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Mike Macgirvin

 High Range, Australia 
1.14 is probably the last official hubzilla release prior to 2.0, which will be released sometime in December in the absence of significant roadblocks.

Any developers (real or aspiring) who wish to see any features or documentation or translation improvements in 2.0 are advised to start working on them soon and give us a chance to review them. Tick, tock.
In 1.14 I've created the infrastructure so you can have directories of help information with table of contents indexes in each. The table of contents (if present) is loaded into the sidebar. You can see an example in the doc/project directory - which shows sort of how to extend this organisation to the rest of the documentation. Most of the existing documentation is all currently crammed into the top level folder. It would be most useful to start organising it all into folders. All of the roadmap and todo stuff belongs in its own folder, (perhaps called 'planning' or something like that) with an index file.
Incidentally typing ?roadmap into the search bar at the top of the page worked for me to quickly find both versions of the roadmap documentation.
I swear it didn't work last time ;)
 High Range, Australia 
Here's what I want:

% zotsh hub ls
        ... cd encycl/ePubs get Anatole*.epub
Anatole France _ The Revolt of the Angels - Anatole France.epub   - 397kb copied quit
% ls Anatole*
Anatole France _ The Revolt of the Angels - Anatole France.epub

If your operating system has python installed with all the correct modules, yes. This is independent of your browser.
There might not be a python module, but there are similar human models which code python ;-)