About: d12n Research Cluster @ Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden University (NL) • Digit(al)ization of culture, society, and scholarship

About: Een platform gewijd aan de voortplanting en verspreiding van sociale en anarchistische ideeën, nieuws, demonstraties, solidariteit, community building en communicatie.
A platform dedicated to the propagation and spreading of social and anarchist ideas, news, demonstrations, solidarity, community building and communication. Based in the so-called Netherlands most post here are in Dutch.

Website: https://forumvooranarchisme.nl/

About: Software Developer from India.
Free Software & Privacy Advocate.

Open-minded, Introvert, Atheist, Feminist.

Mostly interested in Science, Programming, Politics, History, Philosophy & Psychology. Lifelong learner.

About: Romance novel authoress

Zuhause im Rheingau/ #Hessen
(gebürtig aus Frankfurt/Main)


#LongCovid #PostCovid seit Feb 2021

Bannerbeschreibung: Fresko einer Frau ("Sappho"/Pompeii) mit Schreib-Utensil und Wachstafel

About: Ich suche hier nach der großen Liebe.
Ich bin linksradikal.

About: Founder of the local currency #Chiemgauer and project leader "Klimabonus". Lecturer at Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, PhD-candidate at University of Siegen, CEO Regios.

Loves #planet, #people, #purpose, #music, #nature, #spirit.

Work in the fields of #money #sustainability #climate #CC

Projektleiter #Klimabonus, Chiemgauer e. V., Lehrbeauftragter TH Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Doktorand Uni Siegen, Vorstand Regios eG

#Komplementärwährungen #Geld #Nachhaltigkeit

Keywords: cancer, bigpharma
About: The Last Rose of Summer is a true story about corruption in #cancer research. I discovered a cheap, plant-derived drug that could replace some much more toxic (but more lucrative) therapies. #BigPharma got involved and suppressed the research. Eventually I had to publish the story in thinly veiled fiction and survive a bunch of murder attempts.

"Mary Austin" is a pseudonym, as my publisher forced me to use one. So... hi, I'm "Mary." 🤷‍♀️

About: Bullish on kindness. 

Founder of Spicy Lobster studios and Commune.

Formerly VP of Community / Product Manager at Discourse.

#opensource #fediverse #gamedev #fedi22 searchable

About: Connector, Instigator, Maker. Slime mold farmer.The slow knife. She/Her/They.

About: Technologist, entrepreneur, organizer.

Posting about where the fediverse is and should be going, how we can put people back in the center of their technology. Also wondering where we are taking this planet.

Check out my home page for more info and links.

He/him. tfr

About: Trans agender Autist mit Knips, #IchBinArmutsbetroffen und mach was mit Computern, Linux und Internet. Fast vegan. Weiß. Spoonie. Pirat. Online seit 1994. searchable

Menschenrechte sind nicht verhandelbar!

About: Militant contre les injustices écologiques 🥦 et sociales ✊ #vegan 🐖 militant du logiciel libre 💻 et aime la #renovationecologique 🏡 (pronom il)

About: Sascha Foerster ist :bonndigital: @bonndigital Geschäftsführer, @barcampbonn Organisator und :bonnsocial: @bonnsocial Admin. :verified:

About: 📗 I'm the creator of Dimestore Novel.
📘 I treat other people the way I want to be treated
📙 All my art is CC BY-SA 4.0

About: Creative director & digital designer / Experienced independent generalist / Former artist / Making music as @sitenonsite

About: Founder of iA. This is my personal account. Follow @ia for official iA news.

Keywords: searchable
About: Independent user experience designer and web design engineer, teacher, speaker. Interface Prototyping at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. UX and web design engineering workshops. #searchable 🇪🇺🌍
Newsletter: https://matthiasott.com/newsletter

About: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was established in 1994 by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, to develop interoperable standards to lead the Web to its full potential.

We are an international multi-stakeholder community where member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to build a Web based on the principles of accessibility, internationalization, privacy and security.

Please be curious, not critical. Your interactions go to real people who care and do their best 🙏

About: a degenerate named ellie

About: Mit ganz viel 🤘🎸 und 🦸💪 für digitale Themen.

| #RaspberryPi 🍓 | #Nextcloud ☁️ | #YubiKey 🔑 | #Git 📚 | #macOS 🍎 | #Synology | #openmediavault | #Linux 🐧 | #Ansible 🤖 | #OpenWrt 🛜 | #TeXLaTeX | #Docker 🐳 | #Pihole |

About: Professor in Biological Sciences at Tarleton State University in Texas. My focus is population genetics at the interface between populations and species--including hybridization. Because I work at a university that (historically) has been teaching focused, my research questions and methodology are relatively simple.

I'm active on iNaturalist, posting observations of as many different species as I find and providing identifications of others' observations.

Keywords: nobot
About: #nobot

About: We completely understand the public's concern about futuristic robots feeding on the human population, but that is not our mission.


Keywords: adhd, ttrpg
About: I'm a hazardous materials technician for a university. I enjoy teaching (when I have the chance), reading, role playing games #ttrpg, listening to music, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Married to a wonderful woman, proud pet parent (one dog, two cats). #ADHD Try my best to be an ally.

About: Full Stack Clojure web app engineer

About: Engineer, data wrangler, and martian photographer at NASA-JPL. Travels to Jupiter every 53.5 days. SLCP, InSight, MSL, Mars2020, Cassini, Juno. Opinions are mine. He/him

Keywords: nufc, acdc, nonleague, hmhb, smiths
About: Football (#NUFC and #nonleague), music including #ACDC and #Smiths (not Morrissey solo) and #HMHB, astronomy, films including Star Wars (original trilogy mostly), old arcade games, all views my own obvs. Proud to live in Batley & Spen.

Happy to boost nice photos I see on here.

Mostly not here to talk about politics: Corbynistas & people who call Keir Starmer “Keith” will get muted.

Mastodon app alternatives:
Ice Cubes or tooot(iOS)
Tusky (Android)

About: i like comedy. i am over 18. en fr.

hrtversary: Oct 27

transfem lesbian at her baby steps of starting transition. I love women so so so much i am seriously gay af for women. im a sapphic sap and i like hugs and touching kissing loving and good stuff like that.

posting memes and lgbt and trans stuff and stuff I like (gaming, tech, music, whatever).

About: I host Roboism and Do By Friday and make Haptic.Show

Eventually I’ll figure out a clever way to say “I make podcasts which in professional circles is called an audio producer” that makes me sound funny and cool. 

Until then, hello, and thank you for listening!

Email me at alexcoxfm at gmail dot com!

About: Builds the social web typewriter https://Seppo.Social with 🐫 #OCaml on grant https://NLnet.nl/project/Seppo.

Former JEE and iOS developer, seasonal 🌳 tree planter. Occasional lightning talker https://mro.name/talks. Netizen since the mid 90ies. https://SIGCHI.org, https://CCC.de, https://FIfF.de, https://NOYB.eu, https://Blaetter.de.

Prefers 😈 https://mro.name/FreeBSD-XFCE and https://AlpineLinux.org.

#permacomputing. #searchable via https://tootfinder.ch

About: Islamo-gauchiste et bourgeoise féministe intégriste, idiote utile du patriarcat. Pas objective. Malhonnête. Pontifiante. Antitouffiste #PerverseCosmopolite. J'ai déjà mis un coup de tête dans une porte en éternuant. Je ne suis pas là pour vous faciliter la vie. Et toujours pas avocate.
#Mastonniversaire le 1er décembre

About: Me gusta tomar Fotos a las Flores, Prietxican, Nerd, Geek, Bitcoiner, Ubuntero, Huérfano, ex-Galletoso, Diabético, Esposo de Maggie, Lúcido Ignorante y 100% Deslactosado

#BTC #PIVX #Linux #Ubuntu #Bitcoin #GameonLinux :ubuntu:

About: Absolutely ridiculous. The clump of brain cells behind Brands Town, Spectra Video, We Distribute, and VidCommons. Former CM @ Diaspora. I love Ween, adventure games, and the Fediverse.

About: I like cats.

About: Writer, comedian, illustrator, and international woman of mystery. Sworn enemy of the Swedish Yule Goat.

About: Hier trötet die sehr gute PARTEI–Klima–Fraktion aus dem Rat des Landeshauptdorfs Düsselstadt. | Seit fast 3 Jahren Klimadingenskirchen powered by #DiePARTEI Düsseldorf & #Klimaliste Düsseldorf e. V.

#Klimaschutz & #SozialeGerechtigkeit meets #Satire meets progressive Kommunalpolitik. Mit euch und für euch!

Wir sind hier immer total ernst! Echt jetzt! Zwinkersmiley

Von Hassrede betroffen?
Hilfe findet ihr hier: @hateaid.

About: what if everyone had their own web site

Keywords: anime, danmei, games
About: she/her; 30+, aroace, fujo

I'm into #anime (recent: Gundam: The Witch from Mercury), #danmei (recent: Panguan; A Sword of Frost), #games (current: Honkai Star Rails; Genshin Impact), SFF books (recent: The Traitor Baru Cormorant; Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang)

Boosts/likes =/= I am in this fandom/know this media/like this media.

I generally only boost posts with pictures if alt-text is included

(for non-fandom account: @geraineon@blahaj.zone)

Avatar: Zhongli dragon biting his own tail, by @Entity616@site404containment.zone

Keywords: notjustsad
About: 🌈 🌱 💚🐔🐱🐶🐴💚 🤟 🕹 🎲 🐲 🖖
Ich bin ein zu schnell alternder weißer Cis-Mann. Nicht genial genug für den Nerdstatus, aber zum Geek reicht es. Toleranz und Fairness strebe ich an. Wer mir folgt, muss neben dem Geek-Krams mit politischen und klimaaktivistischen Tröts rechnen. #notjustsad

About: Coffee Freak :cupofcoffee: :cupofcoffee: :cupofcoffee: Other favorite things Baseball, Crochet, Music, & Movies

About: just another dude

About: Christ is King
Owner of nicecrew.digital
Apologetically imperfect
Shitpost extraordinaire

About: It/They. Rural queer, nonbinary anarchist, science editor. Author/editor at Grinning Kitten Press. Opinions don't reflect those of my employers& I am decidedly not a "public intellectual," whatever the fuck that is.

Header photo: my zine Batten of Blood in print, several stacks of paper on a printer. Profile picture: detail of Pornocrates by Félicien Rops, a european nude wearing black gloves and blindfold.

About: owner of the combination forest datacenter / stray cat refuge
world's shitpostiest CISSP
i have €9 in credit on the C4 fridge
privileges: not french
you should get a VPS from https://nulled.llc/ i know the owner she's very nice

About: Hi, I'm Luna ([ˈlunə]) or Ciubix ([ˈkʲjʉbʲiks])

I'm a stereotypical transfem which means:
​:arch:​ I use Arch (btw)
​:rust:​ I like Rust
​:spinny_cat_trans:​​ ​:spinny_cat_bi:​ ​:spinny_cat_ace:​​ I'm pretty gay
​:blobcatgooglytrash:​​ I'm a huge nerd
​:blobcat:​ I am a catgirl
​:blobcat:​ Lerta miaŭistino
:3 champion of competitive :3ing

I play piano (poorly) , and (make horrific noises on) violin and guitar

I also stream on twitch

Made @yassie_j meow :3

May post horny/lewd stuff, (all properly CWd ofc), If you're a minor do not interact with my nsfw posts

Please do flirt with me(if you're not a minor) and do pet me ​:neocat_bottom:​ or else ​:neocat_gun:​

HRT 02.09.23 (dd.mm.yy)

"most user of all time; i rate score out of ten" - @smolcasm@tech.lgbt
"nya 10/10 :3" - @sleepybisexual@tech.lgbt
"she is eepy but good" - @mairi@trolley.seattlebus.space
"Luna your whole existence is a gay incident" - @hertog@tech.lgbt
"luna is so soff that she could be a pillow" - @yassie_j

About: BOFH of freespeechextremist.com, and former admin. The usual alt if FSE is down: @p@shitposter.club, and others. I am no longer the admin. FSE has no admins now. Welcome to the FSE Autonomous Zone.

I'm not angry with you, I'm just disappointed.

I am physically in Los Angeles but I exist in a permanent state of 3 a.m.

I have dropped a bytebeat album, feel free to DM me for a download code or a link to a tarball: https://finitecell.bandcamp.com/album/villain . There is a chiptunes album there, too.

Revolver is coming: https://blog.freespeechextremist.com/blog/revolver-kickoff.html

About: Cybersecurity weather person and award winning shitposter. Shitposting is an anagram of Top Insights.

I have Direct Messages disabled - you can send them, but I will never receive them.

Keywords: libre, Privacy, InfoSec, FOSS, fedi22
About: Hacker, activist, free-softie ◈ techie luddite ◈ formerly information security and infrastructure at https://isnic.is/ and https://occrp.org/ ◈ my opinions are my own etc.


#foss #libre #privacy #infosec #fedi22

. ۬. :

(public toots CC By-SA if applicable)

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About: I (along with a bunch of other people) make Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop and DFHack.

About: Lumberjack

About: Content Recipe: 9 part horse shits to 1 part gemstones

Lung is black and called Pop Corn: very afraid the Joe Biden may kill me with her chain.
Sarcastic but unable to convey because of my crippling autism.
A férfi nem nő, és a nő nem férfi.
Spiritually trapped in Jaipur, physically in 西宁市, hailing from Piripócs, by way of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Have az dead pool on which kills me first: the silicosis, the tuberculosis, or the beryllium disease.
我的梦想?Nagy-Magyarország feltámadása!