Just a girl that likes programming.
Backend developer && Full time 🦀 enjoyer.
I couldn't care less what OS you use, just don't ask me to support it.
I can't promise that i'll always use content warnings, but i'll try.

Possibly autistic, totally has ADHD and 100% a mess.
Careful, if you get me excited, i may infodump you.
Cannot type for shit.

I really love The Drakengard/NieR game series and loads of indie games like Celeste, Hollow Knight and Satisfactory.

I love FOSS and i'm part of https://codeberg.org/OpenThingies an organization where my girlfriend and i do FOSS shit.

I do not appreciate any overly affectionate or sexual advances, so please just don't even start. Anybody that does otherwise, will be instantly blocked.

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