on the list.

This is why you call Jon. One phone call.

I've got a problem. Please make it all just disappear.
As it turns out, Jon is booked for the next several days. I'm on a tight schedule. The nice thing about Jon is that he doesn't look very closely at the weed killer and anti-freeze - which are technically illegal to mix with regular landfill.

So I call up Carlos and pitch him the deal. Fifteen minutes and you're outa' there. Easy money.

So he comes by, and the first thing he does is pick up a bottle of weed-killer and examines it closely. Then right for the radiator fluid. Shoot. I'm in trouble now. Mentally I go through the list of all my backup strategies. Suppose I could just let him take everything but the chemicals - and leave those for the new owner to deal with, but that's hardly the right thing to do. I also ponder the thought of making a midnight run someplace where there aren't any people. That's not right either, but I'm getting desperate.

Then Carlos turns to me.... "Dos cientos". (Two hundred dollars). That's about $20 over Jon's bid. More than fair under the circumstances.

OK, do it.

Problem solved.  Then I turn away. The unspoken condition is that I see nothing.