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Former Community Manager of #Diaspora; sometimes editor of #WeDistribute. Federated Networks Association member, and sometimes hacker on various code projects. Been on the fediverse for almost 15 years now; pretty much everything I work on is designed for the intellectual commons. In the past, I have worked on short surreal stories and psychedelic art; right now my hobby is focused on creating an indie adventure game.

Queer as a 3-dollar bill, and perfectly happy about it. Still trying to figure myself out, though. Attracted to femininity in pretty much all incarnations and expression, regardless of how a person identifies. Transamorous for sure, but a lot of other things too. Fighting the urge to get married, settle down, and have kids.

Currently working through emotional problems. Occasionally I post really negative things about myself - I'm sorry if you see any of it. Trying to work through depression and some kind of mood disorder. Lonely, but not totally sure how to connect with other people.