About: Italian, elderly, father, husband, sick, entrepreneur, ready for retirement, honest, curious, communist, anti-fascist, environmentalist.

PS. I write mostly in italian. Automatic deletion of contents after 6 months.

About: Worried about climate change.
Hopes for a free Hong Kong.
Part time idiot.
Cambridge UK

#Climate #FreeHongKong #Electronics #Python #Cpp #Languages #Idiot #Cambridge

About: Hi there, I like playing games and creating things.

I mainly create things for Donut Team but this is my personal account with personal opinions.

About: timeline terrorist,
proud legal business haver

avatar created using novelai and photoshop
banner by @AWIVR

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want your own instance?
too retarded to maintain it yourself?
:btrfly: btrf.ly

About: Unstable Internet Weirdo.

Name pronounced as Hee Jay.

Jabber is same: hj@shigusegubu.club
Matrix: @hj:ebin.club

Pronouns are whatever.

Mastodon scopes are broken. As someone with so many followers even my followers-only replies might as well be public since they are visible to ppl following me who might not follow you, therefore I'd rather be honest and just keep everything public. Also, as a fedi dev I don't want to lie to people and give them hope that their "private" messages are private. Everything on fedi is essentially public.

Wish i was Finnish futa.

if you want to send your shekels personally hj-wards i have a Liberabay https://liberapay.com/hj/ :DDDDDDD


About: Impulse für ein bewusstes Leben als normaler Christ

About: MOD 1 from Shittywebcomics. I am troll man, 410,757,864,530 traumatized ecelebs.
Telling unforgivable truths here https://www.youtube.com/ThomasRoiloup
More stuff here https://sheddywibcamocs.carrd.co/

About: Likes Linux,
Forced to repair Windows PC's at work.

Верну описание как более менее вернусь в феди движуху

About: Spreading some love and happiness in an often difficult world, we give you goats Rose and Violet, as they go about their lazy day! Always live from our Linux powered farm!
Watch live at any of the links above.

About: Développeur le jour. Le reste du temps c'est jeux de rôle, jeux vidéo, jeux de plateau, lecture, films & séries... que du classique.
Co-auteur de Bloodlust Métal et membre du studio BadButa.
Et maintenant je m'essaye aussi à l'écriture de fiction.

Avatar : makowka character maker II

About: I just want to make friends on here. Anybody can interact with me. I am done making joke bios, they caused too much trouble.


Keywords: nobot, nobridge
About: Cis gay web admin at a rural university. FOSS enthusiast. Tabletop RPG fan. Occasional video game player. Pacifist. Taoist. Vegetarian. Anti-capitalist. Believer in social justice. #nobot #nobridge

About: McMichael Professor of Educational Psychology and Learning Sciences | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | he / him | Face for radio

About: Dad 👨‍👧, husband 👫 and software creator 👨‍💻, crafting human apps for web & handhelds. Building: https://tinylytics.app, https://scribbles.page and more.


About: author and lecturer on topics in #education, #parenting, and human #behavior....
(Personal messages more likely to be read if left on http://alfiekohn.org)

Keywords: actuallyautistic
About: :autism: #ActuallyAutistic
:heart_trans: Trans (gender)queer femme
:anarchism: Anarcho-Syndicalist
:anartrans_symbol: Political activist
Polyamorous cutie
:archlinux: Tech geek
:solidarity: Fuck off racists

Minors feel free to interact and talk to me, but please don't on anything porn or sex related.

Keywords: gaming, blogging, indieweb, geek, tech
About: Gen X, Texan, Husband, Dad, Geek, Blogger, Believer.


#tech #geek #indieweb #blogging #gaming

I'm a great sinner; Christ is a great savior.


About: FREE YOUR INBOX! Thunderbird is your all-in-one communications command center that puts YOU in control. Manage all your email accounts separately or in a unified inbox. Filter, customize, and organize the way you like. Thunderbird simply makes your life simpler.

What's New In v115: https://mzla.link/whatsnew115

About: Optimistic but realistic. I write http://www.StayGrounded.online, a newsletter about establishing healthy boundaries with the digital world.

About: ✨ Creator of Gleam
🦦 Support my work on GitHub http://github.com/sponsors/lpil/
🌈 They/them or he/him
✊🏿 Black Lives Matter

About: Hacker with a #Bass. Bass Teacher and Musician. (Currently accepting students, online or on-site) #Bielefeld #TTRPG #BassGuitar #Music #Haskell #FreeBSD #Math :antifa: (he/his)

About: Hacker™️ | Arts | CCC | Technical Diver | AS208135 | Flipdots | InfoSec shitposts | NB on HRT | Bestatter deines Blockchain Startups | er/he | sivizius 💕

"Zusammenrottung aus dem Kreise der politischen Gegner mit Hacking-Affinität"

📢 Follow-Requests welcome. Please have a non-empty profile page or briefly introduce yourself, in case we don't know each other.

About: I'm a ☕ loving WebDev and FLOSS Geek (TypeScript, Python and I try Rust) with some 3D & cryptography experience with a Punk attitude and had his own radio show 👨‍💻 I post here mostly in German and in English and the most are deleted after 30 days / tfr

About: Digital Transformation, #LandSH, #autokorrektur, #urbanism born 326, posts in DE,EN

About: software developer by heart, trying to build great software, that serves people. Therefore interested in #softwarequality, #softwarecrafting, #uxthinking and #agile software development

To bring back control over our digital lives I care about #openweb, #foss, #datasovereignty #interoperabilty and am actively working on the #solidproject

We need to talk more about #software & #ethics and the impact of #digitization on #society!

#fedi22 #searchable

Keywords: piraten, europawahl2024
About: Dr. Patrick Breyer. Digitaler Freiheitskämpfer und Europaabgeordneter der @piratenpartei. MEP for @piratenpartei and the European Pirate Party.
Homepage: https://www.patrick-breyer.de
Im Bild mit #Piraten-Spitzenkandidatin zur #Europawahl2024 @AnjaHirschel.
Posts auf Deutsch 🇩🇪 and in English 🇬🇧

About: Pädagogin im eBildungslabor
#Bildung #KulturDesTeilens #BNE #OER

(Ich bin im Januar 2024 von @ebildungslabor auf Fedilab umgezogen, weil ich mit einer eigenen Instanz mein Lernen über das Fediverse erweitern möchte. Perspektivisch kann ich damit vielleicht außerdem auch noch besser zum Aufbau des Fediverse beitragen.)

About: Beston is a pyrolysis plant supplier from China. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message on our website: https://bestonasia.com/ , or send an email to sales@bestonasia.com, then we will reply in 8 hours. Thank you.

About: der Grizzly sucht vermutlich ein neues Zuhause. So ist er nun als erdling hier im Süden gelandet ...
#nature #privacy #digitalrights #chatkontrolle #ReclaimYourFace #photography #THW #pv #osm #python #foss #floss

Keywords: fediverse
About: Der ganz normale Wahnsinn!

▶ kann Brot in der Pfanne backen
▶ Medien, Natur & das Leben
▶ hat viele Fragen
▶ im Einsatz für Freiheit, Demokratie und das #Fediverse
▶ zeigt allergische Reaktionen bei Tracking und Datenkraken

Betreue derzeit folgende Kanäle:

About: Torontonian, Widower, Krusty & Retired (Atheist) — GNU/Linux Hobbyist, Peace 4 Ukraine, #Geopolitics #TruthSeeker #Russophile #antiNATO #antiNAFO & Atlantic Council #antiSurveillance #EFF #Privacy #MMA #UFC. #NoBots Instant block if no user icon present.
marathon on #liberaChat

Joined Dec 02, 2020

About: I'm a small novelist and illustrator. Occasionally I post art here or things that I'm currently doing.

About: Ja, ich heiße "Sehfahrer". Das ist ein Künstlername. Offiziell. Und ich bin Schwedenfan, daher die Flagge.

Der Künstlername „Sehfahrer“ und der daraus abgeleitete Begriff „Sehfahrten“ sind künstliche Wortschöpfungen von mir, keine Schreibfehler. Es soll die Verbindung zwischen „sehen“ und „fahren“ ausdrücken, denn kaum ein (Hobby-)Fotograf wird nur an einem Fleck bleiben.

About: English - Français
#Switzerland (UTC+1) #christian #codeigniter #bible #photography not good at selfintroducting myself
Bilingual account english and french

Follow my Blog : kris@kris.talkplus.org or

About: Kratzbürstige Samtpfote mit Ringeln

About: Christian fediverse directory :
Helping christians to build community in the fedivere and curious people about Jesus to know more.


About: A very badly integrated immigrant from eastern europe somewhere in Germany.

About: Hacker, infosec, APT3319

Mayor of Hackers.town

Director at Veilid Foundation

A meat serf in a digital cropsharing arrangement.

A netizen of New Cyberia.

he/him they/them

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