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 High Range, Australia 
Nobody is talking about this except a few farmers, but it's huge. Most livestock producers in Australia are divesting their livestock. Can't afford to feed the stock. There's no hay left in Queensland, new South Wales, or Victoria. There never was much to speak of in the Northern Territories or Western Australia, where they need hundreds of thousand of hectares to support a few thousand head of cattle.
There's a bit of hay trickling through from South Australia. That will be gone in a few weeks and it's about 3X normal price. You're probably thinking "so what - I'm not a cow." And that's why it's scandalous. Replace the word "hay" with "grain" and Australia with "continent".
I'm not looking for any sympathy and if things get really bad I've got plenty of hamburger. I might not be able to afford buns or #homebrew, but stuff happens. Just think of it as another canary in the coal mine. Your continent might be next - if it isn't happening already. If this happened in the central USA or the Ukraine it would be getting prime time attention. Since it's Australia nobody cares.
Here in the foothills we had a drought for 4 years and suddenly it flooded a year ago. We will see what this winter brings. We have been wondering if it is going to be a every-few-years of drought cycle
Unpredictable seems to be the keyword
 High Range, Australia 
Update: Channel discovery and making connections, posts, comments, likes are now federating over Zot6/ActivityStreams. Forums are mostly working. Yay. That's a big milestone. I'll probably take a break in the next few days because this shit has a tendency to fry your brain.
Enjoy your break!!!
:champagne: :-) Congratulations!
 High Range, Australia 
Apparently carotene affects the kangaroo brain in the same ways as bootleg #homebrew and prolonged exposure to #AC/DC.

'There was a guy who got his stomach gashed open': Carrot-addicted kangaroos attack tourists


Kangaroos at a tourist hotspot are attacking people after becoming addicted to carrots and junk food.
Quite aggressive those junky roos... maybe you just should not feed wild animals.

The link contains pictures of wounds inflicted by kangoroo attacks, if anybody is sensitive about that kind of stuff.
 High Range, Australia 
ActivityPub update: Signatures

  • implement LD signatures
  • implement HTTP signatures
  • implement signatures that actually work and will still validate a year from now
  • break the requirement for ActivityPub signatures to require external/centralised resources to validate
  • break the reliance on "intermittent signatures" that could fail at any time and have a shelf life
  • decentralise the schema and allow it to change without breaking signatures - past or present or future
  • make it all legal JSON-LD and ActivityPub
  • have a #homebrew

We'll generate LD Signatures for those who think they require them, and will consume them if they can't provide anything else that actually works, but if you actually depend on LD Signatures, you're basically f*cked.
 High Range, Australia 
First off, grabbed a #homebrew. Been one of those days. Pulled out the old resonator and changed the strings.


Was in the mood for some South American folk songs. And by "South American" I mean Mississippi and the Bayou country. Not to be confused with Andean folk songs (which require a different guitar). First up "I'll Fly away", a delta prison song. Then a rousing little boogie I wrote called "Stankie Sadie". May the blues be with you all.
 High Range, Australia 
Another batch of #homebrew goes into bottles.

This is how I cope with people that have no vision or ambition beyond "let's create a social network. It will be awesome, because everybody loves social networks, and they love me because I'm awesome. I'll make the best social network ever. It will be a great social network, and I'll make Facebook pay for it."

Cheers mate...

¡Salud! :beer
You can get kits that start about $USD 30 and make something acceptable.You will always want more equipment; but I've been doing this since I was sixteen years old. Haven't bought any new equipment in years. If you don't fall prey to the "I must have a larger boiler" bug, You can make beer full time for a couple hundred dollars investment (plus raw materials).
 High Range, Australia 
It was only a matter of time. The neighbourhood mob of kangaroos has finally started to spill over into our yard. There were a few of them in the paddock this morning and there was roo poo all over the front yard.

Time to lock up the #homebrew.
The kangaroos like beer? o_O
First they poo on your lawn, then they steal your beer and stay up late listening to AC/DC. I took the keys out of the tractor just to make sure they don't go joy-riding to Goulburn or try and run down the cows. Mate, you've no idea.
XDDD You should write a story of those everyday adventures!
 High Range, Australia 
Had one of these from the new distillery at Joadja ghost town (just a few km from home). It's their first attempt at #homebrew. Wasn't 'orrible but I expected a bit more from these folks. Tasted like something I would've made back in my high school days. I sure hope their whiskey turns out better.

 High Range, Australia 
Might not look like much, but deserving of a #homebrew ;  because I had to bludgeon an uncooperative libCurl and PHP into submission before I could start conversing with servers in CalDAV.  Now the floodgates have been opened and we be talking up a storm.

It's kinda' spooky when something like this changes from being an obscure and arcane protocol response to something you can understand and make use of - and verify that it is indeed correct. This packet merely indicates that the calendar I'm interested in ("Reminders") is now at revision 4. If I've got an early revision, I need to pull an update and merge it.

  1.  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2.  <d:multistatus xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="%eY9-!://" xmlns:cal="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:caldav" xmlns:cs="%eY9-!://" xmlns:card="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:carddav">
  3.   <d:response>
  4.   <d:href>/cdav/calendars/hubzilla/reminders.ics/</d:href>
  5.   <d:propstat>
  6.   <d:prop>
  7.      <d:displayname>Reminders</d:displayname>
  8.      <cs:getctag>%eY9-!://</cs:getctag>
  9.      <d:sync-token>%eY9-!://</d:sync-token>
  10.   </d:prop>
  11.   <d:status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</d:status>
  12.   </d:propstat>
  13.   </d:response>
  14.  </d:multistatus>
 High Range, Australia 
All in all a productive day, even though it was mostly just polishing up stuff I've been working on previously.

Was able to sync calendars between two completely different clients using the new CalDAV/CardDAV server.
Was able to follow tags in Diaspora.
Did some testing of using autoloaded classes in addons and some of the new Comanche stuff.
All these things seem to work satisfactorily.

Think I'll quit while I'm ahead and grab a #homebrew.
Unbelievable but true! Great!
 High Range, Australia 
Trying to come up with a clean method of providing object oriented plugins without losing compatibility with our existing plugin system is proving a bit of a tough nut to crack. We'll get there...
As long as there is some very clear documentation provided (and I mean almost step-by-step) for how to update an existing plugin to make it compatible with v1.5, then I do not see why you need to maintain backwards-compatibility with existing plugins. Plugin maintainers can use the MaxVersion property to prevent things from unexpectedly breaking as long as they are given fair warning. It will be the responsibility of the hub admin to decide whether they should wait to upgrade to v1.5 until the plugins they rely on are also updated.

If individual plugins cannot keep pace with the core development there is not much that can be done about that. This is the risk taken when you have a plugin (a.k.a. "app") system. If there are plugins that are very popular, then progression of the core version might need to be delayed pending resolution of issue with those plugins.

(By the way, can we agree that v1.5 is the release corresponding to a stable core using the new object-oriented system? This is a big deal and needs a common vocabulary. I know some people hate words like "milestone" and "schedule" but at least let's have similar expectations.)
Indeed I appear to be winning. So the functionality is there right now. Will need some doco on how to make use of it. It essentially uses the PHP internal convention of calling a class method as an array. So the function parameter when registering the hook is


and off you go... There were some technical issues using '\\Myclass::method' in a string. Theoretically it should work just fine, but in practice there are a lot of complications which make it a bit nasty

(By the way, can we agree that v1.5 is the release corresponding to a stable core using the new object-oriented system? This is a big deal and needs a common vocabulary. I know some people hate words like "milestone" and "schedule" but at least let's have similar expectations.)

That's a reasonable expectation.
Incidentally, this has bitten me a few times this week, so mentioning it:

There have been so many architecture changes the last couple of weeks which affect the interaction of core and plugins that if you need to switch between dev and master, you're going to whitescreen if you don't switch both core and plugins. This should stabilise after 1.5. The MinVersion setting isn't catching it completely as we aren't running the version check for every page load - only when you make plugin changes. That's a bug, but could hurt performance if we have to parse every plugin file for every page load.
 High Range, Australia 
Have a #homebrew.
Manuel wrote:

Sounds better in Spanish or Catalan ;-)
Salut i força al canut! :-)
got jappixmini working (well at least as much as I can test without any friends and without knowing any groups I can join). But at least it connects without error. Yay.

The key is to set a bosh server. You can do this in the admin for everybody or

util/pconfig {uid} jappixmini bosh https://your.bosh.server/  

This option isn't in the feature settings for jappixmini - perhaps it should be - as jappix's bosh server is now apparently configured to reject addresses so you probably don't want to set a system bosh server.

We *should* be able to use the same code as Friendica and auto-connect with all our connections. I didn't change how this worked, but I did change to Red IDs. Unable to test, but hopefully this won't take too much to get going. I think everybody is going to end up in a "Friendica" group, but I'm not going to touch that bit and change the name until I see it actually do something.
I probably should've added a smiley. Those that know me will find the quotation hilarious and absurd.

I was only able to reverse engineer the Diaspora protocol and figure out they were using an obscure crypto algorithm that was declared obsolete in 1998 by hacking on it for nights on end whilst drinking copious amounts of #homebrew.

Without the beer I probably would've simply given up.
I think that's why I nearly spat my tea on the keyboard.
Ah I see the problem. It's highly dependent on some subtle aspects of the DFRN protocol which don't exist in zot (every relationship in DFRN has a unique ID; however in zot, identities have unique id's but relationships themselves don't have any such identification). I need to completely change way the way connections validate each other in this plugin. It's not going to happen tonight whether it involves zero beers (though it's much too late for that option) or twenty.
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10,000 commits.

That's something like 6-7 a day since the repository was created in mid 2010.

I think that deserves a @Homebrew

After more issues with Paypal it appears the only solution to accepting donations is to get a real (business) bank account for Red Matrix development. Here in Australia, that involves monthly fees running about $40/month - once you add in a payment processor like with the bank's typical fees.

So it suddenly becomes necessary for the Red Matrix to pull in $40/month just to break even. We no longer have any crowd-sourcing initiatives (thanks to Paypal) and looking at our past history of raising money, it isn't obvious that break-even is going to be possible. We do have currently about $25 in regular monthly donations but every month one more seems to cancel and a new one comes on board only every 3-4 months. I think only two of the regular donators even have a current Red account, so I'm not optimistic that we'll be bringing in many more.  I can no longer access the donations from Australia. I can only use them to buy stuff on eBay.

Nothing I need on eBay.

So I'm between a rock and a hard place. I simply can no longer develop this project at a net loss. In the first year or two this was OK, but now the family farm is eating my entire income. There's nothing left to lose, and I'm not sure where to go from here. (I had to give up #homebrew recently because I can't afford to brew any, much less buy a six-pack of real beer). I watch as projects like MediaGoblin take in tens of thousands of dollars overnight to build an online photo gallery - (like that's never been done before). Every other decentralised communication project can raise tens if not hundreds of thousands and hire people to get work done - and their projects are totally underwhelming in what they actually do.  

Basically this project is about to drown from apathy. It kicks ass on Diaspora and pump and tent and all the others, but nothing I can do is good enough.  

Not sure why I'm mentioning this. Maybe somebody out there has a brilliant idea.

I'm fresh out.
 Nar Shaddaa 
6. Use redmatrix as a feed/news reader

7. look at naked women

8. play games

9. create a group/forum
This thread is now officially running in circles:

Alexandre Hannud AbdoAlexandre Hannud Abdo wrote the following post Thu, 06 Mar 2014 04:09:28 +1100

So, where should we direct funds to? If paypal is bad, and falttr is unknown how to get the funds out, what's the current preferred way to donate? We gotta publicize that, put it in visible places and stuff.

Also, see this new thread: Channel creation and redmatrix adoption.
This thread is now officially running in circles, here's a previous comment by muself (open the link by the end of the post):

Alexandre Hannud AbdoAlexandre Hannud Abdo wrote the following post Thu, 06 Mar 2014 04:09:28 +1100

So, where should we direct funds to? If paypal is bad, and falttr is unknown how to get the funds out, what's the current preferred way to donate? We gotta publicize that, put it in visible places and stuff.

Also, see this new thread: Channel creation and redmatrix adoption.
Currently cooking up a batch of plum wine. I'm in the sugar extraction phase now, so the process is likely to take well into the evening. @Homebrew #homebrew
Summertime. Hot, hot, hot. Partay tonight. It's probably going to be a rocker. 60-70 people with a dozen or more staying over so they can do some serious drinking. I've fired up the ol' sound system and the daughter and her friends are creating the playlists. (Unless of course a few folks pick up some of the musical instruments laying around and try to do something interesting with them.)

Plenty of #homebrew,  lots of fresh homegrown veggies, and of course


(Actually that's stretching it - shrimp is pretty high-brow; something you serve in your waterfront property on Sydney Harbour for your movie star friends. So out here in the real world  it'll be bangers and mash for the locals; and chizboogers for the Americans).
A wonderful time was had by all. The head hurts a bit this AM but not bad considering all the #homebrew that went down. Met a lot of the neighbours. The kids young adults were great. We're throwing together some brekky and coffee now - after walking the property and rounding up bottles and cans from some rather unusual places.

The price of admissions was a star picket. I've now got enough to do another 100 meters of fence. Guess what I'll be doing next week?
Guess what I'll be doing next week?

another party for the next 100 meters?
brekky = breakfast
bangers & mash  = sausages & potatoes

another party for the next 100 meters?

Not a bad idea... :-)
It's not like anybody hits you over the head with a hammer or anything. It just kind of slowly dawns on you. You work on something for so long that you don't even really remember starting on it.

And software is a funny thing - because if you ever finish it, it's because it's dead. It's always a work in progress, an evolutionary thing. There's always something else to do.

But the Red Matrix is essentially feature complete with the list of must-have features that  I originally set out to build.  I had planned on three years to get to this stage if I had to do it mostly myself - and managed to get here in 1.5. I had some help - but not nearly as much as I think this project deserves.

Now it's the community's turn - to take it and run with it and turn it into something beyond my wildest dreams. It's also a time for me to switch gears. The house is built. Now  we can move in the furniture and paint the thing. We've already been living in it, since before the foundation was even set.

Tonight I'm going to relax and have a @Homebrew

Just cooked up a batch of ultra-dark @Homebrew ale. This may have to be my Oktoberfest batch. Sort of like a Porter that will knock you on the floor and leave you twitching.

I think I'm gonna' call it SnakeBite™.


Just tasted the latest #homebrew. Thought I brewed a doppelbock but ended up with a Tooth Sheaf Stout. Oh well shit happens. It's like 22% alcohol. Two of these will put you into a catatonic state. And I've got cases of the stuff.

Life's so unfair... ;-)
Testing the public_recipients function which seems to have an issue or two
In fact I didn't measure it, but I'm guessing it's around 20-22 as you can taste the alcohol (just like the old Tooth Sheaf Stout). Most beer yeast dies at around 11%, the alcohol kills it. I've been brewing "high gravity" beers for decades and found several ways around this. Early on I just kept adding yeast every week or two and letting it die. Each bit you throw in works for a short while before it gets killed. Then I discovered "barleywine" - using wine yeast in beer you can go a lot higher. It's more of an ale - you can't get the clean taste of a lager; but who cares...

I've got a beer I call Förnikatör - which is a blonde penta-bock lager. It's a lager. Haven't made it in a few years because it takes a lot of time and effort to brew and it gets consumed very quickly. It's a beer that tastes like Grand Marnier and I serve it in shot glasses. It gets it's name from what it does to your head and also because it's the closest thing I've found to a universal aphrodisiac. Women love it. You can't stop drinking it because it tastes so good, and it also gets you very drunk very quickly, as it's carbonated and it would be like mixing hard liqueur with champagne. If you drink it with a member of the opposite sex, you're going to end up in bed naked. 100% guaranteed. Has never failed - and it has had a *lot* of research.
I'm the only person in the world that makes it, and it's not for sale at any price.