High Range, Australia 
A conversation on another network reminded me of this - a moment that changed my life forever. It was a rock concert in the late 60s or early 70s. I don't even remember who played (so it must've been the 60s). But I remember the event. The guitarist in band #1 was one of the most technically proficient guitarists I'd ever heard. He was super fast, played his ass off, and showed off thousands of guitar tricks. Nobody cared. They were all too stoned to be interested (again must've been the 60s).

Then band #2 came on. The guitarist walked on stage, sneered at everybody and played one chord. Let me repeat that - he played one bloody chord. The entire arena was on fire. Everybody jumped up and started cheering. They didn't stop rocking until the show was done. He wasn't technically proficient. The first guitarist ran circles around him. But he stole the show.  

It's all in the attitude.