About: Builds the social web typewriter https://Seppo.Social with 🐫 https://OCaml.org supported by https://NLnet.nl/project/Seppo.

Former JEE and iOS developer, past 🌳 tree planter. Occasional lightning talker https://mro.name/talks. Netizen since the mid 90ies. https://SIGCHI.org, https://CCC.de, https://FIfF.de, https://NOYB.eu, https://Blaetter.de.

Likes 😈 https://mro.name/FreeBSD-XFCE 🐁 and 🏔️ https://AlpineLinux.org.

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About: #art #ecology #infrastructure #permacomputing #shadowIT #repairculture #cannotrepairculture #postfreeculture

Posting about computational and net culture/politics/infrastructure, software art, ecology, repair culture, permacomputing, fantastic mpv screenshots, unsolicited pro tips, completely random stuff, maybe cats, hi, this scrolltext is getting long.

This mess will be delivered as EN posts, some FR, seldom NL.

About: Carbon-based developer, KM project manager and tech writer. FOSS and openness are my mantra but I still seem to be a bearable person.

Tribalist techno-anarchist before and after it was cool. I metaphorically still live in the Zion Cluster.

Permacomputing, collapse computing and decentralization believer. Loves Lisp, Forth, Assembly and D even if it's clear they don't love back.

Founder of the Cult of Max Zorin (revered as the man who, nuking Silicon Valley in 1985, could have spared us the techbros)

Cofounder of the imaginary but nonetheless revolutionary Солнечная Вспышка collective.

My larius is a postdigital bear. He/him.

Originally on social.techncs.de (2017) and fosstodon.org (2022)

#softwaredevelopment #permacomputing #solarpunk #lisp #forth #riscv