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About: philosopher, writer, software engineer, and minimalist. vegan, anarchist, and libertarian (taxation is theft).

poly, pan, and cassgender (any pronouns). interested in making friends and relationships. have one romantic partner, longing for another who can connect with more aspects of me.

my pastimes are playing and making games. favorite games are crosscode, halo, jedi: fallen order, undertale, portal, and hollow knight.


About: No one special. But trying.

I boost therefore I am

About: Mutualist working towards a society free of all forms of domination and full of all kinds of storytelling.

I also happen to program. I believe software should be built for people by people.

Retired Mastodon admin. Early physics student.

Fedizen since 2018.

Last account: @josias

#CooperativeTechnology #anarchism #physics #youthlib

About: The dreams I plant in someone's mind may bloom as hope for humankind

queer, trans, autistic, Anglican, anarchist, poet, and full-time carer

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About: Emil | 22 | trans man 🏳️‍⚧️ | Polish 🇵🇱 | white | autistic :autism: | aromantic & bisexual | social democrat 🌹| cringe culture is dead

⭐ SFW furry art, opinions and personal melodrama,

⭐ Posts irregularly,

⭐ Underachiever bullshitting his way thru life since 2001,

⭐ Living with Leon 🐕 and Niko 🐦,

⭐ Free software kid, not a free speech absolutist,

⭐ Please be clear about what you mean, I'm sort-of-literal and don't actually enjoy picking fights, even if I attract them.

#nobot #noAI

About: The Tapir is a curious creature with a prehensile snout found in Central and South America as well as Asia. Despite their odd looks, their closest relative is the rhino, and you will never be a real woman.

About: making music, games, zines, occasional drawings, miscellania


About: I'm not actually a NEET. I worked my way through most of University and still have a job.

About: Second Home, Sweet Second Home.

やらなくてもいいことなら、やらない。やらなければいけないことなら手短に。 ふわふわの髪がとても好きです!EN/ES/JP。

About: Простой, ничем не выдающийся, обыватель сети. Люблю потрещать за жизнь. Можно на "ты". Если в третьем лице, то можно говорить "он". Но если так комфортнее, то можно и на "вы" и во множественном числе.

Can speak English but posts mostly in Russian

🏳️‍🌈 ☮️

About: Member, Protein Science Society of Japan

CELO: 0xa5761912de6d5f76e386e320e78fcff5cb7824f3

ETH: 0x4da62f230c1c5bcc2b4efe73d77d0d3ab5d21c89

FIO address: helios@opera

About: Фанат путешествий по дикой природе, любитель фотографии, видеосъёмки и посиделок в лесу у костра. Поклонник "двух колёс" - #велосипедов и #мотоциклов. Философия жизни: «Мы из земли вышли, на земле живём, и в землю и уйдём. Остальное есть суета...»

Не пользуюсь Windows, Google сервисами, FB, VK, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp и прочими подобными помойками, обходясь Linux и FOSS.


About: Mid-40s techie living in #Ely, #Cambridgeshire, UK. Mostly low-level software with bits of #ASIC and #FPGA stuff, #electronics, #RF. Discoverer of the "Snark" in #ConwaysLife. Currently working on memory subsystems for packet matching and filtering in high-speed networking equipment.

Player of #Ingress, under the name "Wrongfellow". I've used this name elsewhere, too.

#Dog and #cat lover. Drinker of #ale and #cider. Occasional #CAMRA and #beer #festival volunteer.

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About: Android senior developer. Rust lover.
Former developer of AdGuard for Android.
Developer of #ALFIS and #DisWall.
Maintainer of Yggdrasil for Android.

Pronoun: Your Majesty.

Monero: 86JqAicb12pFM3wQMSfMvce6n8CzbR83hM4TeAwN5iNJhDf2jwDs9Ux7B111yiMNWEPJHJ5Js8aC6WmPKwW5QnHS6LZG8yD
Bitcoin: bc1qmfkwyk8hre7e5xq272sjakph5fwpumk5xc59q3


About: Digital product consultant. 🇦🇺 in 🇬🇧. Lover of tech, craft beer, urbanism, and Cities: Skylines. He/him, 🏳️‍🌈.
🐦/🧵: @kjmci

About: Freier Journalist

About: Bringt anderen Menschen "Computer" bei, lernt dabei selbst viel. Hier nur nicht-amtliche, private Meinungen.

Ausserdem: Gesundheitswesenmitarbeiterfan

Ist Anarchie eigentlich die ultimativ optimierte Bürokratie?

Image in the header by Mark Harrison at unsplash see

About: I like cats.


About: Wrote the loom viewer at LinnarssonLab, now at Primity Bio. he/they

A like from me usually implies "I would have boosted this but I don't think it's quite appropriate for the instance I'm on".

Profile photo description: a crop of an outdoor group photo, zoomed in on the face of a man of mixed Asian-European ethnicity with black hair, a beard and a moustache, wearing red-tinted color-blindness correcting glasses.

About: Among the oldest of millennials.

Social justice, software, parenting, games (video, roleplaying, board), books, comics, linguistics, argyle

Said to be, "like the least lewd person I have encountered on this social network"

About: ZeroCarbon IT, FLOSS, resilient infrastructure, fighting climate change, cyclist, work for an ngo

About: Politieke partij in Delft, toot in het NL soms EN
We zetten ons in voor vrije opensource software, privacy, transparantie en vrije informatie.

meer contact:

About: I just want to make friends on here. Anybody can interact with me. I am done making joke bios, they caused too much trouble.

About: ​:dude_fuck_it:​ "I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude."

Maintainer of and the Outernational Project. ​:fedi:​

I'm really good at breaking things. Despite technically being a systems administrator I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I travel a lot. I'm big into music, photography, technology, and aviation. I own too many ThinkPads. I'm passionate about free and open source software/firmware/hardware + "right to repair". I love the Fediverse and I think ​:misskey2022:​ is pretty cool! I'm anticapitalist but sociopolitcally ambiguous. I'm the man now, dog. ​:neko_sunglasses:​

Once I was a pirate
A bold and savage pirate
I flew the skull and crossbones
And stamped upon the deck
Once I was a camel
A handsome sort of camel
With princesses aboard me
And jewels around my neck
Once I was a dancer
And once a necromancer
I even was a Viking
With helmet on my head
I might have been a parrot
A gay Brazilian parrot
If someone hadn't wakened me
And pulled me out of bed

About: "Is there anyone looking after you at home?", a nurse once said to me,
"If you go down to any Hackney Council-funded leisure centre, you now qualify for free sessions of chair-based activity."

About: #WebDeveloper by day. #Gardener the rest of the time. Total #tree nerd. (Love me a #DawnRedwood). You’ll sometimes catch me shooting my #LeicaM2 in the wilderness. :)

Generally willing to follow anyone who posts #garden or #tech content. ;)

About: Hacking nature, radio waves & minds

About: Illustration & graphic design. Also social justice, intersectional feminism & anitfa. Edinburgh, Scotland & Lübeck, Germany. He/him. ^ _ ^

About: Jihočeskej venkovan, co si myslí, že je vtipnej, a zatím je jenom drzej 😉
Kombinace ajťáka, truhláře, chalupníka a zasloužilýho dědečka.
Klidně tykej, tykadla mám a nebojím se je použít.


Pусский военный корабль, иди на хуй!

About: Analogexpertin +++ intersectional tech policy +++ loves robots and space +++ news and olds +++ dad jokes galore

About: No chair is safe

About: Jupyter, Pangeo,, Immigrant, Motorcycles and death to accidental complexity. Non upper-caste South Indian man. Berkeley.

#StarTrek #Motorcycle #python #jupyter #kubernetes

About: Engineering Physics student, interested in all things nuclear.
A trusted friend in science! 🏳️‍🌈🐻

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About: Burnt Out. Terrified. Lonely. Took the money to keep quiet. quite old or actually old? #ActuallyAutistic

About: Six months in the lab can save an hour in the library.

Washing up ⌨️ #RISCV #RiscvAssembly washing up #Raspberrypi #raspi sorting socks #projects #SBC :raspberrypi: 🗜️ #make ⚙️ #maker #tibber taxi service #HomeLab #macOS #ubuntu :ubuntu: via #mint (anti snap) shopping
⚛️ #physics cooking 🧮 #mathematics #maths homework 🧘🏻‍♂️ #iyoga #choir #iyengaryoga
Pro nouns: but verbs are good too if used right. #fedi22

About: parasite→scavenger→compost; toots/boosts are calls for refutation; modern reconstructions based on partial and skeletal remains Q6847682

Keywords: foss, xc, vrt
About: Člověk... To ostatní už je diskutabilní. 🇨🇿 Student stavitelství, nadšenec do technologií #FOSS a architektury, propagátor soudobého urbanismu, MTBčkař #XC a v poslední době taky trochu šotouš #VRT.

About: Developer Relations Engineer at Google, focused on WebAssembly and Project Fugu 🐡. Dad-of-3. Alum of Université de Lyon (Postdoc), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (PhD), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (MA).

About: Ich träume, also bin ich ... I don't speak human... aber manchmal schneller als mein Hirn. 🐿️-Aspi, welcome to my planet :) Pagan Child 🌒🌕🌘 🌈 (she/her)

About: Seit über zehn Jahren nichtkommerzielle, unabhängige Phantastik-News


linksversifft (aber kein Linker im Parteisinn), kapitalismuskritisch, areligiös

siehe auch:

About: Admin a
Fanoušek opensource, Arch Linuxu a GrapheneOS. Mám rád silniční cyklistiku, běh, výlety do přírody a Geocaching.
Návod Mastodon
#tip_mastodon #cyklovylet

About: Nesmím se bát. Strach zabíjí myšlení. Strach je malá smrt přinášející naprosté vyhlazení. Budu svému strachu čelit. Dovolím mu, aby prošel kolem mne a skrze mne.
Flegmatik s cholerikem v jednom. Dost introvert. Cyklista, běžkař a běžec. Trochu fotím. Vše vidím z té lepší strany.

About: Attorney (CA, NY). BSEE. Non- (not anti-) hegemonic. Open government advocate. Space comms. Robot fan. Artist. Hacker. I have done research on privacy and spoke on it. Currently looking for clients for my solo law practice.
Not nice to mansplainers. Sometimes it spills over.

About: Wohne gar nicht in Freiburg, sondern vor den Toren. Bitte verratet es keinem. 🤐

Gründungsmitglied von

Memes, Fahrräder, Python

ehem. 9€ Ticket Besitzer

About: dopo un mese si butta tutto

quando io uso una parola essa significa esattamente ciò che io voglio che significhi

About: Esistono due tipi di persone: quelli che "io all'epoca mi sono fattə il mazzo e quindi ora te lo fai anche tu" e quelli che "io all'epoca mi sono fattə il mazzo e ti aiuto per risparmiarti la fatica che ho fatto io"

Per piacere non mettetemi nei trenini, specialmente in quelli del buongiorno/buonasera/dolce notte ecc (she/her)

About: Nedokončil studia na vysoké škole života. Mužský rod neživotný, kterému se tyká. Patřím do téhle části světa: 🇨🇿 🇪🇺 🇺🇦

Moderator of We recycle waste heat of our datacenter to heat water for 15 apartments.

SpráFce obsahu instance Odpadní teplo datacentra ISP SPOJE.NET, kde tohle běží, ohřívá vodu 15 bytům.

Solární cyklista, cestovatel. Linuxák (na desktopu), ex-programátor (Arachne), ex-muzikant. Fanoušek kosmického výzkumu, vědy a techniky. Zakládající člen Pirátů. Early adopter.

About: Zajímám se o filosofické jevy, Buddhismus, Gnóze, Platón, historii, vojenství, politiku atd Jsem rodilý pražák a Prahu jsem neopustil, pokud nepočítám Pracovní cesty. Pracuji pro společnost REWE a taky si přivydělávat jako doplňovač za Plzeňské pivovary.

About: :smoking:Activity: Relaxing - Smoking
if you're seeing this, you're either impressed, interested or malding like a chimpanzee
i hate the colors brown and black, long noses and trannies
BRIGADING PIECE OF SHIT the madtype, i am prisoner 849
the mad dog of eientei
Treatment: Warning: Meds have no effect; Lost cause.
"когда чувак с ником Лина Инверс говорит «я ненавижу жидов и пидорасов» это вызывает у меня когнитивный диссонанс" - кто знает, тот узнает © 2022
one of the three (four?) riders of bimbix gaming
:ryukoD:certified FRIENDIES:ryukoD:: @iamtakingiteasy
people will claim otherwise but i am NOT a nice person, keep that in mind.

About: I'd like to fly, but my wings have been so denied


My Royal Court:
Pampered Egyptian Temple Cat -
Champion of the Realm -
Court Mage -
Horticulturist and Game Warden -
Court Jester (Apply Alcohol) -
Head of Castle Insulation and Fireproofing -
Court Alchemist -
Castle Vampire - @Misa

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"You are definitely the type to consider yourself the protagonist of real life" -

About: Norwegian contemporary dance and sound artist based in Estonia. One half of creative unit Roosna & Flak. #foss enthusiast. Making music in #supercollider on an #archlinux machine.

My opinions are probably not my own.

Default state: hopeful.

#contemporarydance #creativecode #openframeworks

About: timeline terrorist,
proud legal business haver

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