Description: Composer, music player/coder/worker, radio maker, diy instruments - performance arts / dance / free improvisation
About: Composer, performer, instrument builder, radio maker, audiotic coder. Writing buggy music for a living, often for contemporary dance/performance arts. Tongues EN/DE, poco ES/FR.
Maintaining @Air Cushion Finish (movies for the blind) & @Biesentales radio crew / see directory

Opinions are mine. Posts auto-delete.
Sketches, audio postcards, live recordings:
DIY music instruments:

About: DNS geek, nerd, dad. Amazing human/genius. This is a personal account. 🖖🤘🇬🇧 🇺🇦 🇪🇺 🇺🇳⚛️

About: it's not a museum, it's a hive. the blood may be fake, but the bleeding's not. freeing my ass & remaining high beyond reproach…raised on stolen anishinaabe land. no cops, no jails, no linear fucking time. frolicking & frohlocken. vuurtorenwachter (lighthouse keeper) trying for gwayakwaadiziwin (honesty/virtue). heart like a clumsy bell, sharing this thin, threadbare, blanket with you… unfurling… slowly mouthing the grammar of animacy in the open-ended shimmer.

About: I do things with technology. (he/him)

Opinions are my own. Boost doesn't mean endorsement.

About: Truth: the only valid supremacism, and it humbles all.

About: Official Mastodon for hack.history #YouTube channel, covering the #history of #phreaks, #hacking & #hacktivism as well as the portrayal of #hackers in pop culture.

If you are interested in #digitalhumanities, #anthropology, ASCII art, #retrocomputing, tech #histodons toots or just really curious about hackers then there will be content here for you.

About: Steinhexe (Programmer) und Farbenmeister (Künstler)

jetzt bin ich deutsch, dass ich habe mein Mastodon-account zu transferiert. ich mache die Regeln nicht.

About: a ghost floating across the ocean

26 yr old hopeless romantic sad girl shit posting and loving every cute girl she sees. a drummer, a gamer, and an overall pain in the ass. her mental illnesses include asd, bpd, adhd, ptsd, and ed. she will post and repost nsfw things! 🚫18+🚫

i usually double boost my youtube videos and selfies

Description: Former IT guy working with Linux/Unix based os's, currently fooling around with bsd as a hobby.
Location: Neuenhaus, Niedersachsen, Germany
About: Husband, Dad, currently living in the Grafschaft Bentheim (Germany) with my Wife and Son. Taking care of the dog, enjoying the garden, music and photography. Spending time on BSD, Hubzilla and Linux when I'm not outside as a Hobby.

Mostly posting in English, German or Dutch with some exceptions in Heutsch and Danglish :-)

If you can't seem to connect then I might filter some of the words you are using. Nothing personal. I am just not willing to step outside my bubble here, there are other platforms to discuss those topics

About: I'm just a 𝘏𝘈𝘊𝘒𝘌𝘙𝘔𝘈𝘕 who loves rust 🦀 and tinkering with my linux box 🐧

I'd be cool to make my own cyberdeck one day.

I love RPGs, volleyball and books (recommend me your favourite)


About: I dream, I scheme, I laugh at good meme.

I am a photographer on a quest. My photography is under the name Dry Beer, posted up to twice a week. This is a personal feed, but one day there will be an instance set up just for the photography.

I follow FEAST principles: Freedom of Expression, Association, Speech and Thought are of paramount importance to me. I value open, honest and when possible considerate discussion very highly. If I share an opinion you consider spicy, don't build me up into something I'm not in your head, just ask me about it, let's talk and assume the best of each other.

Be mindful that I also have a sense of humor, and there's not filter on it because then it just wouldn't be fun.

About: Editor at | Writer at large at | Death metal columnist at | Nietzschean Republican and Perennialist | Five pillars: Free Speech, Hierarchy, Ethno-Nationalism, Transcendental Realism. 1788 conservative.

About: je fais de la photo, beaucoup de Linux et tout plein de chose autour d'Internet.
mais pas du tout un fan du solutionnisme technologique pour faire semblant d'être écolo, qu'on arrête plutôt les délires cyniques et hypocrites !
très grognon depuis un moment.

About: :debian: user since '96

I used to have this 💾 and that 📼

🔐 📸 🥊 🏀 :terminal:

In 🤎 with :


not necessarily in that order 😅

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Keywords: nobots, yesbun
About: Posting about cofe and programming. :blobcatCoffee:

Feel free to follow and interact! I speak English primarily, but I can speak some simple conversational Japanese as well.

#nobots #yesbun


About: Humble tailor. Keeper of the sacred Chao. Glandula Pinealis Consultant. Not under the authority of the authorities. Universally Recognized as a Mature & Responsible Adult.

🇪🇺🇨🇭🇩🇪🏳️‍🌈 :thisisfine:

About: Give your software, not your service.

About: ╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲
just call me vala
i come from a land of ice and snow :cirno_comfy:
old enough to think the tribal gba sp still looks kind of rad

all my posts are actually in italic comic sans, you just cant see it
i generally float around here while being a ⑨


:corndog: the official server-maid in this pleroma neighbourhood of the fediverse :pleroma_seal:
pleroma gold member since 2018
i cant program in anything, but feel free to ask me about programming stuff anyway

i sing in a choir in my spare time

station wagon and 80s hatchback enthusiast

used to post at,, and :welovelain:

had a :gnusocial: account at one point, but didnt stick around

i regularly use :arch: :debian: & :nixos:

will judge you for your taste in cars

pronouns? no, i support my local amateur nouns
:lain: :raveSmug: :sataniaNoBulli: :asukaPout:
i am very fond of my black 2007 volvo v70

About: Mom of 5 (but I am NOT religious) ❤️ Interior Designer from Canada 🇨🇦 INFJ personality, punk music, history, art, poetry, aviation, permaculture, hockey and CFL fan

About: Fil d’information autonome sur les luttes contre les #mégabassines, contre l’accaparement des ressources naturelles et contre toutes les nuisances de l’agriculture industrielle et de l’agro-business…

➡️ Blog Mediapart d’ami·e·s des Soulèvements de la Terre

➡️ Canal Telegram d’ami·e·s des SdT :

About: "Désunis, nous courrons à la catastrophe. Unis, nous y parviendrons" Emil Cioran.

"Rien n'est plus méprisable que le respect basé sur la peur." Albert Camus

"Le pouvoir est maudit." Louise.

"L'écologie sans lutte des classes c'est du jardinage."

Nostalgique des années où le rock alternatif nous faisait croire qu'on était des apaches.

Doublure : documentaliste et conseiller jeunesse.

Répond autant que possible à toutes les conversations, mes pouets s'autodetruisent chaque semaine 💨

About: 🏳️‍🌈 ┻┻ ︵ vitriolix ︵ ┻┻ 🏳️‍🌈

i make music and code and music code

#infosec #android #python #socialism #musicproduction #music #edm #idm

About: Graphic Designer 🤷 | All tweets written with 110% Dyslexia | 480kb of @floppytotaal 💾 | Lurking in the cyberspace dumpster 🦡 | Lever i utlendigheten | Meme Connoisseur |

About: Bewohner eines blauen Planeten ☀️ wer-wo-was-warum? ☀️ #DJ ☀️ #Music Producer (in progress) ☀️
#Linuxnewbie ☀️ #Photography ☀️ bunt ☀️ #PeaceLoveMusic ☀️ NO Racism!

"Musik und Rhythmus finden ihren Weg zu den geheimsten Plätzen der Seele." (Platon)

About: ★ star witch ★

★ story weaver / computer toucher / amateur musician / electronics hobbyist / occasional cosplayer / compulsive overthinker ★

★ esoteric anarchist / militant solarpunk / non-pagan / lesbian / plural / autistic ★

★ 東方の愛好家 / 日本語の初心者 ★

★ friend of blåhaj / chuuni rights ★

★ if you read the New York Times we can't be friends ★

★ she/her ★

About: ◾у кого-то богатый внутренний мир, а у меня богатая внутренняя война ◾

anarchism · slow life/tech · linux/BSD · software libre · privacy · self-hosting · gemini/gopher · esperanto · vege/vegan · books · podcasts · atheism · ecology · monochrome · minimalism · DXing · SW/MW/LW/SSB/AIR radio · grindcore · crust · punk · DIY · cyberpunk & sci-fi · tiny house ·

Keywords: nobot
About: ☆ intersectional eco-anarchist ☆ bij1 ☆ activist ☆ anti-capitalist ☆ anti-fascist ☆ anti-militarist ☆ radical climate alarmist ☆ pro-science ☆ anti-bullshit ☆ (in random order)

☆ veggie with vegan tendencies and sympathies ☆ atheist ☆ gen x ☆ parent ☆ :autism: autistic ☆ :nonbinaryflag: non-binary / :genderqueerflag: genderqueer ☆ white (not proud) ☆

☆ also journalism, human rights, science, geo, maps, meteo, astronomy, history, music (:prn:), scifi, tech (linux, sysadmin, webdev), free culture, etc. ☆

☆licence: :cc: BY-NC-SA 4.0. (only own (original) content) ☆


About: ☆ Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα, δεν φοβούμαι τίποτα, είμαι Λεφτέρος ☆ Does a bear shit in the twoods? ☆ Ours en peluche of very little brain ☆ Des bêtises en gros & détail ☆ I can resist anything but temptarion ☆ Blauveiglein: @GrantelBaer

About: 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃
Von Twitter zu Mastodon gewechselt!

Ort: Frankfurt/Main.

Zu mir:
#Armutsrentner:in, davor #Langzeiterwerbslos #IchBinArmutsbetroffen

Jetzt wieder ohne gewerkschaftliches Ehrenamt.

Vormals AG FELIA {= Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frankfurter Erwerbslose in Aktion, aus den Lucky Losers hervorgegangen)

Zweit-Mastodon-Account (lokal, Frankfurt am Main): @bernhard

About: Love watching sports, listening to music. Also love learning, and watching medical documentaries. Enjoy listening to audiobooks. Oh yeah, I'm totally blind.

About: Aikido, AeroSpace, Awareness, Hacks, Sec, Rigger

About: ♾️ Autistic INFP 🐬 ✨ Appeared: Sports Seoul; The Daily Report (Arirang)

©️ License: #CCBySA4 ❗ only represent myself

🇵🇭 Philippines

🛖 Hub🔏 Verified

#YourOnlyOne #fedi22


Keywords: ALFIS, diswall, nobot
About: Android senior developer. Rust lover.
Former developer of AdGuard for Android.
Developer of #ALFIS and #DisWall.
Maintainer of Yggdrasil for Android.

Pronoun: Your Majesty.

Monero: 86JqAicb12pFM3wQMSfMvce6n8CzbR83hM4TeAwN5iNJhDf2jwDs9Ux7B111yiMNWEPJHJ5Js8aC6WmPKwW5QnHS6LZG8yD
Bitcoin: bc1qmfkwyk8hre7e5xq272sjakph5fwpumk5xc59q3


About: It's like a jungle sometimes 📻
It makes me wonder how I keep from going under

-= Ah Ah huh huh =-

Previously traveling, psychedeling, web developing, nimbing, teaching, photojournalisting, africaning, free falling, board game designing, free partying and raving

Now preparing to be a high school teacher

-= Ah Ah huh huh =-

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About: hacker catgirl server maid of this place

driving fedi innovation by being gay on the internet

I'll probably accept follow requests, but i just want the option to say no to a follow request, yk?

someone remind me to improve this, i'm tired now and this is a problem for future me

believer in FreeDesktop/Linux

About: I primarily commission art involving conspiracy theories, religious imagery like Satanism and other signs that we're in the last of days.

Everyone has permission to use my characters at all times, however depending on the contents, I may not host nor share the content that you used my characters in.

By looking at my commissions, I am casting a spell on you.

Icon and banner both by Amordidas!

About: ♂Male / 💻Mac 🐧Linux User / 🕹 Retrogaming /

About: :flag_nonbinary: & :flag_demisexual:

Government name Aapo Saaristo - Metal Gear Solid boss name Cute Notman

My solo-"team" Buffer Owlerflow was the number 1 Finnish CtF team for 2020 on CTFtime

SJW CtF fan gamedev electronic musician mograph nerd ramen connoisseur Pepsi Max addict ND&disabled

:heart_nb: pronouns they/them/themself

Peace ❤ & ☮ Love

DNI: cryptobros, bigots, centrists

ask me about my tattoos

About: Je n’ai pas besoin de vaccin, parce que j’utilise la solution magique qui n’existe pas. #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 #SARSCoV3 #influenza #pneumonia I don't need a vaccine, because I'm using the magic bullet that doesn't exist.

About: Ich filtere: "RT", ""

Ich akzeptiere Niemanden als Follower, der ein leeres Profil hat.

About: Mal autor de buenos cómics: Sí Soy, Tal Cual, Minimonsters, Dinokid, B3, Sexo Raro, COnviVIenDo 19 días, Humor Amarillo, Con 2 Cojones... alguno habrá que te guste, jo ♡

About: Hello I'm Erik van Blokland! I am interested in typedesign, lettering, tools, python, drawbot. I make fonts, some of which are for sale at the links below.I teach at the TypeMedia master at the KABK in The Hague. #fedi22 #typeDesign #typography #reading #toolDevelopment #python #roboFont #lettering #typeMedia (Add :verified: to your name to get the blue check for free)

About: Water is the source of all life. Seven tenths of this earth's surface is water. Why do you realize that 70% of you is water? And as human beings, you and I need fresh, pure water - to replenish our precious bodily fluids. Are you beginning to understand
If anni is down

About: Ashkenazi Jew born and living in the so-called United States, queer polyamorous trans woman, disabled ball of mental illnesses, etc.. I have mood and psychosis problems (among other things), and all my bad takes are because of this (not really). I don't toot on Shabbos and I sure as shit don't fucking roll. She/her.

About: “what would happen if we looked down?”