High Range, Australia 
Sydney hits its highest temperature recorded since 1939


Sydney has hit a heat milestone, recording a 47.3C temperature in the far western suburb of Penrith.

This is ambient temperature, not surface temperature - which is much hotter. I've personally experienced 50C at the Sydney airport three years ago, but that represents a large expanse of asphalt and the Bureau Of Meteorology tends to be a bit more methodical with their measurements, preferring measurement locations with trees and shade.  I can't really tell you what temperature we hit at the house - the outdoor temperature sensor it seems became a puddle of molten plastic some time in the last 48 hours and stopped sending signals.
Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, we just broke a 130 year record by having 5 consecutive days where the high did not exceed 50F. I realize this does not seem extreme compared to other places, but breaking a record that old is pretty impressive. In 2010, we broke a 119 year old record by having 13 freezing days in a row, but, surprisingly, we didn't break this record at that time.