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Mike Macgirvin

Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
1.14 is probably the last official hubzilla release prior to 2.0, which will be released sometime in December in the absence of significant roadblocks.

Any developers (real or aspiring) who wish to see any features or documentation or translation improvements in 2.0 are advised to start working on them soon and give us a chance to review them. Tick, tock.
Mike Macgirvin
Incidentally typing ?roadmap into the search bar at the top of the page worked for me to quickly find both versions of the roadmap documentation.
I swear it didn't work last time ;)
Sean Tilley
I think it would be good idea to think at marketing strategy for this V2. Now the product  is good, notability should follow. I know that things is for each hub admin but it would be nice to have tools that we could adapt. I always have difficulty how to describe hubzilla.  How to welcome new people. etc...

I strongly agree with this sentiment. I think part of the challenge is in presenting the platform to independent groups of people who are relying on their own current solutions.

One group that I can think of is NoiseBridge. In almost every respect, they are a perfect candidate for Hubzilla. It's a somewhat anarchic group of tinkerers covering a wide array of subjects that cover computer science, av production, 3D Printing, free and open source software, homebrew hardware development, art, music, and much more. Currently, they are reliant on a MediaWiki installation and a handful of mailing lists.

If anything, they would benefit greatly from Hubzilla's stream format, channels, events, and group features. Projects and members within NoiseBridge could operate as channels and federate with the rest of the Free Network. Other hackerspaces may be inclined to follow suit, and some project initiatives may receive exposure for people in other hackerspaces. One such fixture of the physical space of Noisebridge is that they offer a phone line to contact numerous other hackerspaces around the world.

At the moment I am merely an outsider that visits about 3 times a week, but I would love to find a way to point NB in the direction of Hubzilla.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Here's what I want:

% zotsh hub ls
        ... cd encycl/ePubs get Anatole*.epub
Anatole France _ The Revolt of the Angels - Anatole France.epub   - 397kb copied quit
% ls Anatole*
Anatole France _ The Revolt of the Angels - Anatole France.epub

Mike Macgirvin
mmh.. I don't think there is a python module for this...
Alexandre Hannud Abdo
There might not be a python module, but there are similar human models which code python ;-)