About: I make music and tech stuff for humans. Interested in a wide array of animals, plants, and things. #Songwriting, #synthesizers and #guitars are my primary means of expression.

I'm growing ever more passionate about using #Fediverse and #Indieweb principles in the service of direct connections between people and artists, so I post about that as well.

Pronouns: she/they
Location: New England, US

#neurodivergent #aphantasic

About: An unlikely quantum superposition of the best dad in the universe and the worst dad in the universe, according to my children anyway.

Terminally online since 1996. Interests include DIY #synthesizers, #photography, #cooking and #woodcarving. He/him.

Description: Film music composer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Homepage: https://www.lampfilmusic.com
About: Film composer

Description: Very quiet and enjoys puzzles
About: Trying to be like Diablo Canyon 1

Description: Composer, music player/coder/worker, radio maker, diy instruments - performance arts / dance / free improvisation
Homepage: https://jayrope.com
About: Composer, performer, instrument builder, radio maker, audiotic coder. Writing buggy music for a living, often for contemporary dance/performance arts. Tongues EN/DE, poco ES/FR.
Maintaining @Air Cushion Finish (movies for the blind) & @Biesentales radio crew / see directory

Opinions are mine. Posts auto-delete.
Discography: https://www.jayrope.com/disco-by-date
Releases: https://jayrope.bandcamp.com https://aircushionfinish.bandcamp.com
Sketches, audio postcards, live recordings: https://open.audio/@jayrope/
DIY music instruments: https://video.ploud.fr/accounts/jayropinsky/video-channels

Location: Deutschland
Hometown: Recklinghausen
Homepage: https://home.faulskemper.de/