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« The Well-Rounded Total | Home | North Coast May update » In the last few days I've been fortunate to witness an interesting chapter in the Internet's history, and I'm trying to compile a timeline of what has happened while the memories are still reasonably fresh. This is incomplete and a work in progress; I'll be updating it, and not necessaril...
I'm aware of most of the story and the overall influence of Japanese pedophilia on Mastodon (that's without question the driving force behind that network's growth), but hadn't seen the detail of the interplay between the factions involved. It's a good read.
Yikes. That's the kind of stuff that makes me nervous about hosting a public hub.
The biggest shock for me was the sheer numbers of people flocking to a new site in a single day. The entire timeline in the post lasted less than 3 weeks. If there were no dates, I'd have thought each paragraph represented a week or more.