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Fat Tuesday

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Mardi Gras/Carnival is getting close, and the Brazilian government wants to make sure they don't end up with the typical swarm of unwanted pregnancies afterward. (I guess what happens in Rio tends to stay in Rio.) They are handing out 20 million condoms and an unspecified number of RU-486 pills this week. This has gotten them in a bit of trouble with the Catholic church.

But what you may not have heard is that last year, they purchased 1 Billion (with a B) condoms. What's to become of the other 980 million rubbers?

Something else you may or may not know is that condoms have a shelf life. They start to deteriorate after a couple of years - even with the best of modern packaging. You might only know this if you kept one in your wallet for 'emergencies' and found that it fell apart when put to use, or kept a stash in a drawer next to the bed and found they all crumbled when you reached for them.

So not only does the Brazilian government have a whole lot of protection to hand out, it also has a limited time in which to do it. This should be interesting.

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In the late 80's and early 90's, the 'web' didn't exist in its present form. The 'web' of the day was called USENET - a set of global discussion groups that were constantly being replicated around the world to anybody with enough disk space to store them and feed them on to others.

I remember briefly visiting one called '' which seemed basically like a bunch of guys talking about how to hit up chicks. At the time I thought this was petty and juvenile, and spent more of my time hanging out on comp.mail.* and comp.infosystems.*; which were relevant to the work I was doing.

In retrospect I wish now I had spent more time with the boys at ASF. They basically compiled a complete compendium of knowledge about the 'science' and mechanics of seduction. How it all works, how to do it, etc. If I had only known, my life might have taken hundreds of different turns - considering I wasted considerable resources trying to figure out the requisite knowledge on my own, with mixed success.

As it turns out, it's now well documented that the 'art' of seduction is a bunch of phooey and ditto for chemical attraction, although this sometimes helps the guys who don't get any otherwise.

It's completely mechanical. Follow a prescribed sequence of steps and you'll get laid every time. By anybody? Pretty much. There are rare exceptions, but you will usually be best off avoiding these anyway for other reasons. For the super-model type babes, there's a set of additional steps called 'negging' to bring them down to earth so that they're fair game as well.

Anyway, if you're a younger guy or younger girl, it would behoove you to find out about this compendium of knowledge. I'm not going to tell you where to find it; because if it was common knowledge I don't think the world would be a very nice place. There's enough exploitation going on already.
Size matters...

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I found this chart that's been tucked away in a folder for a couple of years - and it seems to take on new significance what with the glut of spam promoting size enhancement products.


I have no reason to debate this research except to affirm that it correlates with my own findings. Oh, and for all my friends in metric countries, there are approximately 2.54 centimeters to the inch. You should be able to find a units converter and calculator on the menubar.
Something about a flying V

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There's something about a Flying V guitar. It's not for everybody. Even fifty years after its introduction, it retains a small following in the heavy metal set, but still is a rarity. That's because the guitar makes a statement. You can't just pick it up, unless you intend to play it with attitude.

I remember watching patrons of my music store getting uncomfortable as they got near one on the rack. In four years, I think a grand total of three people besides myself actually picked one up to play. Everybody else went for something more conventional. Myself? I've got three of the things.

That's all a long-winded way of saying that I kinda' like this picture.  


I think it's Grace Potter, 'cause she's one of the few girls (OK, the only one) I've seen that has the cajones to play a flying V in public.
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Sign of the times

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When I was younger and got close to a pretty woman, I would have certain reactions. I'll leave it at that. But don't hang up yet, this post is actually going somewhere...

You know you've been spending too much time in the social networks when you see a pretty girl in the supermarket and your index finger starts to twitch.  You want to click her.
You might have something there. I could always tell when my XBF was checking somebody out because he would started tapping his hand. Now that you mention it, I'm sure it was his mouse hand.
End of the line for Vicky Lee Hogan

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CNN Entertainment:

Anna Nicole was a beautiful train wreck.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Here's a toast to obscenely large mammae and obscenely large amounts of money. But for somebody larger than life, death is not the end. The memory of Vicky Lee Hogan aka Anna Nicole Smith aka Mrs. J. Howard Marshall II will live on in legal proceedings for at least another ten years. Drink up.

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By the way '' is available.

Anyway I boot up my status log and once again find that somebody has trained a firehose of viewers at one of my websites. This time it's an article about the new Jenna Jameson flick. Everybody wants to get a look at the chosen actress...

Which I find quite interesting - especially since I've been starting to de-commission my adult sites for lack of use. People (I'm talking the majority here) don't really want porn. They don't really want erotica literature. They don't want to see a thousand college girls who get $50 to pose naked or get banged in front of a webcam. Yawn.  

But show Britt's labias or provide an article on Scarlett Johansson doing Jenna and they can't get enough.  'Sex' is still the runaway leader in Google search terms.

So saying that 'sex sells' doesn't tell the whole story. Not all of it does. But it is still the number one product of our culture. It is consistently the top thing on the collective consciousness. Celebrity sex sells big time. But here's the rub - it has to be presented in the mainstream. Then it's socially acceptable to look at. Sex outside the mainstream is considered sleaze.  Lia19's labias might be a vast improvement over Brittney's, but she's not in the mainstream. Jenna was a cult porn star for years, but that still was nothing compared to Hollywood. Now she's a mainstream star and selling big time - and she doesn't even have to take her clothes off anymore.  Nobody has seen Ricky and Kim's sex video. But millions have watched Pamela and Tommy.  


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Miss USA is thanking the Donald (Trump, that is) for not forcing her to relinquish her crown. The Donald owns Miss Universe. Hmmm.... That's an interesting investment choice...  

Turns out that Miss Tara had a few drinks while she was in New York. Oh, and she wasn't quite yet 21 years of age. This is a non-no for the Miss USA title, where the contestants are required to be squeaky clean.

But Donald came to the rescue and allowed her to keep the crown. We will never know and should never question what arrangements might have been made in private to ensure this public outcome.

Miss Tara will be required to undergo rehab for her 'problem'.

Some of you may recall Vanessa Williams, who lost her Miss America crown in 1984 in a very public scandal. Seems that she didn't always have clothes on when she was photographed.  Other contestants in the Miss (Whatever) pageants have been defrocked for dating too many guys. It's quite an interesting dilemna for the gals. They have to be the sexiest and most well-rounded (in terms of interests) personality on the catwalk, but they can't have ever been sexy or lived a well-rounded life.
Britney Shaved

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I was trying to figure out why web traffic doubled today. Seems one of my news feeds had this picture on it (see attachment). Ohmigosh. Turns out Britney is not only a female, but has labias. Who would've thought? The same picture brought down several other sites across the globe because of the traffic it generated. You'll have to view the picture separately. It isn't exactly kid safe, so I'm not gonna inline it...
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Dear Santa...

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Dear Santa -

You know that quad core 64-bit Pentium with 8 gigs of RAM and a 400G hard drive I asked for? Yeah, with the quad firewire interface and twin 27 inch monitors. That's the one.

Nevermind... Could I have one of these instead?

Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humor!