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Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia last edited: Tue, 06 Sep 2016 14:17:29 +1000  
If any developers are looking for the #hubzilla admin page code, it's been re-arranged in the latest dev. We're now using sub-modules so if you want the code to admin/plugins don't look in Zotlabs/Module/Admin.php.

Look in Zotlabs/Module/Admin/Plugins.php
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia last edited: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 10:46:09 +1000  
Here are some of the things I'm working on currently:

CalDAV client and event integration
Platform and DB migration (continued)
Extensible Permissions
Friendica Protocol connector
Webmail integration
DAV based backup/restore (of your entire channel - posts, files, photos, everything). This is the best way to get around all the webserver memory limits that we run into with JSON backup/restore and it's platform neutral. Will work on Windows. Will work on your cell phone (if your SSD is big enough). Will work with rsync and/or stream to a tape drive without requiring any additional software.

These are all pretty heavy duty efforts and completion of any or all of them could be some time into the future. I'll suggest as the most effective way to make any or all of these things happen more quickly.

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Announce: Hubzilla 1.8

Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Hubzilla Community Server release 1.8 is now available.

Hubzilla 1.8
        Cleanup and resolve some edge cases with addon repository manager
        Provide sort field and direction on all fields of account and channel administration tables
        Rename 'user' administration to account administration to reflect its true purpose
        'safemode' tool to quickly disable and re-enable addons during a hypothetical upgrade crisis
        Edited comments to private posts could lose their privacy settings under some circumstances
        Provide zot-finger signatures to prevent a possible but rare exploit involving DNS spoofing and phishing
    ACL selections:
        Various improvements to the ACL editor to further simplify the concepts and make it more intuitive
        Notifications of chatroom activity using standard browser notification interfaces.
        Allow a theme:schema string to represent a valid theme name. This fixes issues with setting schemas on site themes.
        Show server role (identify UNO or basic sites as opposed to hubzilla pro) and link to statistics
        Clarify privacy rights of commenters w/r/t conversation owners, as this policy is network dependent.
    Wiki (Git backed):
        Brand new feature. We'll call it experimental until it has undergone a bit more testing.
    Account Cloning:
        Regression on clone channel creation created a new channel name each time.
        New issue (fixed) with directory creation on cloned file content
    Content Rendering:
        Add inline code (in addition to the existing code blocks) to BBcode
        Add emoji reactions
        Add emojis as extended smilies with auto-complete support
        Emoji added as feature so it can be enabled/disabled and locked
        Ability to configure the standard reactions available on a site basis
        Disable 'convenience' ajax autoload on pgdn key, as it could lead to premature memory exhaustion
        Change album sort ordering, allow widgets and plugins to define other orderings
        Synchronise app list with changes to system apps
        Preserve existing app categories on app updates/edits
        Regression: fixed translated system app names
        Provide autoloaded class files and libraries for plugins.
        Further refactoring of session driver to sort out some cookie anomolies
        Experimental PDO database driver
        Creation of Daemon Master class and port all daemon (background task) interfaces to use it
        Create separate class for each of 'Cron', 'Cron daily', and 'Cron weekly'.
        Always run a Cron maintenance task if not run in the last four hours
        Refactor the template classes
        Refactor the ConversationItem mess into ThreadItem and ThreadStream
        Refactor Apps, Enotify, and Chat library code
        Refactor the various Config libraries (Config, PConfig, XConfig, AConfig, AbConfig, and IConfig)
        Created WebServer class for top level
        Remove mcrypt dependencies (deprecated in PHP 7.1)
        Remove all reserved (including merely 'not recommended') words as DB table column names
        Provide mutex lock on DB logging to prevent recursion under rare failure modes.
        Remove db_close function on page end - not needed and will not work with persistent DB connections.
        Undefined ref_session_write
        Some session functions needed to be static to work with CalDAV/CardDAV
        CLI interface: argc and argv were reversed
        HTML entities double encoded in edited titles
        Prevent delivering to empty recipients
        Sabre library setting some security headers for SAML after we've emitted HTML content
        Always initialise miniApp (caused obscure warning message if not set)
        Block 'sys' channels from being 'random profile' candidates
        DB update failed email could be sent in the wrong language under rare circumstances
        Openid remote authentication used incorrect namespace
        URL attached to profile "things" was not linked, always showing the "thing" manage page
        New connection wasn't added to default privacy group when "auto-accept" was enabled
        Regression: iconfig sharing wasn't working properly
        CalDAV/CardDAV plugin provided
        Issue sending Diaspora 'like' activities from sources that did not propagate the DCV
        Allow 'superblock' to work across API calls from third party clients
        statistics.json: use 'zot' as protocol
        Issues fixed during testing of ability to follow Diaspora tags
        Parse issue with Diaspora reshare content
        Chess: moved to main repo, ported to 1.8

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Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
This is actually pretty cool.

Share a photo. Only with Bill.

Bill visits your website. He sees the photo. Debbie visits your website. She can't see the photo.

Bill's website has financial problems and shuts down.  He goes to another site. He visits yours. He can still see the photo. Debbie can't. Debbie goes to another site. She still can't.

Your service provider is having a bad day with a router so you go to another site until they get their stuff sorted. You still have your photo album, your profile, your stream and all your friends. In particular, you're still friends with Bill and Debbie. You write to them.

Bill visits your new (temporary) site. He can still see the photo in your photo album; even though you're now both on different sites than where you were when you first shared it with him. You've not touched the photo at all - only when you first published it and made it visible to Bill. In fact everything looks exactly the same. You look at your social stream. It's exactly the same - nothing missing. Nothing is different.

Debbie looks at your photo album on your temporary server. She still can't see the photo.  

Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 

@Redmatrix / Hubzilla Support Channel+

I posted a picture and some text on #Hubzilla and cross-posting to GNU Social was activated. Sadly only the text but no link to the picture arrived at GNU Social. Is this just not supported or is there a way to make this work?

"Included image" functionality is coded in the GNU-social/statusnet addon. Whether it works or not is unknown to me. Technically addons are unsupported by the core project and are the responsibility of those using them to maintain.
Mike Macgirvin
 High Range, Australia 
Delivery reports and message tracking are coming. So you'll be able to visit a webpage and see who got your post and who didn't, and for zot hosts, why they didn't get it. For Diaspora hosts all we can say is we did our job and they accepted it and returned a success indication and then just lost the darn thing.

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